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Moto Considers the Splits
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/31/2008

Networking giant says it could spin off its device business and is mulling alternatives

700 MHz Auctions, Rounds 17-21
Wireless Bits | 1/31/2008

Auctions break the $15B dollar barrier today

Infinera Obliterates Q4 Estimates
News Analysis | 1/31/2008

The GAAP numbers still show a loss, but in invoiced shipments Infinera beat EPS predictions by 750%

TiVo Digs DVR Ruling
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/31/2008

Shares jump more than 30% after appeals court upholds ruling that EchoStar infringed on the DVR pioneer's 'Time Warp' patent

ZTE Touts 2007 Profit Hike
News Analysis | 1/31/2008

Chinese vendor expects to report a big profit jump on the back of international growth in markets such as India

Tandberg Telepresence
Raynman | 1/31/2008

The latest installment of our telepresence tour

Subsea Cable Outage Hits Mideast, India
News Analysis | 1/31/2008

Damage to two of the three main submarine cables in the Mediterranean Sea highlights the need for more buildouts

700 MHz Auctions Hit 'Open Access' Threshold
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/31/2008

Whether it is bidding or not, Google has just achieved its aim of a national block of 'open access' wireless broadband spectrum

Data Growth Pumps Up Vodafone
GSMA News Analysis | 1/31/2008

Another quarter, another giant leap in data revenues for Vodafone

IMS or Nothing?
EuroBlog | 1/31/2008

According to Thomson, there is no alternative to IMS

Nokia Sued for €12B
EuroBlog | 1/31/2008

IP-Com is claiming patent infringement

MTNL Puts Faith in Triple Play
News Analysis | 1/31/2008

Indian state-run operator launches new triple-play bundles as it sees its profit fall 56% in the last three months of 2007

Clueless Consumers
The Bauminator | 1/30/2008

Have a senator's warnings last summer of a coming digital TV transition 'train wreck' already left the station?

Cedar Point Non-Committal About IPO Path
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/30/2008

VOIP firm will keep its options open as 'interim' CEO Curt Hockemeier steps in to steer the company until it finds a permanent replacement

Clearwire Roams With Sprint
Jonestown | 1/30/2008

A precursor to a renewed WiMax relationship?

Content Cavalcade
Contentinople | 1/30/2008

News and updates from Contentinople

700 MHz Auctions, Rounds 14 &15
Wireless Bits | 1/30/2008

Is bidding for the big C block stalling?

Harmonic to Tune Up Video Strategy?
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/30/2008

Harmonic chief declined to pinpoint company's acquisition plans, but said more video tech would offer the best strategic fit

Bharti Touts Profits, Spectrum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/30/2008

India's largest mobile operator reports 42% rise in revenues and profits as subscriber growth offsets falling ARPU

Juniper's EX in Pictures
Slide Shows | 1/30/2008

Live, from New York, it's photos of the Juniper enterprise launch

Sprint's WiMax Backhaul RFP
Wireless Bits | 1/30/2008

Sprint close to choosing backhaul vendors?

iPhone Data Booms at T-Mobile
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/30/2008

Deutsche Telekom CEO says German iPhone users consume up to 30 times more data than its other subscribers

700 MHz Auctions, Round 13
Wireless Bits | 1/30/2008

Bids approaching $10B overall for the wireless broadband spectrum

Time Warner Cable Web 1.0
BroadBananas | 1/30/2008

A new VOD-centric site puts Time Warner Cable on a path similar to that of Comcast's Fancast.com effort

AlcaLu Develops 'SmartDSL'
News Analysis | 1/30/2008

A new bandwidth-saving technology designed to boost DSL line capacity by as much as 30%

TeliaSonera Tackles Indoor Coverage
GSMA News Analysis | 1/30/2008

TeliaSonera makes the case to deploy picocells, thanks to IP backhaul

DT: 'Hands Off!'
EuroBlog | 1/30/2008

Obermann tells regulators to back off

Cisco, Ericsson Swell Femto Forum Ranks
GSMA News Analysis | 1/30/2008

Femto Forum announces 17 new members and launches a program to streamline femtocell standards

Juniper: EX, Not Extreme
Craig's A-List | 1/29/2008

'Build' won over 'buy'

700 MHz Auctions, Round 12
Wireless Bits | 1/29/2008

Now up to $8.7 billion

Fujitsu Sues Tellabs
News Analysis | 1/29/2008

Seeking monetary damages for alleged infringement of four patents linked to optical transport technology

Juniper Storms Into Ethernet Switching
News Analysis | 1/29/2008

Juniper comes roaring into the Ethernet switching market with high-speed gear and partnerships with IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle

Harmonic Hints at Acquisition Strategy
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/29/2008

Company to pursue 'selective acquisitions' after solid Q4 and a successful stock offer that brought in about $142M

700 MHz Auctions, Round 11
Wireless Bits | 1/29/2008

Total bids approaching $8 billion

Spectrum Sells, But Who's Buying?
Cutting Loose | 1/29/2008

Well some spectrum anyway, but the mystery remains about the bidders for the 700 MHz auctions

Deutsche Telekom Relights Its IPTV Fire
News Analysis | 1/29/2008

Aims to sign up another 350,000 IPTV subscribers this year after ending 2007 with 150,000 orders for its Entertain service

Juniper EX Bits
Craig's A-List | 1/29/2008

The EX is out. Quick, find quotes!

