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Content tagged with Cable posted in June 2010
Policy Watch: TiVo, Cable Trade SDV Barbs
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/30/2010  |  4 comments
TiVo says its IP backchannel idea trumps the costs of tuning adapters, while Cisco claims the proposal underestimates the costs and complexities
D3 Revs Up for Retail
The Bauminator  | 
6/29/2010  |  4 comments
2:30 PM Moto and Zoom get ready to battle it out as more Docsis 3.0 modems go on sale
Cable Defends Its SDV Crutch
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/29/2010  |  2 comments
NCTA claims tuning adapters – deployed to just 31,600 subs so far on cable systems that use switched digital video – are doing the job
TV Everywhere Faces Standards Conundrum
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/28/2010  |  6 comments
Offering shows on multiple screens could expand programmer reach and revenues, but lack of standards could stymie near-term growth
3DTV Warning: Poor Quality Could Poison the Well
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/28/2010  |  Post a comment
Consumers could be turned off by 3DTV if programmers and setmakers rely too heavily on 2D-to-3D conversions in the tech's early days
Comcast Claims Interactive Ad Success
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/25/2010  |  1 comment
Comcast exec says an interactive ad trial in San Francisco led to more TV viewers in one program's key demographic
CableCARD Update
The Bauminator  | 
6/24/2010  |  Post a comment
7:05 AM Top 10 'incumbent' MSOs have deployed more than 21 million of the security modules
RGB Tunes Up Mobile TV With RipCode Buy
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/23/2010  |  Post a comment
RGB deals for the technology to add mobile capabilities to its TV Everywhere network gateway. And it's still talking about an IPO
FCC Douses 'Firewire'
The Bauminator  | 
6/21/2010  |  Post a comment
2:00 PM IEEE 1394 has one foot in the grave after FCC waiver lets MSOs deploy leased HD set-tops that sport only IP-based networking interfaces
Entropic Surges Off Comcast DVR Scuttlebutt
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/18/2010  |  1 comment
Chipmaker's shares jump 14% when word gets out that Comcast is getting close to launching a MoCA-powered AnyRoom DVR service
Huawei DTAs Break In at Suddenlink
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/16/2010  |  2 comments
Suddenlink is the first US MSO to confirm that it's deploying simple channel zappers from the Chinese giant
Comcast Getting Ready to Uncork SDV
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/15/2010  |  1 comment
MSO intends to start deploying switched digital video later this year, paving way for Comcast to offer more than 150 HD channels
TiVo, Cable Re-Spark SDV Debate
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/15/2010  |  3 comments
TiVo wants cable to support switched digital video with IP backchannels, but MSOs say it would be costly and expose them to security holes
Broadband Forum Gives Nod to G.hn
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/15/2010  |  Post a comment
HomeGrid Forum is counting on fellow consortium, the Broadband Forum, to bring in the G.hn customers
Cable Catchup
The Bauminator  | 
6/15/2010  |  5 comments
12:20 PM Mediacom mulls going private, SDV shows signs of life, and other items that made the cable world go round while I was away
MoCA Is Go for 2.0
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/15/2010  |  2 comments
The newly ratified spec reaches 800 Mbit/s, as expected, but it's also got a Turbo mode that flirts with 1 Gbit/s
Comcast VP: CMAPs Will Bring Digital Density
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/11/2010  |  Post a comment
Comcast VP Jorge Salinger says CMAP is getting support from several MSOs and vendors that are eager to test their gear
Home-Networking Showdown Emerges
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/11/2010  |  Post a comment
G.hn and MoCA 2.0 are getting ratified at about the same time, setting up the battle between the near-gigabit home-networking options
Converged Multiservice Access Platform
LRTV Interviews  | 
6/11/2010  |  Post a comment
Heavy Reading's Alan Breznick talks to Jorge Salinger, VP of Access Architecture at Comcast, about CMAP as an alternative to the existing MHA architecture
Rogers's TV Everywhere Passes 100K Subs
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/9/2010  |  1 comment
Rogers has a quick uptick in its customers looking for on-demand video content online
Interview: Mark Gathen, Director of Video Strategy, Cox
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/7/2010  |  Post a comment
Find out if TV Everywhere is going anywhere and why Cox won't just use Comcast's Xfinity to deliver online video content to subscribers
Revolutionizing Service Testing
Video Resources  | 
6/4/2010  |  Post a comment
EtherSAM, an Ethernet service testing methodology based on ITU-T Y.156sam, is the only one adapted to today's mobile backhaul, commercial and wholesale services. It allows turning up and troubleshooting services eight times faster with 100% accuracy.
Big Cable: Same Networks, Different Data Plans
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/2/2010  |  1 comment
Following news of AT&T's data caps, it's worth looking to see how big cable resellers of Clearwire view all-you-can-eat mobile data plans
China's Triple-Play Shift
AsiaBlog  | 
6/1/2010  |  Post a comment
7:30 AM 'One pipe, all services' is the new mantra
More MSOs Back Comcast's Big Box Project
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
6/1/2010  |  2 comments
Cablevision, Cox, Charter, Liberty Global, and Rogers are among those helping out with the evolving Converged Multiservice Access Platform (CMAP) specs

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