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Content posted in December 2001
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2001 Top Ten: Financial Stories
News Analysis  | 
12/31/2001  |  6 comments
Light Reading's take on the 10 most significant movers of moola in the last year
What's Next for GX?
News Analysis  | 
12/31/2001  |  1 comment
Global Crossing's bankers give it more time to find a way to cover billions in debt UPDATED 12/31/01 5PM ET
2001 Top Ten: Services
News Analysis  | 
12/30/2001  |  2 comments
For Sunday, we have services -- what else?
2001 Top Ten: Monkey Business
News Analysis  | 
12/29/2001  |  1 comment
A selection of morsels from the Light Reading message boards
White Rock Expands
News Analysis  | 
12/28/2001  |  8 comments
In a land whipped by layoffs, White Rock Networks moves to bigger offices and adds staff
2001 Top Ten: Fat Cats
News Analysis  | 
12/28/2001  |  11 comments
Top execs feasted on rich compensation in 2001, even as layoffs spread famine throughout the industry
Whatever Happened to Sprint’s ION?
News Analysis  | 
12/27/2001  |  9 comments
Sprint's decision to scrap the project will cost it billions of dollars and thousands of jobs
2001 Top Ten: Forecasting Follies
News Analysis  | 
12/26/2001  |  Post a comment
Which financial analysts, market researchers, and journalists fired widest of the mark in 2001?
Qwest and Tellium Revise Contract
News Analysis  | 
12/26/2001  |  22 comments
Tellium gets $50M order but gives Qwest a get-out on its longer-term purchasing plans
Occam's Merger
News Analysis  | 
12/26/2001  |  3 comments
Occam bails out Accelerated with merger deal
No Go for Yafo?
News Analysis  | 
12/24/2001  |  16 comments
Layoffs and lack of customer demand dog 40-Gbit/s startup
2001 Top Ten: Share Price Collapses
News Analysis  | 
12/24/2001  |  8 comments
These companies can't just blame the economy for a troubled year
2001 Top Ten: Newsletter One-Liners
News Analysis  | 
12/23/2001  |  3 comments
Pithy, yet tasteful, remarks from the Light Reading Weekly that hit the most buttons
2001 Top Ten: Words of Wisdom
News Analysis  | 
12/22/2001  |  1 comment
Light Reading's favorites from our 'Quote of the Week' feature
2001 Top Ten: Components
News Analysis  | 
12/21/2001  |  2 comments
Light Reading's take on the 10 most important developments in the components industry this year
The Lost Year
Column  | 
12/21/2001  |  6 comments
The Lost Year – Scott Clavenna
Nortel: The Bad News is Good
News Analysis  | 
12/21/2001  |  2 comments
Wall Street rewarded Nortel for not disappointing them too much. The stock was up as much as 10%
Lights Out at InLight
News Analysis  | 
12/21/2001  |  7 comments
The optical add/drop multiplexer subsystem maker shuts its doors after it couldn't find customers
Multimode Fiber Gets a New Lease on Life
News Analysis  | 
12/21/2001  |  6 comments
UK researchers cram a lot more data down legacy fiber -- indicating potential for low-cost Ethernet deployment
AT&T Cable Deal: Good for Gearmakers?
News Analysis  | 
12/20/2001  |  13 comments
AT&T broadband sale could have some upside for cable equipment suppliers
JDSU's Bid for the Enterprise
News Analysis  | 
12/20/2001  |  4 comments
JDSU will pay $340M for IBM's optical data comm chip business. Just what is it buying, and why?
