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Content tagged with Cable posted in November 2006
Euro Cable Operators Splash Some Cash
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/30/2006  |  Post a comment
Euro cable operator Telenet agrees to buy UPC's Belgian business for €187 million, while Numericable invests in new access gear
Farewell, Lucent
News Analysis  | 
11/30/2006  |  40 comments
We tapped some industry mavens to find out their thoughts on the end of Lucent as an independent company
Poll: Lucent Faces Bigger Cull
News Analysis  | 
11/30/2006  |  Post a comment
Alcatel-Lucent will cut more jobs than the 10% projected, with Lucent taking the biggest hit, predicts a Light Reading poll
Nobody Does It Better
Cable Guy  | 
11/29/2006  |  Post a comment
Nobody knows how to tick off consumers better than cable operators
Time Warner Subscribers Sue
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/28/2006  |  14 comments
The MSO is set to star in a potential class-action suit filed by former Adelphia and Comcast subscribers
Sources: Cisco Forming IPTV 'Ecosystem'
News Analysis  | 
11/27/2006  |  10 comments
Cisco is putting together a set of vendor partners to deliver an end-to-end IPTV distribution system that may include Siemens/Myrio
Time Warner Expands Start Over
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/27/2006  |  Post a comment
Time Warner Cable has launched Start Over in three more markets and plans numerous more market rollouts over the next few months
Charter Tests Dynamic VOD Ads
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/22/2006  |  Post a comment
Charter Communications has begun inserting commercials freely on two VOD channels in the St. Louis metro area
Comcast Enters E-Tail Jungle
BroadBananas  | 
11/22/2006  |  Post a comment
Comcast inked a deal with Amazon.com and launched a new Comcast Store on the Web this week
Amedia Tricks Out Gateways
News Analysis  | 
11/22/2006  |  1 comment
Plans for early 2007 include Internet browsing, IP PBX features, and ultra-wideband support
Poll: Vonage IPO Gets Thumbs Down
News Analysis  | 
11/21/2006  |  1 comment
Readers seem undecided on which recent and potential IPOs they like, but they certainly know what they don't like
Could FiOS Trump Docsis 3.0?
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/20/2006  |  10 comments
North American cable operators could soon find themselves outgunned by Verizon's emerging fiber business
Links 2006: What's Up With Content?
News Analysis  | 
11/20/2006  |  1 comment
It's a new era coming for networks and media, according to speakers at the annual Heavy Reading executive summit
What's in a Cable Name?
Cable Guy  | 
11/16/2006  |  Post a comment
After 55 years, the NCTA announced that it's changing the name of The National Show, the cable industry's biggest annual convention
Motorola Gobbles Up Netopia
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/14/2006  |  Post a comment
Motorola snapped up Netopia earlier today for $208 million in cash
CableLabs Dials M for Multi-Stream
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/14/2006  |  Post a comment
CableLabs, the industry's R&D consortium, unveiled a streamlined process Monday for testing Multi-Stream CableCARD (M-Card) compatibility with consumer electronics devices
Liberty Global Grows Subs in Q3
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/14/2006  |  Post a comment
Liberty Global posted strong subscriber and revenue growth in the third quarter
Sources: Moto's Shopping for IPTV Middleware
News Analysis  | 
11/9/2006  |  15 comments
Industry sources say Motorola has been kicking the tires on some potential IPTV middleware acquisition targets
BT: 21CN Slips, IPTV Nears
News Analysis  | 
11/9/2006  |  3 comments
BT's 21CN will not be complete until 2011, a year later than planned, while its IPTV service is set to launch before Christmas
Acme's Shares Hit Reverse
News Analysis  | 
11/8/2006  |  Post a comment
Recent networking IPO announces more profits in Q3, but the outlook for Q4 and 2007 sends shares down more than 20%
Light Ranting  | 
11/7/2006  |  Post a comment
The Xbox gets a movie trailer
BroadLogic's Disruptive Digital Chip
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/7/2006  |  Post a comment
New chip is designed to let cable operators triple their digital video spectrum and cheaply upgrade networks to all-digital
Ups & Downs at Arris
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/7/2006  |  Post a comment
What's spooking Arris shares? They're down more than 15% this month on a new debt issuance
Chips Tune In TV
News Analysis  | 
11/7/2006  |  2 comments
A trio of startups with recently announced products are targeting different ways of changing the TV landscape
Tektronix Buys VOIP Test Firm
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/6/2006  |  2 comments
VOIP monitoring specialist Minacom snapped up for $27 million by Tektronix, which gains a foothold in the MSO test market
Alcatel Preps New Tech Roadmap
News Analysis  | 
11/6/2006  |  9 comments
French giant set to unveil a new product roadmap that accounts for Lucent merger. IPTV strategy will be closely scrutinized
Mediacom Scores Big Revenues, Losses
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/3/2006  |  Post a comment
Cable player's revenues and losses are both up significantly as data customers continue to sign up in droves
Michel Burger, CTO Communications Sector, Microsoft
LRTV Interviews  | 
11/2/2006  |  Post a comment
What's Web 2.0 got to do with it? We ask Michel Burger, CTO of Microsoft's Communications Sector
Espial Joins IPTV Middleware Madness
News Analysis  | 
11/2/2006  |  12 comments
Canadian set-top software maker looks to square off against Microsoft in IPTV middleware
AT&T Set to Expand Its U-verse
News Analysis  | 
11/1/2006  |  13 comments
Light Reading has gotten wind of AT&T's plans to expand its U-verse video service into dozens of new locations
C-COR Unveils Compact VOD Server
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/1/2006  |  Post a comment
C-COR has come out with a smaller, cheaper video-on-demand server
Bresnan Picks MetaSwitch VOIP
LR Cable News Analysis  | 
11/1/2006  |  6 comments
Bresnan Communications has chosen MetaSwitch's softswitch, media gateway, and application server products

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