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Content tagged with Cable posted in September 2015
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How to Monetize WiFi (Part 1)
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
9/30/2015  |  Post a comment
Now that cable operators have invested heavily in WiFi, the big question is how they can optimize and monetize their wireless networks most effectively.
TiVo Takes Aim With Bolt
News Analysis  | 
9/30/2015  |  5 comments
The new TiVo Bolt makes commercial skipping sexy again.
EE to Pilot 1Gbit/s 4G Service
News Analysis  | 
9/30/2015  |  Post a comment
The UK's mobile giant has unveiled plans for a pilot of 1Gbit/s 4G services but says it is not looking to compete against fixed-line broadband players.
Gigabit Europe in Pics
Slide Shows  | 
9/30/2015  |  2 comments
Beer, broadband and supersized snacks: Photos from Light Reading's first Gigabit Europe event and Oktoberfest
Good News for NFV Interoperability
Column  | 
9/29/2015  |  6 comments
The comms industry is rallying to the cause of open, independent interoperability testing.
Comcast's Watchable: Like YouTube… Sorta
News Analysis  | 
9/29/2015  |  1 comment
Comcast launches its online, ad-supported video service, Watchable.
Gigabit Europe: Day 1 Takeaways
LRTV Interviews  | 
9/29/2015  |  6 comments
Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre and Iain Morris sup a beer and discuss some of the key takeaways from the first day of Gigabit Europe 2015.
Gigabit in Europe
LRTV Interviews  | 
9/29/2015  |  Post a comment
At the Gigabit Europe 2015 event in Munich, Heavy Reading's Graham Finnie talks about the availability of gigabit broadband in Europe.
SCTE's Power Play Is Software-Driven
News Analysis  | 
9/29/2015  |  1 comment
The cable industry is moving closer to a time when power delivery in the network will be matched up with power demand.
Analytics Holds the Key to Cable's Future
Column  | 
9/29/2015  |  6 comments
Data analytics and revenue assurance are growing in strategic importance for the cable industry.
Eurobites: Virgin Ups the Broadband Ante
News Analysis  | 
9/29/2015  |  1 comment
Also on today's EMEA regional roundup: investors eye Orange's Kenyan real estate; Tele2 takes its partners for the IoT; UK promises tax concession for tech startups.
YouTube Advertises Ad-Free Service – Report
News Analysis  | 
9/28/2015  |  3 comments
YouTube has told content partners that it's getting ready to launch an ad-free version of its service.
Are Sports Next for Netflix?
MariNation  | 
9/28/2015  |  14 comments
Reed Hastings knows sports is moving online, so why not bring it to Netflix?
Eurobites: EU, China Strike 5G Accord
News Analysis  | 
9/28/2015  |  1 comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefónica strikes data center deal with China Unicom; CityFibre turnover up 115%; DT's full-duplex 5G trial.
Vodafone, Liberty Call Off Asset-Swap Talks
News Analysis  | 
9/28/2015  |  Post a comment
The failure of discussions about an exchange of assets leaves both service providers in dire need of alternatives.
Gigabites: Let's Make a Movie!
News Analysis  | 
9/25/2015  |  4 comments
A contest between Chattanooga and Kansas City shows what moviemakers can accomplish with a gigabit network.
A Jaded Journalist Views IPv4 News
Rewired  | 
9/24/2015  |  16 comments
So North America is out of IPv4 addresses – that's incredibly anti-climactic. Unless it isn't, in which case you're in trouble.
Comcast Debuts CDN as Video Eats the World
News Analysis  | 
9/24/2015  |  1 comment
Comcast may be new to the commercial CDN game, but it brings some unique elements to the market.
A Vast Valley: Tech's Inexcusable Gender Gap
Que Sera Sarah  | 
9/24/2015  |  49 comments
Tech companies are admitting they have a gender problem that they say they want to fix, but more needs to be done – and faster. No more excuses.
DOCSIS 3.1 Is Right on Schedule
News Analysis  | 
9/24/2015  |  6 comments
The unexpected popularity of 1Gbit/s broadband from Google and the biggest telcos is making cable operators keen to get D3.1 deployed so they can compete with their own gigabit services.
Startup XCellAir Eyes $18B WiFi Market
News Analysis  | 
9/24/2015  |  Post a comment
Market research suggests WiFi neglect is coming at a huge cost to operators in the world's biggest financial centers.
HEVC Gets Its Groove Back
News Analysis  | 
9/24/2015  |  3 comments
Addressing fears that high fees could slow deployment of Ultra HD video, HEVC Advance has agreed to adjust its rate structure for licensing of patented HEVC technologies.
Gigabit Broadband 'Fragmented' in Europe
News Analysis  | 
9/23/2015  |  4 comments
Gigabit broadband services do exist in Europe, but it's a fragmented market currently, according to Heavy Reading analyst Graham Finnie.
Simple.TV: You Can't Beat Free
News Analysis  | 
9/23/2015  |  4 comments
Simple.TV's new ShowDrive brings advanced features to legacy broadcast TV, virtually subscription-free.
White House Lines Up Broadband Playbook
News Analysis  | 
9/22/2015  |  27 comments
The Broadband Opportunity Council has published its recommendations for future broadband development, and the report is big on creating a network effect with broadband successes.
Eurobites: Telecom Italia Blames It on Rio
News Analysis  | 
9/22/2015  |  3 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: France makes life awkward for Google; Deezer plans IPO; AlcaLu supplies Sicilian connectivity.