T-Mobile Reports KPIs
EuroBlog | 1/29/2008

T-Mobile reports 2007 subscribers

700 MHz Auctions, Round 10
Wireless Bits | 1/29/2008

The auctions hot up

Options Settlement
Craig's A-List | 1/29/2008

For KLA-Tencor, not quite a record

700 MHz Auctions, Round 9
Wireless Bits | 1/29/2008

Slow and steady on Day 4 of the FCC auctions

Paying More to Pay Up
The Bauminator | 1/29/2008

From the files of cable's unexpected revenue streams...

T-Mobile Boasts Subscriber Growth
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/29/2008

T-Mobile reports strong subscriber growth in 2007 and T-Mobile USA is the international operator's biggest contributor

Dragon Breathes New Life Into Internet2
News Analysis | 1/29/2008

Research consortium deploys Dynamic Resource Allocation via GMPLS Optical Networks for hybrid IP/circuit network

Equinix Calls on Infinera
News Analysis | 1/29/2008

Vendor gets win at Equinix due to its density and quick provisioning

T-Mobile Boasts Subscriber Growth
GSMA News Analysis | 1/29/2008

T-Mobile reports strong subscriber growth in 2007 and T-Mobile USA is the international operator's biggest contributor

700 MHz Auctions Now Top $6B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/28/2008

Day three of the FCC's auction closes, but the C band hasn't met its reserve yet

Cisco's Nexus Targets Data Center's Future
News Analysis | 1/28/2008

Cisco's biggest product since the CRS-1 combines Ethernet and storage switching to target a new era in data center technology

700 MHz Auctions, Round 8
Wireless Bits | 1/28/2008

PWBs hit $6B at the end of the day

Storage Must Wait for Cisco's Data Center Vision
News Analysis | 1/28/2008

Cisco's monumental Nexus platform won't incorporate storage for months yet

You're Fired
Raynman | 1/28/2008

Verizon quietly lays off thousands

Packet Design Studies VPNs
News Analysis | 1/28/2008

Packet Design adds VPN traffic analysis capabilies to its popular Route Explorer product

Oar in the Water?
The Bauminator | 1/28/2008

Concurrent claims to be among those on the short-list for cable's secretive, high-level 'Canoe' advanced ad initiative

700MHz Auctions, Round 7
Wireless Bits | 1/28/2008

Bids up 20.77% as FCC crams in the rounds

VSNL Profit Plunges
News Analysis | 1/28/2008

Net income dives 93.3% in the international data services provider's fiscal Q3

Catalyst Gets Older
Craig's A-List | 1/28/2008

A switch has got to know its limitations

YouTube Goes Big-Time Mobile
MO Content | 1/28/2008

YouTube's entire catalogue now available on mobile

Bright House Starts Over in Tampa
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/28/2008

With more than 23,000 dedicated streams, Concurrent lays claim to what's being billed as the largest deployment of 'Start Over'

700 MHz Auction, Round 6
Wireless Bits | 1/28/2008

Bids are slowly creeping up today

HSDPA for Free
Wireless Bits | 1/28/2008

For a limited time only

Google Says Mobile Ads to Take Off in '08
Jonestown | 1/28/2008

This is the year, says Google

Nokia Eats Trolls
EuroBlog | 1/28/2008

Nokia acquires Norwegian software firm Trolltech

700 MHz Auction, Round 5
Wireless Bits | 1/28/2008

Auction breaks $4B in fifth round

Nokia Acquires Trolltech
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/28/2008

Nokia to acquire Norwegian firm Trolltech to speed cross-platform software development

Verizon Hits 1M FiOS TV Subs
News Analysis | 1/28/2008

Mobile and video services were again a strength for Verizon in the fourth quarter of 2007

3Com Sets Vote Date
EuroBlog | 1/28/2008

3Com shareholders to vote on Bain/Huawei takeover

CacheLogic Scores More Funding
News Analysis | 1/28/2008

P2P-based content delivery network 'caches in' with $25 million funding round

The 700 MHz Race
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/25/2008

The FCC raises $3.7B in the early stages of the 700 MHz auction

PBT Key to Ciena Acquisition
News Analysis | 1/25/2008

World Wide Packets acquisition wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for carrier Ethernet technology PBB-TE, says Ciena's chief technologist

Calix VP Jumps Ship
News Analysis | 1/25/2008

Former VP of marketing Kevin Walsh has found a new home at startup Zeugma Systems

BT Chooses New SLA Standards
News Analysis | 1/25/2008

BT has enlisted Digital Fuel, a telecom software startup, to manage SLAs for its entire customer base

700 MHz Auction, Round 4
Wireless Bits | 1/25/2008

$3.7B in provisional bids this time

Haggis Helper
Monkey Bidness | 1/25/2008

It's Burns Night! It's Burns Night!

The Friday Five
The Bauminator | 1/25/2008

Calling attention to a handful of other cable things that happened this week...

700 MHz Auction, Day 2, Round 3
Wireless Bits | 1/25/2008

Provisional bids are now up to $3.2B

Getting the Basics
The Bauminator | 1/25/2008

When it comes to basic sub growth, Insight continues to zig while the rest of the industry is zagging

Concurrent VOD Revenues Dip 5%
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/25/2008

Company-wide revenues rise 3% year-over-year, but are offset by a small decline in Concurrent's on-demand product line

Juniper Downs DX
Craig's A-List | 1/25/2008

Details on when the Redline box is going away

Broadcom Blame Spreads
Craig's A-List | 1/25/2008

Prosecutors point the finger at the two Henrys

Verizon Beefs Up Video Conferencing
News Analysis | 1/25/2008

Verizon Business's new HD video conferencing is no telepresence, but the price of $0 could be attractive

JDSU Gets Tunable & Pluggable
News Analysis | 1/25/2008

The company's new TOSA brings full-band tunability to the small form factor transceiver market

