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Content posted in March 2002
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Where Is VOIP?
News Analysis  | 
3/29/2002  |  5 comments
Despite setbacks, suppliers insist projections are rosy for packetized voice. Can they be believed?
Pluris CEO Bolts
News Analysis  | 
3/29/2002  |  32 comments
After three years as CEO and five rounds of funding, Joe Kennedy calls it quits as Pluris reorganizes
Next Sore Spot: JDSU?
News Analysis  | 
3/29/2002  |  Post a comment
Many of JDSU's customers have warned -- pointing to the high possibility of another revenue shortfall
Nextwave Case Drags On, Drags 3G Down
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
3/29/2002  |  Post a comment
The Nextwave saga is a delaying factor in the rollout of 3G services in the US
Yipes's Parrick Gets the Boot
News Analysis  | 
3/28/2002  |  11 comments
Jerry Parrick takes a back seat while the distressed carrier's board names Dennis Muse to the CEO chair
Cypress Preps Ethernet-Over-Sonet Chip
News Analysis  | 
3/28/2002  |  12 comments
It's expected to announce a framer that packs four Gigabit Ethernet links into an OC48
Juniper: Guidance Down, Stock Up
News Analysis  | 
3/28/2002  |  32 comments
Juniper Networks lowered its first quarter guidance yesterday. So why did the stock rise today?
AFC Goes Multiservice
News Analysis  | 
3/28/2002  |  7 comments
AFC has bought a multiservice switch company for $43 million. Are RBOCs ready to migrate from ATM to IP?
Nokia to Gain Control of Symbian?
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
3/28/2002  |  Post a comment
Would be the end of an era but not of EPOC
GPRS Prices: The Readers Have Their Say
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
3/28/2002  |  Post a comment
The readers chime in on the cost of GPRS services.
Nortel: Dark Rumblings From Ottawa
News Analysis  | 
3/27/2002  |  100 comments
As first-quarter earnings loom, tongues wag. Can fact be sifted from fancy?
Work Poll: Job Loss Fears Mount
News Analysis  | 
3/27/2002  |  63 comments
Layoffs continue, but how desperate are optical networking professionals feeling?
Li Named to Procket's Board
News Analysis  | 
3/27/2002  |  5 comments
Tony Li isn’t leaving Procket -- he's joining the board. And the company reveals it has raised $272 million
Commentary: Cut Those Crazy GPRS Prices!
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
3/27/2002  |  Post a comment
The second coming of the wireless Internet isn’t going to happen unless service providers stop being stooopid about prices
More on Infinera (née Zepton)
News Analysis  | 
3/26/2002  |  6 comments
Infinera appears to be building metro and edge switching gear using a proprietary photonic chip
Ciena Slashes Some More
News Analysis  | 
3/26/2002  |  40 comments
Fallout from carrier spending cuts has forced Ciena to make significant job cuts again
Acme Software Vets VOIP
News Analysis  | 
3/26/2002  |  Post a comment
Acme routes at Layer 5 to make sure interactive voice and video traffic gets through
Software Boost for Broadband?
News Analysis  | 
3/26/2002  |  3 comments
New software from companies like Atreus and SmartPipes could be a catalyst for managed IP services
OFC Party Reviews
Column  | 
3/26/2002  |  10 comments
OFC Party Reviews - [anon]
Vodafone Launches (Expensive) GPRS Euro Roaming
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
3/26/2002  |  Post a comment
Says users will be able to send and receive data in 12 European countries, but the price might scare off customers
MPLS Will Outgun ATM, Says Poll
News Analysis  | 
3/25/2002  |  348 comments
And Ethernet will outgun Sonet in metro networks, according to Light Reading poll
Sagawa Calls for Rebound (Again)
News Analysis  | 
3/25/2002  |  Post a comment
Bernstein analyst Paul Sagawa says investment in telecom equipment will pick up later this year
Yipes Joins Chapter 11 Club
News Analysis  | 
3/25/2002  |  147 comments
CEO Parrick has some new ways to 'fix' the Ethernet services provider: One of them is bankruptcy
Advent Appoints Sales VP
TelcoTV News Analysis  | 
3/25/2002  |  Post a comment
Advent Networks appoints David Baranski, a 15-year data-networking executive, as VP of sales
40-Gig Gets Testy
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/25/2002  |  1 comment
Not all 40-Gbit/s testers are created equal, says Spirent; competitors beg to differ
Motorola + Nortel = Layoffs
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
3/25/2002  |  Post a comment
The companies have nearly identical product portfolios, so the main reason for any merger will be to cut costs
OFC in Pictures
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/22/2002  |  50 comments
Check out what our camera caught at OFC
Kennedy Takes Charge at Tellabs
News Analysis  | 
3/22/2002  |  1 comment
Ocular seems to be fitting in well at Tellabs, and its former CEO is now a Tellabs bigshot. Will the blissful marriage last?
