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Welcome to the Hotel Cupertino
Jonestown | 6/6/2011

5:45 PM Apple's iCloud could make us prisoners of our own devices when it comes time to upgrade

ISPs Might Not Solve Consumer IPv6 Issues
News Analysis | 6/6/2011

When consumers find things that 'break' on World IPv6 Day, the problem might not be something the service provider can fix

Cyan Counts Latency
News Analysis | 6/6/2011

The ability to predict latency could be an important tool. Cyan wants to give it a try in mobile backhaul

Apple's iCloud Lets Wi-Fi Take the Strain
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/6/2011

Apple's upcoming cloud service won't bust a hole in your data cap even as it replicates music, video and photos across iPads, iPhones and Macs

Xbox 360 to Stream Live TV
The Bauminator | 6/6/2011

3:35 PM But will Microsoft become a virtual MSO?

Apple Borrows From Competitors for iOS 5
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/6/2011

Latest OS update includes features borrowed from BlackBerry, Android, webOS, Microsoft and HTC, plus a few Cupertino originals

Upsetting Apple's IPR Cart
Wireless Bits | 6/6/2011

1:25 PM The DoJ is reportedly concerned about Apple's interest in Nortel's patents

Microsoft to Launch Xbox Subscription TV Service
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/6/2011

Elsewhere: Ceton expands reach of its PC-TV CableCARD tuner, Verizon tweaks FiOS bundles and court lets Dish offer Starz for free

Juniper Still Not in Love With CMAP
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/6/2011

Cable may need to do some extra wooing to convince Juniper to take the plunge and develop a CMAP Packet Shelf

EchoStar's Cable Target: 1 Million Subs
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/6/2011

EchoStar takes a stab at Tier 2/3 MSOs with 'Aria,' a system featuring Sling-loaded boxes, a customizable guide and over-the-top VoD

Euronews: Telecom Italia Gets Closer to Huawei
News Analysis | 6/6/2011

Italian incumbent signs research agreement with Chinese giant while Vodafone CEO pleads the carriers' case in today's EMEA headlines

Mobile Internet Offload Grabs the Limelight
Mobile Internet Offload News Analysis | 6/6/2011

Pressure on wireless operators mounts with growing data traffic, and more wireless operators turn to Wi-Fi and small cells for relief

Coherent Optical Processing
Video Resources | 6/6/2011

Go beyond the limits of fiber optics with Ciena's market-leading, field-proven coherent optical technology.

Mobile Sentiment Begins to Favor IPsec
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/3/2011

Mobile operator sentiment worldwide seems to be shifting toward using IPsec encryption and authentication from LTE cell sites

What's in Apple's iCloud?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/3/2011

The Apple iCloud service could super-charge iPhone and iPad remote media capabilities, while worrying competitors from Amazon to RIM

Qualcomm Uplinq 2011: In Pictures
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/3/2011

Qualcomm's annual Uplinq developer show covered more ground than its usual Brew-haha, so we covered more ground with our camera this year

Netflix Subs Face Password-Sharing Crackdown
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/3/2011

Also: LightSquared and Sprint deal rumor swirls; Comcast, Fox, ESPN battle for Olympic rights; Baker details NBCU job talks

Euronews: Telefonica on the Slide in Spain
News Analysis | 6/3/2011

Tough times in Spain for its biggest telco, and a new man at the helm of UK operator 3 in today's nosegay of Euro telecom highlights

For Telcos, It's All About Location, Location, Location
Research Rewind | 6/3/2011

This week: Location-based services; telecom markets in El Salvador, South Africa, Malaysia, the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates

Why Dell (Maybe) Likes Brocade
Craig's A-List | 6/3/2011

4:40 AM It's understandable why this merger theory is getting so much play

Doing the Cisco Straddle
The Bauminator | 6/3/2011

4:20 AM CMAP or CESAR? Cisco's politically correct answer: Whatever it takes!