And Then There Were Two
EuroBlog | 1/25/2008

Two bidders remain in the race to invest in Telekom Slovenije

700MHz, Round Two
Wireless Bits | 1/24/2008

$2.8B in provisionally winning bids

Juniper Scores in Q4
News Analysis | 1/24/2008

Earnings top estimates by 3 cents per share as Juniper closes out 2007

Nokia Siemens Ramps in Q4
News Analysis | 1/24/2008

Nokia Siemens Networks reached operating breakeven and boosted its revenues in the fourth quarter of 2007

Gemstar Suit Targets Virgin Media
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/24/2008

Gemstar takes action after it's unable to score a licensing deal, while Virgin calls the suit 'flagrant opportunism'

OnMobile Opens IPO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/24/2008

Indian mobile value-added services provider launches book building process of its IPO

Bookham's Blues
Craig's A-List | 1/24/2008

A 'down' story on an 'up' day

700MHz, Round One
Wireless Bits | 1/24/2008

FCC Makes $2.4B in first round of wireless broadband auction

Sprint Nextel's New Broom
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/24/2008

CFO, CMO, and others leave a month after new CEO takes the helm

Nokia Grabs 40% Handset Share
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/24/2008

Q4 profit up 44% as Finnish titan cements its top-dog handset status

AT&T Turns in Strong Q4
News Analysis | 1/24/2008

Wireless subscriber growth helped AT&T report strong fourth quarter 2007 results

Radware Dives Into SIP
News Analysis | 1/24/2008

The applications-delivery company turns its eye toward making SIP behave more reliably

Oger Enters Telkom SA Fray
News Analysis | 1/24/2008

Saudi-based Oger Telecom makes offer for South African incumbent Telkom SA

Contentinople News
Contentinople | 1/23/2008

What's been going on at Contentinople

Moto's Bright Spot
Wireless Bits | 1/23/2008

Wireless broadband and cellular is a minor fillip for Motorola

AlcaLu Pushes Backhaul Features
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/23/2008

Wireless backhaul is a hot market, and AlcaLu wants the 7750 router to get its share

NCTA Takes MDU Row to Court
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/23/2008

Pressure group makes good on a threat to seek legal action against the FCC in wake of new rules that would scotch existing MDU contracts

AT&T's Speed 'Increase'
Raynman | 1/23/2008

When will a real increase happen?

AT&T to Filter Traffic?
Peer Pressure | 1/23/2008

CEO says company could try to stop piracy

Oy With the Moxi Already
BroadBananas | 1/23/2008

Is that the scent of a fire sale of the future I'm smelling?

Google Life 2008
Craig's A-List | 1/23/2008

Get out the trophy case again

TEF Scores FTTH Win
EuroBlog | 1/23/2008

Regulator paves easy way for FTTH

Videotron Plans VOD Upgrade
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/23/2008

Picks new back-office system from Concurrent that promises to work with third-party servers and support network-based DVR apps

AT&T Ups U-verse Downloads
News Analysis | 1/23/2008

AT&T is upping is U-verse downstream speeds from 6 Mbit/s to 10 Mbit/s, bit it won't be increasing overall bandwidth to the home

Zhone Sheds Old Nortel, Sorrento Gear
News Analysis | 1/23/2008

Equipment vendor sheds non-core assets to focus on its access portfolio

BT Seeks Clarity
News Analysis | 1/23/2008

BT introduces new accounting practice designed to improve clarity on the performance of its business divisions

Motorola Quiet on Device Turnaround
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/23/2008

Motorola reports 84% profit drop for Q4 2007 and foresees worse for the first quarter of 2008

Devices Drag Down Moto
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/23/2008

Motorola reports Q4 results and forecasts a loss for the first quarter of this year

Juniper Flatlines Redline
News Analysis | 1/23/2008

The DX line of data center products from the former Redline Networks is getting the ax

Did Ciena Overpay for WWP?
News Analysis | 1/23/2008

CEO Gary Smith gets a grilling over the $290M in cash and stock being paid for World Wide Packets

Cisco Invests in ip.access
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/23/2008

Cisco becomes a strategic investor in picocell and femtocell vendor ip.access

The iPhone's Business Mullet
LR Mobile Gizmo | 1/22/2008

Still waiting for corporate email

Ciena Takes Out World Wide Packets
News Analysis | 1/22/2008

World Wide Packets agrees to get bought by Ciena for a package worth about $305M

Sorrento Finds Life After Zhone
News Analysis | 1/22/2008

Company is taking back the GigaMux product line and starting anew UPDATED 1/23 10:10 AM

What Year Is It?
The Philter | 1/22/2008

Has anyone seen this movie before?

AT&T Completes a True Triple Play
News Analysis | 1/22/2008

AT&T is launching its first-ever residential VOIP service for U-verse

3Com Extends Open Initiative
News Analysis | 1/22/2008

Company adds VOIP and WAN optimization to open-source routing platform

RCN Reclaims Analog in Chicago
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/22/2008

Says all-digital system will provide headroom for VOD title expansion and a lineup of at least 100 linear HD channels

Tata Unit Cuts Losses
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/22/2008

Indian operator Tata Teleservices reports its Mumbai unit cut fiscal Q3 net loss in half

Ethernet Casualty
Craig's A-List | 1/22/2008

Aethera vanishes to the aether

700MHz Jitters
Cutting Loose | 1/22/2008

Will a wobbly stock market affect the 700MHz auctions this week?