In the Ring: Apple TV Versus Cable
MariNation  | 
9/21/2015  |  5 comments
If apps are the future of TV, Apple may have some trouble when it pits itself against cable, telco and satellite TV providers.
CableLabs Makes Analytics Enablement Push
LRTV Documentaries  | 
9/21/2015  |  Post a comment
analytics to track resources and more when virtualizing home, business and core networks.
Hyperoptic Takes Gigabit to Glasgow
News Analysis  | 
9/21/2015  |  Post a comment
Gigabit broadband service provider has started operations in the Scottish city of Glasgow as it expands its fiber rollout and adopts a 'property company' mindset.
Gigabites: Big ROI for EPB's Gigabit
News Analysis  | 
9/18/2015  |  3 comments
A new study finds that EPB's gigabit network has generated very positive financial returns.
Yahoo Weighs New TV Streaming Device
News Analysis  | 
9/18/2015  |  10 comments
Yahoo is floating the idea of launching a media streaming device to compete with the likes of Apple, Amazon, Roku and Google.
Why Roberts Thinks Cable is Doing Just Fine
Column  | 
9/18/2015  |  13 comments
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts sees wireless in cable's future and only gradual change in TV bundles.
Could New IP Aid Altice Expansion?
Morris Lore  | 
9/18/2015  |  2 comments
Patrick Drahi's strategy of debt-fueled growth might receive a boost from investment in New IP technologies.
Eurobites: Orange Backs LoRa for IoT Network
News Analysis  | 
9/18/2015  |  3 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson takes WiFi calling to tablets and laptops; BBC to launch new OTT service in US; Tele2 appoints interim CFO.
RDK-B Could Revolutionize Home Network
News Analysis  | 
9/17/2015  |  1 comment
The Reference Design Kit for Broadband (RDK-B) will have a big impact on future cable gateway devices, and development is already well underway.
Gigabit Broadband: What's the Business Case?
Shades of Ray  | 
9/17/2015  |  4 comments
How can network operators get a return in investment from gigabit broadband access network rollouts? Island state network operator JT has some answers.
Altice Confirms $17.7B Bid for Cablevision
News Analysis  | 
9/17/2015  |  3 comments
Patrick Drahi's moves for Suddenlink and Cablevision will make Altice the fourth-biggest cable operator in the US.
WiC Pics: Speak Up & Wear Fabulous Shoes
Slide Shows  | 
9/17/2015  |  5 comments
Top female leaders from Intel, AT&T, Verizon and GenBand share their experiences, perspectives and advice for women in the industry, who convened in Dallas this week.
Altice Close on Cablevision Deal – Report
News Analysis  | 
9/17/2015  |  Post a comment
Reports suggest French communications giant Altice may buy Cablevision in the US, after announcing its intent to acquire Suddenlink in the spring.
CEO Chat With Eric Xu, Huawei
Between the CEOs  | 
9/16/2015  |  5 comments
In a rare and exclusive interview, Eric Xu, Deputy Chairman and Rotating CEO of Huawei Technologies, talked to Light Reading CEO and founder Steve Saunders about convergence, virtualization, industry politics, doing business in the US and economic success.
Comcast Business Targets Fortune 1000
News Analysis  | 
9/16/2015  |  2 comments
Comcast is pitting itself against incumbent telcos and likely fellow cable operators with new Enterprise Services division targeting the Fortune 1000.
NASA Takes UHD to the Final Frontier
Slide Shows  | 
9/16/2015  |  6 comments
Take a photographic peek at a recent National Press Club event featuring NASA astronauts – including twin brothers Captains Scott and Mark Kelly – and stunning Ultra HD footage from space.
Eurobites: Altice Sheds Cable Assets in Portugal
News Analysis  | 
9/16/2015  |  Post a comment
Also in today's EMEA regionl roundup: Liberty makes concessions on BASE deal, plays tennis with Vodafone; 1-Gig broadband in Ireland.
White House Funding Seeds Smart Cities
News Analysis  | 
9/15/2015  |  3 comments
The White House is committing more than $160 million to smart city development, including an effort to create a "smart city app store."
Eurobites: Sigfox Hooks Up to Eutelsat for IoT
News Analysis  | 
9/15/2015  |  Post a comment
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: 3 claims VoLTE first in UK; Sky completes German acquisition; EE admits it must do better on broadband.
Qualcomm Unveils Fastest 4G + WiFi Modem
News Analysis  | 
9/14/2015  |  3 comments
The Snapdragon 820 processor’s upgraded X12 LTE modem packs in the fastest LTE and WiFi speeds yet and includes support for LTE-U.
NASA UHD Channel Launches November 1
News Analysis  | 
9/14/2015  |  5 comments
Harmonic is powering a new Ultra HD channel for NASA that will launch on November 1.
TiVo Hints at UHD Launch in Q3
News Analysis  | 
9/14/2015  |  2 comments
The DVR maker could introduce a UHD-compatible product by the end of October.
Shot Clock Starts on Charter Deals
News Analysis  | 
9/14/2015  |  1 comment
The FCC has started the informal 180-day shot clock for review of Charter's proposed acquisitions of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.
CEO Chat With Gary Messiana, Nominum
Between the CEOs  | 
9/14/2015  |  1 comment
In this interview, Steve Saunders speaks with Gary Messiana, CEO of Nominum, a company founded by the inventor of the Domain Name System (DNS). Messiana discusses how digging deeper into the DNS query stream from a household can yield valuable subscriber data.
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