India's Hot for LTE TDD
News Analysis | 6/3/2011

The big buzz in India is all about the impact that LTE TDD could have on India's broadband market

HTC Knocks Some Sense Into Developers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/3/2011

Handset maker opens up its mobile software to developers to make a user experience that's simple and differentiated

AT&T & LightSquared? Really?
Jonestown | 6/2/2011

9:20 PM Ma Bell is going to have some serious explaining to do if AT&T does end up selling 4G capacity to LightSquared

Clearwire Kills Rover, Connects With TeleTech
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2011

Rover service to end July 1, as Clearwire gets ever closer to being a wholesale-only play

Nokia Boss Declares War on Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2011

CEO Stephen Elop calls for handset makers and developers to join forces against a common enemy in Android

Why CommScope Bought LiquidxStream
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/2/2011

CommScope snags edge QAM startup, putting it on a path to develop products for a next-gen cable access architecture helmed by Comcast

3DTV Standards Come Into View
Technically Speaking With SCTE | 6/2/2011

12:15 PM The SCTE's standards effort is in full swing as the Society looks ahead to Phase II and full-resolution 3DTV

Cable Tops Netflix ISP Rankings
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/2/2011

Also: TWC eyes broadband-only subs, Comcast adds ID theft protection, Clearleap powers tablet streaming for MSOs, Sling tunes up for Google TV

Qualcomm's Snapdragon Spreads Its Wings
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2011

Qualcomm's Snapdragon family of CPUs is racking up partners for smartphones and tablets as it plans 250 more devices this year

FLO TV: A Failure to Entertain
Que Sera Sarah | 6/2/2011

9:15 AM Qualcomm hooks up with Hollywood in hopes of avoiding FLO TV's fate of being boring

Euronews: Nokia Dismisses Sale Rumor
News Analysis | 6/2/2011

Elop says rumor of sale to Microsoft is 'baseless' while France Telecom talks net partiality with Google in today's Euro roundup

HP Open to 'Special' webOS Partners
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/1/2011

HP's head of mobile, Jon Rubinstein, says he's open to working with one or two webOS partners, but won't license the software a la Android

RGB Shelves CMAP Product Plans
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/1/2011

Seeing only limited near-term potential, RGB will leave it to edge QAM vendors to develop modular CMAP products

LightSquared Nears the End of GPS Testing
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/1/2011

It's up to the FCC what happens after June 15, but LightSquared expects a 2012 launch of services on its LTE network for wholesale customers

MPLS-TP Still on the Brink
MPLS-TP News Analysis | 6/1/2011

The ambitious push for a unified standard continues, even as some vendors and carriers exercise pre-standard options

Flip Camera's Founder Says Cheese
Craig's A-List | 6/1/2011

3:05 PM Let's see Cisco try to shut this one down

Deutsche Telekom Takes LTE to the City
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/1/2011

LTE and the city: DT has launched the mobile broadband service in Cologne using 1800MHz spectrum

Apple Wants iCloud to Go Hollywood
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/1/2011

Also: Video traffic swarms the Web, Roku flies with Angry Birds, NCR sues Dish, Cox's Prez to keynote SCTE confab, BlackArrow targets VoD ads

Ericsson Goes Down Under for LTE Win
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/1/2011

Ericsson wins $1.1B deal to build and operate LTE TDD network in rural areas for Australia's national broadband program

The Uplinq Outlook
Que Sera Sarah | 6/1/2011

9:00 AM Qualcomm's annual developer confab is all about apps – mobile apps, appetizers and surprise appearances

AlcaLu Gets Down With OTT
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/1/2011

AlcaLu pitches MSOs and telcos an online video troubleshooter that could help them attract services like Netflix to their on-net CDNs

Euronews: Digital Agenda Scores Are In!
News Analysis | 6/1/2011

The European Commission puts the Digital Agenda scores on the doors and Deutsche Telekom does LTE in today's EMEA telecom roundup

Light Reading India Is Born
News Analysis | 6/1/2011

Light Reading launches its first country-specific online community in arguably the most dynamic telecom market in the world

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