Italian WiMax Bids
Wireless Bits | 1/22/2008

Italy gets 29 bids in WiMax auction

LTE Specs on Track
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/22/2008

Next-gen broadband wireless technology Long-Term Evolution specifications are on track to be completed with 3GPP Release 8

HBO Weaves Web Play
The Bauminator | 1/22/2008

Load it up and smell the irony

Tellabs Cuts Continue
News Analysis | 1/22/2008

Company announces plan to reduce costs by $100 million, including cutting 225 employees

BigBand Upgrade Touts HD, VOD
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/22/2008

New SDV system touts scaleability and redundancy, but will it be enough to drive new deployments and greater revenue?

Clearwire Breaks Into VOIP Market
News Analysis | 1/22/2008

Using Nortel servers, Clearwire is now offering VOIP services over its own network infrastructure

Exclusive Photos: Fire to the Node, Part II
Slide Shows | 1/22/2008

Photos from the second AT&T VRAD cabinet explosion

DT Lickin' FMC Wounds
EuroBlog | 1/21/2008

German operator has no plans for another dual-mode service

Guess the Product
The Philter | 1/21/2008

Software? Consulting? An energy drink?

TeliaSonera Preps Femto Trial
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/21/2008

Swedish operator plans to launch femtocell trials in two markets this spring with two unnamed vendors

India's IDEA Doubles Quarterly Profit
News Analysis | 1/21/2008

IDEA Cellular touts 108% increase in its fiscal Q3 net income

Mobily Touts Q4 Profit
News Analysis | 1/21/2008

Saudi Arabian operator reports a 55.8% jump in Q4 profit and nearly doubles full-year net income

Saudi Telecom Buys $2.6B Oger Stake
News Analysis | 1/21/2008

Saudi Telecom acquires 35% stake in Oger Telecom, which has operations in Turkey and South Africa, for $2.56B

T-Mobile Trials Femtos
Wireless Bits | 1/21/2008

T-Mobile tests femotcells in three markets

Japan's Dark Horse
Wireless Bits | 1/21/2008

Japan's Willcom plans to deploy next-gen PHS

XO Sweats Its Optical Assets
News Analysis | 1/21/2008

XO is putting its new Infinera optical gear to work by extending its '10 Gigs in 10 Days' wholesale service guarantee

Long Distance Call
LR Mobile Gizmo | 1/18/2008

Another look at possible health issues with mobile

Tellabs: Not for Sale
The Philter | 1/18/2008

Sources say Tellabs is a buyer, not a seller

IPTV Top Ten Honorable Mentions
News Analysis | 1/18/2008

A look at five carriers who could crack the Top Ten IPTV Carriers list before year's end

Verizon Sues Cox
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/18/2008

In a sequel to its Vonage suit, Verizon is going after Cox for allegedly infringing eight VOIP patents

Symmetricom Expands Cable Play
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/18/2008

Probes for monitoring video quality, in IPTV or MPEG forms, give Symmetricom something to talk about besides Docsis timing

Occam Nabs FairPoint Business
News Analysis | 1/18/2008

Company becomes lead supplier for network upgrade of former Verizon access lines

iGot an iPhone Update
Peer Pressure | 1/18/2008

Ask and ye shall receive

Verizon at Macworld
Craig's A-List | 1/18/2008

No, it's not about the iPhone

Indian Outsourcers Report Earnings Growth
News Analysis | 1/18/2008

India's top outsourcing firms report quarterly earnings growth and emphasize shift to emerging markets

Wiring Up CA
Craig's A-List | 1/18/2008

Broadband gets taken to task

Cable Modem Shipments Growing Strong
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 1/18/2008

Global shipments of cable data and voice modems climbed above the 8 million-unit mark again in 3Q07, as MSO demand remained robust

Telefónica Ups Netcom Stake
EuroBlog | 1/18/2008

Spanish giant increases its investment in China Netcom

Roberts in the Crosshairs
The Bauminator | 1/18/2008

Large institutional shareholder wants Comcast to oust its chairman and CEO and do away with its 'dual-class' voting structure

Short People
Monkey Bidness | 1/18/2008

No reason to live

Broadband Turbo-Charges Carphone's Q3
News Analysis | 1/18/2008

UK operator hits 2.6M DSL subs, cementing its position as the country's third broadband player

Sprint to Cut 4,000 Jobs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/18/2008

Sprint's stock tanks as it plans to cut 4,000 jobs and close 125 shops to help it cope with its 2008 blues

Cisco Makes Waves in China
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/18/2008

Cisco breaks into market dominated by Huawei and ZTE to become the first vendor to have ROADM equipment deployed in mainland China

PicoChip Unveils Chinese Femtocell
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/18/2008

A femtocell reference design for China's homegrown 3G technology, TD-SCDMA, could shape the way the country's operators deploy 3G

Contentinople Updates
Contentinople | 1/17/2008

The day's news over at Contentinople

Canada Loves Microsoft
Raynman | 1/17/2008

MSFT scores an IPTV win

Mr Wham-O Is Dead-O
Monkey Bidness | 1/17/2008

A sad day

Monkey-Controlled Robot
Jonestown | 1/17/2008

Simian robot walks

TWC to Test Broadband Toll Booth
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/17/2008

Time Warner Cable is gearing up a usage-based billing model that could replace 'all-you-can-eat' offerings

NYC Still Waits for FiOS
News Analysis | 1/17/2008

Verizon is getting closer to offering FiOS to the biggest US city, but an agreement still appears to be months away

Plugging the Ad Drain
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/17/2008

Cable puts advanced advertising on the front burner to turn the tide of dollars that are flowing toward the Internet

