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Content posted in May 2002
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Agere Fat Cat Boards MegaSense
News Analysis  | 
5/8/2002  |  4 comments
A former Agere exec on a juicy retirement package joins forces with startup MegaSense. Does that make Agere happy?
When Will WLAN Get Its Wings?
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/8/2002  |  Post a comment
The technology to enable wireless Internet access on planes is on the runway. When will it be cleared for takeoff?
Cisco Tops Expectations
News Analysis  | 
5/7/2002  |  8 comments
Profits higher than expected, but CEO John Chambers still won't call the bottom
What's Eating Juniper's Stock?
News Analysis  | 
5/7/2002  |  17 comments
Its shares hit an all-time low as rumors, rivals, and customer woes drive it into single digits UPDATED 05/08, 10:33 AM
Axiowave on Track for More Funding
News Analysis  | 
5/7/2002  |  62 comments
Mukesh Chatter's stealthy startup has raised $37M, but the company says it will close $45M
Guarding the Gigabits
News Analysis  | 
5/7/2002  |  1 comment
Intrusion detection and anti-virus applications are showing up on security appliances with gigabit capacity
SMS in the U.S. -- All Upside?
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/7/2002  |  Post a comment
It's official -- SMS means more revenue. Why didn't the U.S. Carriers think of this earlier?
Motorola Deal Plugs In Turin
News Analysis  | 
5/6/2002  |  11 comments
Through its reseller arrangement with Motorola, startup Turin takes a bold step into the cable equipment market
Ex-Employees Take Aim at Accordion
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/6/2002  |  109 comments
The access startup's desperate fight for survival took an unforeseen toll on its human resources
NetVmg Adds VPN Support
News Analysis  | 
5/6/2002  |  2 comments
NetVmg opens itself up to a new market and further validates the idea of route optimization
Competitive Carriers Lash Out at FCC
News Analysis  | 
5/6/2002  |  110 comments
Frustration builds as competitive carriers and incumbents lock horns over broadband access regulation
Any Color as Long as It’s Optical!
News Analysis  | 
5/6/2002  |  5 comments
France Telecom creates new wonderwear that's geekier than Gap, smarter than you!
France Telecom Plans Wireless Wonderwear
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/6/2002  |  Post a comment
Gallic charm meets Times Square with France Telecom's multimedia wonderwear.
US to China: Do You Copy?
News Analysis  | 
5/3/2002  |  208 comments
Chinese companies may be reverse engineering low-end optical components and selling them cheap
OnFiber Scoops Up Sphera for $2.3M
News Analysis  | 
5/3/2002  |  Post a comment
As Universal Access bows out, OnFiber buys Sphera's multimillion-dollar network for a mere $2.3M
Tropic Re-Emerges
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/3/2002  |  4 comments
Has it been hibernating? Retrenching? Whatever it is, the metro startup's ready to show its wares publicly
Centerpoint Lays Off and Spins Out
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/3/2002  |  1 comment
Embattled startup has slashed its headcount and is spinning off its wireless business
Report: Sprint Positioned Best in U.S.
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/3/2002  |  Post a comment
Sprint has technology & marketing edge according to the Wireless Oracle report on how U.S carriers are preparing for 3G
Cisco Prepping Monster IOS Upgrade
News Analysis  | 
5/2/2002  |  20 comments
Company plans to announce huge upgrade to IOS software in the next couple of weeks; touts network resiliency
MRV Gets Another Margalit
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/2/2002  |  1 comment
Zaffire founder Near Margalit goes to MRV, where his father is boss, to help the company reorganize itself
Juniper Scoping Out Unisphere?
News Analysis  | 
5/2/2002  |  37 comments
Sources say Juniper is now eyeing Unisphere; in the meantime, Unisphere spins out its voice business
Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project
News Analysis  | 
5/2/2002  |  13 comments
The latest version of Canada's key research network could boost commercial deployment as well
Symbol Talks Up Voice Over 802.11
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/2/2002  |  Post a comment
WLAN VOIP is a go for industry, but could it hit the hotspots?
Movaz Scores $60M More
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
5/1/2002  |  48 comments
CEO Bijan Khosravi says this round will help bring the startup to breakeven next year
Fiber Cut Cripples Midtown Manhattan
News Analysis  | 
5/1/2002  |  15 comments
Thousands go without service after Verizon loses a fiber optic cable serving 15,000 phone lines
Cisco Goes Spin-Crazy
News Analysis  | 
5/1/2002  |  2 comments
Cisco buys two previously mysterious spin-ins to help revive its cable/broadband and Internet switching products
Sycamore Mulling More Cuts?
News Analysis  | 
5/1/2002  |  12 comments
After Sycamore's earnings warning on Tuesday, layoff rumors sprout while speculation talk simmers
Who's Ahead in DWDM?
News Analysis  | 
5/1/2002  |  7 comments
Ciena's leading the market in long-haul DWDM, but it's a leaner market with smaller prospects, says IDC
Galian Sets Sail
News Analysis  | 
5/1/2002  |  1 comment
Startup is banking on photonic crystals giving it a breakthrough in integrated optical components
RIM – Soon The Database On Your Hip?
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
5/1/2002  |  Post a comment
RIM has extended enterprise strategy and carrier partnerships.
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