Ellacoya Cuts Staff -- Again
News Analysis  | 
3/22/2002  |  36 comments
This is the third time Ellacoya has cut jobs. How much fat is left to trim?
Bell Labs Busts 40G Barrier
News Analysis  | 
3/22/2002  |  10 comments
Lucent's research division claims to have sent 64 DWDM channels at 40-Gbit/s across a 4,000km span
Marconi Tanks Big Time
News Analysis  | 
3/22/2002  |  27 comments
Shareprice plunges 47 percent to 9.55 pence after emergency bank financing plan falls through
GoAmerica to Offer First Combined WLAN/WAN Data Service
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
3/22/2002  |  Post a comment
GoAmerica has teamed up with Boingo to extend its wide-area wireless data service to WLAN public access ‘hotspots’
OFS: What Fiber Glut?
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/21/2002  |  22 comments
OFS claims rumors of a fiber glut have been greatly exaggerated
Vendors Unveil Amplifier Advances
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/21/2002  |  3 comments
Metro optical amplifiers were among the most popular items at this year's OFC
Are Tellium and NEC up to Something?
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/21/2002  |  10 comments
NEC backpeddles after saying it's going to launch a sub-wavelength grooming switch at Supercomm
MPLS 'Could Save Billions' Says Study
News Analysis  | 
3/21/2002  |  87 comments
Prioritization of traffic by users, coupled with MPLS deployment, could save billions, says Telechoice
40 Gbit/s: Ready for Prime Time?
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/21/2002  |  Post a comment
Some component and system vendors say 40-Gbit/s technology is ready: Are carriers ready to deploy it?
Cisco's Ullal Talks Optical Future
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/21/2002  |  29 comments
Cisco's Optical Group VP Jayshree Ullal talks about expansion, consolidation, and hot rods
SavaJe Takes On the Big Boys
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
3/21/2002  |  Post a comment
SavaJe gets smart with Java phone operating system
Lucent Lays on More Lambdas
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/20/2002  |  5 comments
The vendor's sticking to its optical rollout schedule with LambdaXtreme. Expect more in 2 months UPDATED 3/21 NOON
Sycamore's CTO Switch
News Analysis  | 
3/20/2002  |  21 comments
Rick Barry is out and Naimish Patel moves up the corporate food chain. Who knew?
Corvis Upgrades Optical Switch
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/20/2002  |  20 comments
Corvis and Ciena are both using Corning's technology for their all-optical solutions
Li Spoofs Industry at OFC
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/20/2002  |  Post a comment
Lovable ol' Uncle Tingye says: 'Enough with the phantonics, already!'
Lightchip Launches 'AWG Killer'
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/20/2002  |  19 comments
Could bulk diffraction gratings oust AWGs in high channel-count systems? Lightchip thinks so
Corning Fiber Pioneer to Retire
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/20/2002  |  Post a comment
Donald Keck, the last active inventor of low-loss optical fiber, says he's retiring at the end of the month
ArrayComm Has Its Chips
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
3/20/2002  |  Post a comment
ArrayComm has an innovative wireless data technology. How to get it out on the market? How about a chip development program?
Nortel's HDX is Here
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/19/2002  |  27 comments
Optical switch said to do it all -- Sonet/SDH, grooming, rings, mesh, whatever... Is the timing right?
Avanex/Oplink Merger: Tip of the Iceberg?
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/19/2002  |  6 comments
Does this proposed coupling of two passive components firms herald consolidation in the industry?
ONI's Facing a Drought
News Analysis  | 
3/19/2002  |  6 comments
ONI says it expects revenues to be way down. Where'd they go?
Dynamic Gain Equalizers Diversify
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis  | 
3/19/2002  |  2 comments
Ciena's new optical add/drop mux illustrates how these widgets can be used in optical switches
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