David Lynch on Mobile Video
MO Content | 1/17/2008

Driving the lost superhighway

Arbor & Ellacoya Team Up
News Analysis | 1/17/2008

The deep packet inspection space gets another security infusion as the two vendors pair up in a 'merger of equals'

AlcaLu Lands Brazilian Outsourcing Deal
News Analysis | 1/17/2008

Ericsson and Nokia get left behind again as AlcaLu snares an exclusive deal reportedly worth $1.1B

The $1 CEO
Craig's A-List | 1/17/2008

Marvell execs try the grand gesture

Services Head Quits AlcaLu
News Analysis | 1/17/2008

AlcaLu's head of services, John Meyer, is leaving, and will be replaced by Andy Williams, an internal promotion

Russians Love DSL
EuroBlog | 1/17/2008

Broadband is all the rage in Moscow

AdMob: Mobile Internet Growing
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/16/2008

The wireless Web continues to grow, according to new mobile ad research

Tellabs M&A Redux
Peer Pressure | 1/16/2008

Analyst says 2008 could be the year Tellabs is acquired

Ex-Brocade CEO Gets 21 Months
News Analysis | 1/16/2008

Greg Reyes must also pay $15 million fine for stock-options backdating

Cable Guy | 1/16/2008

Say hello to the 'HectoQAM,' the latest in edge QAM design

India: Licensed to Thrill
News Analysis | 1/16/2008

There's action aplenty in India as incumbent and new service providers react to fixed and mobile license awards

iBasis Snacks on Danish
News Analysis | 1/16/2008

The beefed-up VOIP wholesaler nabs TDC's non-Nordic voice business in a deal that will add $80M a year to revenues

Ethernet Base Stations Are Go
LR Mobile Column | 1/16/2008

Ethernet and IP RAN capability will emerge as critical to mobile base station purchasing decisions in 2008.

Oracle's Higher Price Lands BEA
News Analysis | 1/16/2008

Having failed with a takeover offer last year, Oracle has returned with a successful $8.5 billion bid to buy BEA Systems

Down on the (Re)Farm
Wireless Bits | 1/16/2008

UK operators up in arms over refarming

The Ocean Race
Craig's A-List | 1/16/2008

Redback's got a worldly new gig

Sandvine Swings to a Profit
News Analysis | 1/16/2008

DPI vendor announces strong results, wireless wins, and a partnership with Huawei

Stop Clowning
Monkey Bidness | 1/16/2008

They're just plain creepy

Cisco China Connection
Wireless Bits | 1/16/2008

Navini founder does BWA in China

CES: Wireless Reprise
LR Mobile Gizmo | 1/16/2008

This year's CES focused on widescale wireless technology, rather than hip new gadgets

Moxi Maker Digeo Slashes Staff, Product Line
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/16/2008

Just days after big CE confab, DVR firm reverses retail course, shelving high-end hi-def box and laying off half of staff

Macworld Keynote: Photos
Craig's A-List | 1/16/2008

Apple's annual frenzy

Swedes Tune In to IPTV
EuroBlog | 1/16/2008

TeliaSonera adds 84,000 IPTV subs in Q4

Fast Forward for Femtos
EuroBlog | 1/16/2008

Crunch year for home mobile base stations

AT&T Begins Massive Battery Replacement
News Analysis | 1/15/2008

After four fires in its broadband equipment cabinets, AT&T says it will replace some 17,000 U-verse cabinet batteries across its network

PeerApp 'Caches In'
News Analysis | 1/15/2008

Vendor receives financing from existing investors as P2P caching market heats up

Bresnan Still Not Sold on 'Switching'
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/15/2008

Even without switched digital video, the MSO believes it's got the bandwidth to offer 50 HD channels this year

Contentinople | 1/15/2008

The day's news over at Contentinople

Craig's A-List | 1/15/2008

Steve Jobs was pretty good, not insanely great

Telephone, Anyone?
The Philter | 1/15/2008

Clips and snips from around the Web

Writers? Who Needs 'em?
Monkey Bidness | 1/15/2008

We gots Reality!

KDDI Nears WiMax Vendor Picks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/15/2008

KDDI is close to choosing the network equipment vendors for a $1.3B mobile WiMax network in Japan

Apple TV: A New Channel for Movies
News Analysis | 1/15/2008

Apple makes its next stab at the video market, offering movie rentals and a new look for Apple TV

Centillium Unloads DSL Business to Ikanos
News Analysis | 1/15/2008

Looking to expand its VDSL customer base, Ikanos will purchase the DSL assets of Centillium

FCC Probes Comcast
Peer Pressure | 1/15/2008

Promised investigation set to begin

T- Mobile Busts Backhaul Bottleneck
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/15/2008

T-Mobile rolls out an Ethernet-over-DSL backhaul solution to support its European HSDPA networks

BT Says 'Get Lost'
EuroBlog | 1/15/2008

UK carrier isn't being rude – it's adding to its video service

Samsung Scandal
Wireless Bits | 1/15/2008

Samsung's Seoul offices raided

Bye Bye, Edge QAMs?
Cable Guy | 1/15/2008

Will edge QAMs soon go the way of the dinosaur?

Broadband Crystal Ball
The Bauminator | 1/14/2008

How much capacity will cable need in 2016? Arris CTO is brave enough to take a stab at it

Contentinople Relaunches
Contentinople | 1/14/2008

Digital news and opinion gets a new look

Sprint Pondering Layoffs?
Wireless Bits | 1/14/2008

Operator reported to be looking for ways to turn ship around

Google's Android Gets Smart
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/14/2008

A developer says it's got apps up and running for the Linux-based OS

Opnext Bounces Back
Craig's A-List | 1/14/2008

The 'buy low' theory kicks in

Imagine a Match
BroadBananas | 1/14/2008

Where have we heard this before? Maybe some operator, the biggest in the world, perhaps...