Top Ten Private Companies Revisited
News Analysis  | 
12/20/2001  |  47 comments
After a world tour and varied feedback, the editors of Light Reading have published a new list
Juniper Spooks the Street
News Analysis  | 
12/20/2001  |  22 comments
Carrier spending decline takes another chunk out of the core router player's revenues in Q4
Last Mile Political Battle Heats Up
News Analysis  | 
12/19/2001  |  14 comments
Vote on the broadband bill has been put off until March, but expect some bloody politics in the meantime
Lightscape Looks West
News Analysis  | 
12/19/2001  |  Post a comment
Lightscape, global player in metro networking, is still waiting to make a big splash in the North American market
Switch Vendors to Tackle Core Routing
News Analysis  | 
12/19/2001  |  59 comments
Can ATM switch vendors compete with high-end routers? Alcatel, Lucent, Marconi, and others say 'yes'
Meet Mr. Ed
Column  | 
12/19/2001  |  39 comments
Meet Mr. Ed
– by Stephen Saunders
Blaze Hits the Xenpak Trail
News Analysis  | 
12/18/2001  |  12 comments
Blaze ships 10-Gbit/s Ethernet Xenpak modules, adding to other options from Agilent and Agere
Corvis Feels Qwest Fallout
News Analysis  | 
12/18/2001  |  20 comments
Merrill Lynch cuts estimates for Corvis following last week's spending cut announcement by Qwest
Ireland Gives Optics the Green Light
News Analysis  | 
12/18/2001  |  4 comments
Ireland has designs on aiding startups in the optical market. Eblana Photonics is one of the first
Atrica Closing in on Third Round
News Analysis  | 
12/17/2001  |  7 comments
After snagging investments from top carriers last February, Atrica is about to close a $30M round, say sources
Intel Snaps Up Templex
News Analysis  | 
12/17/2001  |  20 comments
Intel's quiet purchase of a small components startup might mean a big future for OCDMA technology
Nortel Bets on Mumford
News Analysis  | 
12/17/2001  |  18 comments
The Harley-riding career Nortel man takes CTO post. Can he return Nortel to optical leadership? HDX is the first test.
Bookham Gets a Bargain
News Analysis  | 
12/17/2001  |  3 comments
It's buying Marconi's 500-staff components division for stock worth a mere $29 million
Palm's Up? Palm's Out?
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
12/17/2001  |  Post a comment
Palm takes aim at enterprises, Pocket PC takes aim at entertainment, and a new study predicts that Pocket PC will have market share by 2005.
What's Behind Qwest's Numbers?
News Analysis  | 
12/14/2001  |  13 comments
Qwest reduces its capex spending by more than a billion dollars. Which vendors are most likely to feel the pain?
CoSine and Net.Com End Lawsuit
News Analysis  | 
12/14/2001  |  5 comments
A puzzling 'settlement' seems typical of the uphill battle being waged by cranky IP services switch vendors
Zepton Has an $86M War Chest
News Analysis  | 
12/14/2001  |  48 comments
Cash flows to stealthy startup from investors including Accel Partners, Juniper Networks, and Kleiner-Perkins
Qusion Touts Wideband Modulator
News Analysis  | 
12/14/2001  |  2 comments
Who's got the widest wideband modulator? Qusion says it's got something special, but Agility scoffs
Ex-Lucent Group Starts Anew
News Analysis  | 
12/13/2001  |  15 comments
Internet Photonics is out of stealth mode, raising cash and about to beta test its first product
Gigabit Security's in the Chips
News Analysis  | 
12/13/2001  |  7 comments
With prices dropping and security needs rising, experts see a rising tide for high-speed security hardware
Ciena Casts Cloud Over 2002
News Analysis  | 
12/13/2001  |  13 comments
In spite of solid sales this year, it's forecasting a 30 to 40 percent fall in revenues in the next quarter
IEEE and ITU Get Chummy on RPR
News Analysis  | 
12/13/2001  |  9 comments
Standards bodies work together to develop solutions for metro rings
NetScreen's Screaming IPO
News Analysis  | 
12/12/2001  |  3 comments
Lo and behold, a tech IPO! Is the coast clear?
Intel Targets Telecom Server Market
News Analysis  | 
12/12/2001  |  3 comments
Intel's making a big noise about eclipsing Sun's dominance in the carrier market. Is it really a threat?
Lucent Takes the Gloves Off
News Analysis  | 
12/12/2001  |  32 comments
Lucent contract activity points to a renewed fight for incumbent carrier deals
What's Inside Sabeus
News Analysis  | 
12/12/2001  |  2 comments
Optical components company lands $16M third round in pursuit of new optical techniques such as 'cold writing'
No Riches From Optical Switches
News Analysis  | 
12/11/2001  |  44 comments
Most optical switch manufacturers are in a pickle, according to the latest report from the Optical Oracle
Hold the Champagne
News Analysis  | 
12/11/2001  |  11 comments
Large-scale holiday bashes aren't on tap this year, according to a recent poll and interviews with some companies
Lightspeed in Pictures
Slide Shows  | 
12/11/2001  |  4 comments
This just in: Photos from last week's Lightspeed conference
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