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Content tagged with Cable posted in April 2007
Outlawing the DVR?
The Bauminator  | 
4/30/2007  |  1 comment
6:00 PM -- Could a judge's ruling on Cablevision's network DVR spell trouble for all DVRs?
Zhone Flaunts FiberSLAM
News Analysis  | 
4/30/2007  |  4 comments
Zhone's tiny WDM access platform is said to pack a punch by provisioning five channels in a 1RU box
CableLabs Stamps SMC, C-COR
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/30/2007  |  Post a comment
CableLabs approves an SMC Networks embedded multimedia terminal adapter and a C-COR policy server
Concurrent Opens Its Back Office
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/30/2007  |  Post a comment
Concurrent Computer has taken the wraps off an 'open' back office that will interoperate with servers from rival suppliers
AT&T Holders Cry Foul Over Exec Pay
News Analysis  | 
4/27/2007  |  8 comments
AT&T shareholders voted this morning on a proposal that would have given them more say on executive compensation
AT&T's Whitacre Cedes Throne
News Analysis  | 
4/27/2007  |  1 comment
Edward Whitacre will retire as Chairman and Chief Executive of AT&T on June 3. COO Randall Stephenson will take his place
Here's Looking at eyeVio
Craig's A-List  | 
4/27/2007  |  Post a comment
Big, bad Sony chases YouTube
Joost Tinkers With Ad Model
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2007  |  1 comment
Joost signed on some big advertising partners for its P2P streaming media service, but doesn't yet know how the ads will pay off
Comcast Reveals SDV Test Beds
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/26/2007  |  2 comments
Comcast systems serving parts of Denver and New Jersey are the sites of switched digital video trials
Verizon Eyes Smaller ONTs
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2007  |  24 comments
While showing off its MDU capabilities in NYC, Verizon hinted its ONTs are about to be put on a diet
Arris Angles for More Market Share
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/26/2007  |  Post a comment
Believes it can push its share of the CMTS market to 33 percent by 2010
Analysts Strike Up BigBand Coverage
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/25/2007  |  Post a comment
Two firms initiated coverage of BigBand this week, but offered slightly different ratings and stock price targets
CACS Closes Mangrove Buy
News Analysis  | 
4/25/2007  |  2 comments
The pseudowire startup lands in Carrier Access's hands for just $7.4M cash
Bye-Bye, Terayon
Cable Guy  | 
4/25/2007  |  3 comments
Moto swung a deal earlier this week to snap up Terayon for the somewhat underwhelming price of $140 million
A Flashy Approach to VOD
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/25/2007  |  7 comments
Flash, a storage technology usually reserved for iPods and digital cameras, is starting to gain favor in the world of VOD
RGB: Ripe for Aquisition?
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/24/2007  |  Post a comment
Is digital video upstart RGB Networks the next coveted target in the digital video sector? The company says no, it'll IPO
Tellabs Earnings Drop on Access
News Analysis  | 
4/24/2007  |  3 comments
Tellabs' reported earnings fall 51 percent as access revenues come in lower than expected
Motorola to Buy Terayon for $140M
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/23/2007  |  1 comment
As expected, Motorola seals the deal to buy video processing vendor, but at a lower price than expected
Motorola Nears Deal for Terayon
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/20/2007  |  1 comment
Sources say Motorola has won the Terayon sweepstakes, with official word expected as soon as Monday, April 23
Cable Modem Shipments Set New Record
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/20/2007  |  1 comment
Combined worldwide shipments of cable data and voice modems came close to hitting 30 million units for the first time in 2006
Show Me the M-Card!
The Bauminator  | 
4/19/2007  |  2 comments
Here's photo evidence of some supporting tech tied to the US cable industry's 'big distraction'
Calix IPO Talk Resurfaces
News Analysis  | 
4/19/2007  |  26 comments
Sources say Calix Networks could file for an IPO by the end of this month
Moto's Unit Connects in Q1
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/18/2007  |  Post a comment
Citing record shipments, Motorola's modem and set-top division turned in another healthy quarter
A Win for the Windy City
BroadBananas  | 
4/18/2007  |  Post a comment
Will one small step for Chi-town portend one giant leap for Vyyo?
Imagine Imagines Success
Cable Guy  | 
4/18/2007  |  Post a comment
Last week Imagine made a splash by announcing its first integration deal with a VOD equipment vendor
Adtran Surprises With Higher Revenues
News Analysis  | 
4/17/2007  |  1 comment
What first-quarter slump? Adtran beat the Street with strong revenues and a tax benefit
CableLabs Accelerates Docsis 3.0 Testing
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/16/2007  |  Post a comment
Cable operators appear to be putting Docsis 3.0 deployments on a fast track
Pas Vrai, Says Neuf
EuroBlog  | 
4/16/2007  |  Post a comment
Denies it has bought triple-play ISP Club Internet
Mulling a Milestone
The Bauminator  | 
4/13/2007  |  Post a comment
Cable operators really are deploying switched digital video tech
Joost's Got Balls
EuroBlog  | 
4/13/2007  |  Post a comment
A welcome addition to the Joost lineup: soccer!
Imagine Connects With SeaChange
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/12/2007  |  Post a comment
VOD upstart Imagine Communications has notched its first integration deal
Akamai Swoops on Red Swoosh
News Analysis  | 
4/12/2007  |  Post a comment
CDN provider Akamai acquired P2P delivery specialist Red Swoosh today
Telcos Trump Cable Broadband Gains
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/12/2007  |  1 comment
US phone companies signed up at least 100,000 more high-speed data subscribers than cable operators last fall
Inside Cablevision's 'RS-DVR'
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/11/2007  |  20 comments
Cablevision is playing for keeps with its controversial 'Remote Storage' DVR
Whoopie for Watermarking
The Bauminator  | 
4/11/2007  |  Post a comment
Video watermarking products are coming out of the woodwork
Rinera Raises $9M
News Analysis  | 
4/10/2007  |  Post a comment
Video distribution hopeful Rinera Networks gets a boost from two VC firms
Presto! Entropic to Merge With RF Magic
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/10/2007  |  2 comments
Entropic and RF Magic will merge to create a powerhouse in connected home components
Japanese MSO Moves 160 Mbit/s
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/9/2007  |  Post a comment
Japan's J:COM is matching competitors speed-for-speed with a service based on pre-Docsis 3.0 Wideband technology
That's So PC
The Philter  | 
4/9/2007  |  Post a comment
Akimbo opens more distribution Windows
Say It Ain't So, Joe
Light Ranting  | 
4/6/2007  |  Post a comment
Another 'dumb CEO' defense
SEC Scraps Terayon Investigation
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/5/2007  |  Post a comment
Terayon has cleared an important legal hurdle
Camiant Puts Video Policy Gear Into Play
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/4/2007  |  2 comments
Camiant's new video-focused policy platform will face stiff competition
Comcast Invests in Vyatta
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/3/2007  |  2 comments
Comcast is pouring money into open-source networking, leading a round of financing for Vyatta
Arcwave Quietly Shuts Shop
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/3/2007  |  Post a comment
Arcwave, a firm that specialized in wireless plant extension gear for cable operators, officially waved good-bye last month.
KT: Game Over
Craig's A-List  | 
4/3/2007  |  Post a comment
Familiar gripes about carriers and bit pipes
Vyyo Wins Cox, Points to Others
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
4/2/2007  |  Post a comment
Vyyo has started supplying its bandwidth-expanding spectrum overlay equipment to Cox

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