BSNL Considers $10B IPO
News Analysis | 1/14/2008

India's state-owned operator BSNL is looking into raising as much as $10B from an IPO

DCL Tests Positive for Growth
News Analysis | 1/14/2008

Softswitch vendor gets capital infusion to accelerate its growth plans

Imagine Raises the Bandwidth Bar
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/14/2008

The startup says it can cram 50% more channels into the same slice of 6 MHz cable spectrum. Is Comcast among its first takers?

A Helpful Reminder
Jonestown | 1/14/2008

In case you've forgotten where you are

Spare Change, Buddy?
Monkey Bidness | 1/14/2008

But where's the meat pattie?

Femtocells Brace for Big 2008
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/14/2008

Femtocells face a critical year in 2008 as operators scrutinize their business cases and plan for commercial launches later this year

Telecom Pays in Slovakia
EuroBlog | 1/14/2008

Slovakia's highest salaries are in the telecom sector

Macworld Arriveth
Craig's A-List | 1/14/2008

Read all about 'devotees' and 'flocking'

French Dominate IPTV Top Ten
News Analysis | 1/14/2008

There are three French operators in our 'Top Ten: IPTV Carriers' report, with one taking the top spot

BBT Inches Toward DCAS Solution
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/14/2008

Consortium edges toward a downloadable conditional access system by completing the code needed for commercial chips

Get Carter!
EuroBlog | 1/14/2008

The knives are out for former NTL chief Stephen Carter

LiquidxStream Enters E-QAM Race
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/14/2008

Ex-Videotron exec leads startup LiquidxStream into a crowded 'universal' edge QAM sector

Italians Eye Expansion
EuroBlog | 1/14/2008

Is Telecom Italia looking east for growth?

Digeo Revs Up for Retail
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/14/2008

Its initial launch won't feature tru2way, but still will be interactive, thanks to the box's high-speed IP capabilities

Who's Afraid of tru2way?
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/11/2008

Not Motorola and Cisco, anyway, when it comes to the platform's implications for retail-ready set-tops and set-top-free digital TVs

The Gizmodo Incident
The Philter | 1/11/2008

Technology's fun when you turn it off

Stock Market Ironies
Raynman | 1/11/2008

Tellabs a big winner out of a lot of losers

More CES Hosting Talent
The Philter | 1/11/2008

Again, not a post about Web servers

JDSU Buys Fiber Tester
News Analysis | 1/11/2008

JDSU opens its wallet again to buy fiber inspection system vendor Westover Scientific

Sandvine Nabs Wireless Wins
News Analysis | 1/11/2008

Deep packet inspection vendor takes advantage of wireless demand for service creation and service provisioning

Indian Gov't Grants Mobile Licenses
News Analysis | 1/11/2008

India's Department of Telecom grants mobile licenses to nine companies, including telcos and industrial conglomerates

Calling Docsis 3.0
The Bauminator | 1/11/2008

CableLabs hasn't awarded certifications to any Docsis 3.0 modems yet, but at least one vendor already has designs on a modem/VOIP combo

BT Won't Be Rushed
EuroBlog | 1/11/2008

UK incumbent won't be force-fed FTTH rules by government

Major Carrier Shakeup Expected in China
News Analysis | 1/11/2008

Local reports suggest Chinese government is set to reorganize carrier market to create three giant fixed/mobile operators

Ruckus Raises 802.11n Stakes
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/11/2008

The wireless vendor spent its CES trying to jumpstart the market for carrier-managed 802.11n services

Juniper COO Elopes With Microsoft
News Analysis | 1/11/2008

After just one year, Stephen Elop is leaving Juniper for an executive post at Microsoft

Comcast Feels Like Starting Over
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/11/2008

MSO confirms plans to begin rollouts early next year of network-DVR service/architecture championed by Time Warner Cable

CES Slideshow: Show Floor, Part II
Slide Shows | 1/10/2008

Robotics, regulatory figures, and home networking hubs highlight this photographic look at the CES exhibit hall

Akamai Rocked by Rumor
Peer Pressure | 1/10/2008

Shares fall on speculation it would lose iTunes biz

Verizon Doesn't Fear Economy's Slump
News Analysis | 1/10/2008

COO Denny Strigl counters AT&T's statements about a weak economy

CES: Cisco's 'Human Network' Has Bones
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/10/2008

Here in Vegas Cisco says its 'any device, any network' content delivery system is in trials

Let's Go to Prison
Raynman | 1/10/2008

For affordable phone calls

Mintera Challenges StrataLight in 40G Fight
News Analysis | 1/10/2008

StrataLight's early 40-Gig franchise could get a challenge from the Mintera/JDSU team

Slideshow: On the Hunt for 'tru2way' at CES
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/10/2008

It took some looking, but there was a small sampling of digital TVs with new 'tru2way' branding, on the floor at this year's gadget confab

Sonus Eyes Euro Growth
EuroBlog | 1/10/2008

Softswitch vendor gears up for Euro expansion

Bookham's Bounce
Craig's A-List | 1/10/2008

A sunny day on Junction Ave.

