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It's the Consumer, Stupid
Column | 4/3/2007

Consumers are driving all sorts of new applications in the wireless world. Is anybody paying attention?

Grounded Cells
The Philter | 4/3/2007

FCC drops cells on plane discussion

AlcaLu Breaks Down (in) 2006
News Analysis | 4/3/2007

New numbers show the dramatic dip in Alcatel-Lucent's wireless infrastructure division in the fourth quarter of 2006

KT: Game Over
Craig's A-List | 4/3/2007

Familiar gripes about carriers and bit pipes

The Great WiMax Split
Cutting Loose | 4/3/2007

At CTIA, the next major fault line in the wide-area wireless industry was on display

Monks of Mesh
Jonestown | 4/3/2007

Unwired in Tibet

Ink-Stained Wretches
Monkey Bidness | 4/3/2007

The Press is depressing

Keep On Keepin' ON
EuroBlog | 4/3/2007

Keep an eye on Greek outfit ON Telecoms

Insider: Location Finds Itself
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/3/2007

New players, cooler apps, and cheaper chips are driving a resurgence in the mobile location services market, according to the latest Unstrung Insider

Cisco Creates Russian Investment Fund
News Analysis | 4/3/2007

The latest emerging market on Cisco's investment radar is Russia, where the IP giant isn't restricting its investments to tech vendors

Q Misadventures
Nearpoints | 4/2/2007

Support as an abstract, theoretical concept

OFC/NFOEC 2007 in Pictures
Slide Shows | 4/2/2007

A photo overview of last week's components confab

Nacchio Advisor Stirs Up the Defense
News Analysis | 4/2/2007

Prosecutors brought more former Qwest executives to the stand, as well as Nacchio's former financial advisor

Ex-Execs at Large
Cisco Watch | 4/2/2007

Your latest alumni report

Comcast, Insight Divvy Up Midwest
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/2/2007

Will it play in Peoria? Comcast and Insight have agreed to split up a long-standing cable system partnership in the Midwest

Vyyo Wins Cox, Points to Others
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/2/2007

Vyyo has started supplying its bandwidth-expanding spectrum overlay equipment to Cox

Nokia Siemens Opens on a Downer
News Analysis | 4/2/2007

New joint venture kicks off Day 1 with reduced growth expectations for 2007, handing a big advantage to rival Ericsson, say analysts

April Fools
Monkey Bidness | 4/2/2007

Not sure I believe this story

AT&T Closes In on Telecom Italia Stake
News Analysis | 4/2/2007

AT&T and América Móvil each plan to buy a stake in the holding company that controls Telecom Italia

Motorola to Shock With TAZR
News Analysis | 4/1/2007

Aims to spark revenues with a combination cellphone and high-voltage personal security device

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