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Content tagged with Cable posted in May 2011
Cisco Partner Tries to Break Moto's Grip on Tier 2s
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
5/31/2011  |  3 comments
A hosted SDV platform from Adara could help Cisco find new inroads into small and mid-sized cable operators
Chasing Voldemort ... er, Xcalibur
The Bauminator  | 
5/27/2011  |  7 comments
8:30 AM Comcast finally 'fesses up to its secret Xcalibur project. Here's a blow-by-blow on the project-that-shall-not-be-named
Forum Tackles Connected Home Management
News Analysis  | 
5/24/2011  |  Post a comment
New diagnostic tools help service providers pinpoint problems that are likely to emerge as more devices are broadband-enabled
Verizon FiOS: The Cloud Comes Home
The Philter  | 
5/23/2011  |  2 comments
Verizon's FiOS updates hint at a future where hardware is virtualized, set-tops are dead and a low-latency, high-speed network is the fastest computer you'll ever need
AlcaLu Undecided on Cable Gear Opportunity
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
5/23/2011  |  4 comments
Next-gen access network initiatives may accelerate AlcaLu's cable strategy, but the vendor is still weighing the risks and rewards
Comcast, Moto Invest in CMAP Startup
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
5/19/2011  |  5 comments
Benu Networks may follow the RiverDelta Networks game plan and eventually be spun into Motorola
Allied Fiber CEO: Yes, We Still Need Fiber
LRTV Interviews  | 
5/19/2011  |  Post a comment
Hunter Newby outlines his plans for putting more fiber in the ground where it's needed and leasing access to carriers to help them achieve fast networks at lower cost
Is TiVo's Cable Stance Softening?
The Bauminator  | 
5/11/2011  |  Post a comment
6:00 PM TiVo says retail deal with Comcast is a positive step, but is it enough to adjust TiVo's attitude on the FCC's AllVid initiative?
AllVid Starting to Look App-Tastic
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
5/11/2011  |  Post a comment
The FCC is chewing on an 'open' API approach for retail video devices that could supplant its vision for net-agnostic gateways and adapters
Japan Quake Shakes Pace
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
5/10/2011  |  Post a comment
Elsewhere: Cox rolls TV Everywhere site, Charter expands ITV footprint, WatchESPN gets it on with Android, and YouTube expands movie slate
Brooklyn on Deck for Cablevision's Network DVR
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
5/5/2011  |  Post a comment
MSO ready to extend the reach of its 'DVR Plus' service and prepares to retire the Bresnan brand out West and roll in its 'Optimum' brand
CenturyLink Earnings Up, But Headed Down?
News Analysis  | 
5/5/2011  |  Post a comment
Carrier announces Q1 results that exceed estimates and build broadband bulk, but the rest of 2011 won't be as sunny
AT&T Enforces Broadband Caps
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
5/2/2011  |  Post a comment
Elsewhere: Brightcove wins broad Internet video patent, NFL eyes mobile video deals, Wall Street reacts to Dish-TiVo pact, KPN buys Dutch MSO
Aurora Networks Buys Into Docsis, Cable IPTV
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
5/2/2011  |  Post a comment
GoBackTV is the first acquisition for Aurora Networks, and the optical transport vendor hints that there may be more to come

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