BT Goes With Huawei for FTTH
News Analysis | 1/10/2008

BT is deploying fiber-to-the-home at a new housing development in Southeast England with Huawei

Rivulet Hires a Kennedy
News Analysis | 1/10/2008

Well, Ed Kennedy. Yes, the former star of Tellabs and Ocular Networks is back on the startup scene

CES: Moto's Wild WiMax Ride
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/9/2008

Motorola and friends give WiMax a spin around Vegas to demonstrate its streaming capabilities

Verizon Goes Femto?
Wireless Bits | 1/9/2008

Verizon preps 2G femto launch

FCC Eyes Comcast's P2P Policies
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/9/2008

Commissioner says the agency will investigate claims Comcast is blocking peer-to-peer traffic

Verizon Receives India Licenses
News Analysis | 1/9/2008

Verizon Business becomes the latest major international carrier to receive long distance licenses in India

Aruba Snaps Up AirWave
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/9/2008

Aruba acquires multi-vendor network management startup AirWave for $37M

CES Celebrities: Unmiked
The Philter | 1/9/2008

Getting handled

Being PC at CES
The Bauminator | 1/9/2008

Moderator throws FCC chairman into the chum line, but service provider policy sharks don't take the bait

FCC Chair Neutral in Two-Way Fight
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/9/2008

Kevin Martin is noncommittal about throwing in with cable's 'tru2way' approach or the CEA's competing 'DCR Plus' proposal

Engorge of the Jungle
Monkey Bidness | 1/9/2008

Monkeys R Us

HD Home Networking
The Philter | 1/9/2008

More antennas for your streaming pleasure

CES: Perfume
Jonestown | 1/9/2008

Smell the magic on the monorail

Frontline Folds
Wireless Bits | 1/9/2008

Wireless startup is closed for business

TV + BlackBerry
The Philter | 1/9/2008

Everyone's two favorite addictions

To Infinity & Beyond!
BroadBananas | 1/9/2008

Comcast's loosely defined new standard on content volume

Jonestown | 1/9/2008

Chambers luvs txting

CES Slideshow: Show Floor, Part I
Slide Shows | 1/9/2008

The scene at CES is hard to describe, but fun to photograph

Ciena Enhances 4200 With Ethernet
News Analysis | 1/9/2008

Ciena joins the packet-optical brigade with new modules that add Ethernet switching functionality

Juniper Fits Chunghwa's New Plan
News Analysis | 1/9/2008

The router firm says policy management was at the heart of its latest T-series win

CES: Sprint's in the XOHM
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/8/2008

Despite naysayers, XOHM executives are still punchy about the upcoming WiMax service

Verizon Preps GPON Push
News Analysis | 1/8/2008

Verizon has named nine states where it will begin installing GPON in its FiOS network

CES: Roberts Declares Open Season
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/8/2008

The Comcast chief says cable is rectifying its closed, proprietary history by ushering in an era of openness in consumer electronics

WiMax Live Drive
Jonestown | 1/8/2008

From the back of a car

Whoa Mama Bell!
Raynman | 1/8/2008

AT&T CEO sends stock into tailspin

Sigma Bounces Back
Craig's A-List | 1/8/2008

Belay the Broadcom invasion

Reliance Takes Stake in Stoke
News Analysis | 1/8/2008

Which sure beats a pig in a poke

Comcast Fires Up Fancast
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/8/2008

The MSO starts serving up TV and video directly through the Internet, with community features in the works

Is Telepresence Worth the Money?
Raynman | 1/8/2008

Many say 'yes'

The Telco Investment Dilemma
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 1/8/2008

Should 21st-century telcos prioritize investment in the best possible infrastructure or the best possible services?

Carter Goes to Downing Street
EuroBlog | 1/8/2008

Former UK telecom regulator advises the prime minister

Au Revoir, Alice?
EuroBlog | 1/8/2008

Telecom Italia mulls sale of French unit

Cisco's Media Plunge
Craig's A-List | 1/8/2008

So that's what the Media Group is up to

AlcaLu's Stock Drop
EuroBlog | 1/8/2008

AlcaLu's share price is still on the slide

Comcast Launches 'Project Infinity'
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/8/2008

Fires at competition with 1,000 HD 'choices' by year-end and more than 6,000 VOD titles, including about 3,000 in hi-def, on tap for '09

EchoStar Unit Unveils SlingModem
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/8/2008

Sling Media used this week's tradeshow to debut its place-shifting box with a Docsis modem baked in

AlcaLu Exec Still in Limbo
News Analysis | 1/8/2008

With the giant World Mobile Congress approaching, former AlcaLu mobile player Marc Rouanne is still an exec sans portfolio

Indian Operators in Sharing Mood
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/8/2008

Indian operators are set to benefit from the flotilla of mobile infrastructure sharing agreements announced in 2007

CES: Intel's WiMax Splash
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/7/2008

Intel shows no sign of giving up on WiMax at CES

Media Slingers
The Philter | 1/7/2008

Send your content, well, somewhere else

Sprinting Backwards
The Philter | 1/7/2008

For those tracking Sprint's troubles

Microsoft Goes for Gold
Craig's A-List | 1/7/2008

Someone, save us from NBC's Olympics

CES: Vegas Bagels
Jonestown | 1/7/2008

Daylight Rubbery

The Philter | 1/7/2008

It was much-needed, and you'll soon find out why

Your Cat Hates You
Monkey Bidness | 1/7/2008

But you knew that

Cable's 'tru2way' Play
The Bauminator | 1/7/2008

Take that, DCR Plus!

NSN Lands Monster Saudi Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/7/2008

Nokia Siemens Networks wins five-year greenfield 2G and 3G network contract from Zain worth $935 million

Unstrung's Hot Picks at CES
Cutting Loose | 1/7/2008

We highlight the big trends and cool gizmos you'll want to see at the Consumer Electronics Show

BT Adds to Its IPTV Options
News Analysis | 1/7/2008

BT will become the first carrier to offer IPTV services via an Xbox gaming console, and adds Motorola as a set-top box supplier

Cisco Debuts IP Hubs for the Home
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/7/2008

New gear announcements from Cisco include set-tops, and modems, and gateways. Oh, my!

Comcast, Panasonic Unveil Portable DVR
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/7/2008

Standard-def 'AnyPlay' unit hooks into a docking station that doubles as a traditional digital set-top

Microsoft Adds VOD, IPTV Extras
News Analysis | 1/7/2008

Bill Gates shares the stage with Slash as he riffs on software's future and hosts a Microsoft VOD-fest

CES Slideshow: Bill Gates Keynote
Slide Shows | 1/7/2008

Bill Gates shares the stage with a Guitar Hero and updates on the software giant's video developments

Six More Months
Craig's A-List | 1/4/2008

Cisco just can't let go of Charles Giancarlo

Meraki Offers New SF Muni Hope
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/4/2008

Meraki wants to try – once again – to unwire San Fran

HD Hopefuls Abound at CES
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/4/2008

Who's got the hi-def lead heading into the monster gadget/media-fest in Vegas?

IPOs Clanked in 2007
News Analysis | 1/4/2008

A few issues went up, but here are the nine that dragged investors down

Le iPhone Update
LR Mobile Gizmo | 1/4/2008

French sales hit 70,000, while reports put UK at 200,000

SA No More
Craig's A-List | 1/4/2008

Cisco's CES treat: A new name for set-tops

Insight CTO to Hang Up His Slide Rule
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/4/2008

Charlie Dietz is set to retire on January 11, but don't be surprised to see him resurface in some cable-related capacity in the coming months

2007 Top Ten: Most Popular Stories
News Analysis | 1/4/2008

Here's the list of the 10 stories that most captured the hearts and minds of our readers in 2007

Allot Snaps Up Security Minnow
News Analysis | 1/4/2008

The $3.5M buy of New Zealand-based Esphion adds security to Allot's deep packet inspection products

Carphone Leaps on M&A Talk
News Analysis | 1/4/2008

UK broadband player sees its stock jump more than 8 percent following speculation of a possible takeover bid

KPN Bid Rumor
EuroBlog | 1/4/2008

Dutch incumbent denies talks with Telefónica

Optical's Packet Magic
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 1/3/2008

The emergence of the packet-optical transport system will shake up the optical networking market in 2008

Moto Plants Seeds for MPEG-4
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/3/2008

A family of set-tops shows off MPEG-4 and MoCA support, while a new eMTA looks to extend Moto's lead

Moto Preps WiMax & Mobile TV for CES
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/3/2008

The company gets a jump on CES by showing off its latest gear

Docsis 4.0
The Bauminator | 1/3/2008

No, really?

The Cisco Split
Craig's A-List | 1/3/2008

Adding value the Icahn way

Report: Fujitsu Wins Verizon RFP
News Analysis | 1/3/2008

No big surprise, but the Flashwave 9500 reportedly becomes Verizon's second-source ROADM

PE Firms Buy Euro Carrier
News Analysis | 1/3/2008

Private equity firms grab GTS Central Europe, which operates in five key markets in Central and Eastern Europe

Kriens Speaks
Craig's A-List | 1/3/2008

Release the exaflood!

'Webinar' Banished
BroadBananas | 1/3/2008

Does it belong in the 'school of non-thought' that paved the way for e-anything and i-anything?

AlcaLu: Only Way Is Up?
EuroBlog | 1/3/2008

From €4.95, surely AlcaLu's share price can only go up?

Marvell Pours a WiFi Triple Shot
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/2/2008

Leading into CES, Marvell boosts 802.11n throughput while competitors yawn

2Wire Connects the Home
News Analysis | 1/2/2008

The company is betting that service providers will want to extend media control beyond the set-top box

Software May Have Caused Xbox LIVE Problems
News Analysis | 1/2/2008

Microsoft's Xbox LIVE service experienced major outages for 10 days during the end of December

Most Popular Pages
The Philter | 1/2/2008

What got hits in 2007

Bongiovi 'd
Jonestown | 1/2/2008

Will the digital powerstation rawk a million faces at CES?

The IPTV Trap
Craig's A-List | 1/2/2008

Right network, wrong idea

WiMax Over 700MHz
Wireless Bits | 1/2/2008

2008 is the year this flavor of WiMax will get in gear

Creepy Wireless Robot
LR Mobile Gizmo | 1/2/2008

World's first WiFi spy kit

Android, Nevada
MO Content | 1/2/2008

CES should deliver more details on Google's new OS

A New Year's Video Resolution
Cable Guy | 1/2/2008

All I wanted for Hanukah was a new TV

Comcast Takes Control
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/2/2008

Comcast now has full ownership of cable systems in the Midwestern US that pass about 1.2 million homes

Everyone Loves FiOS
Peer Pressure | 1/2/2008

Anecdotal evidence from my family

Nokia Siemens Snaps Up IMS Vendor
News Analysis | 1/2/2008

Nokia Siemens Networks is shelling out $206 million to buy subscriber database management specialist Apertio

It's a Date
The Bauminator | 1/2/2008

An à la carte-seeking lawsuit will soon cross swords in the courtroom with major cable and satellite TV service providers

DT Misses IPTV Target
EuroBlog | 1/2/2008

Deutsche Telekom has signed up 100,000 IPTV customers, about half its target

Sarin's Stock Pile
EuroBlog | 1/2/2008

Vodafone's CEO has 45 million reasons to sit tight

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