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EENY 2010: Overture Gets More Optical
News Analysis | 11/4/2010

The company's newest boxes extend its reach to the edge and put a new emphasis on plain old Ethernet

Keeping Customers in the Dark
Rewired | 11/4/2010

2:10 PM Enterprises want full disclosure on network performance, but some network operators admit all that info often goes unused

MetroPCS Plots LTE Smartphones, VoLTE Trials
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/4/2010

On the back of a CDMA expansion, Metro is thinking ahead to LTE and the smartphones it will offer to compete when it's no longer alone in 4G

Pace Buys Again
EuroBlog | 11/4/2010

12:20 PM Snaps up digital rights management specialist Latens to add to its video tech portfolio

3G's Chinese Puzzle
LR Mobile Column | 11/4/2010

China's ranks of 3G subscribers will more than double this year, reaching 40M units

EANTC Global Interconnect, Part II
LRTV Documentaries | 11/4/2010

EANTC's Carsten Rossenhoevel updates us on the progress of the Advanced Global Interconnect Test Program demonstrated at Light Reading's Ethernet Americas event in New York

HP's Joe Weinman: Cloud Economics, Part II
LRTV Interviews | 11/4/2010

HP's Joe Weinman talks about the economics of cloud computing and the challenge for IT organizations to get their infrastructure ready to handle changing customer demands

Ethernet Expo 2010 Highlights
LRTV Documentaries | 11/4/2010

In about a minute, see the whole Ethernet Expo 2010 show floor

Subscriber Bleed Continues for TW Cable
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/4/2010

The MSO's earnings beat the street, but subscribers – even digital video subscribers – continued to leave

Photos: Xbox Sucks Us In
Craig's A-List | 11/4/2010

7:50 AM Do we care about Xbox Kinect? No. Do we have NYC photos anyway? Oh my yes

AlcaLu Posts Q3 Profit
News Analysis | 11/4/2010

Vendor's recovery continues as it ramps revenues, returns to profitability, and hints at strong fourth quarter

EENY 2010: 100G Complaints Continue
100G News Analysis | 11/4/2010

A nonstandard optical module looks awfully compelling in the face of 100G prices, panelists say

Euronews: Nov. 4
News Analysis | 11/4/2010

AlcaLu and Deutsche Telekom do Q3, and the Symbian gang gets some EU help in today's Euro telecom news roundup

Will Rivals Tap Cable's TVE Specs?
The Bauminator | 11/3/2010

5:00 PM So far: one no, and one no comment

Telcos & TV: Will Going Everywhere Take Us Somewhere?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/3/2010

US service providers will explore how to profit in a multi-screen world at next week's annual TelcoTV event

SK Telekom Preps Femto Service
Wireless Bits | 11/3/2010

3:00 PM Femto fun kicks off in South Korea

EENY 2010: Telx CEO Eric Shepcaro
LRTV Interviews | 11/3/2010

With Ethernet exchanges being a hot topic at Ethernet Expo, Telx chief executive Eric Shepcaro updates us on that business and how it relates to cloud services

Virgin STBs to Ride Broadband Video Expressway
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/3/2010

MSO to set aside a dedicated data path to pipe in QoS-enabled broadband video to Cisco boxes outfitted with TiVo software

Intel 's LTE Bonus
Wireless Bits | 11/3/2010

1:05 PM With Infineon, Intel will also pick up a German LTE specialist

HP's Joe Weinman: Cloud Economics, Part I
LRTV Interviews | 11/3/2010

After two cups of coffee, we cornered HP's Joe Weinman for a chat about cloud computing, emerging technologies, business strategy, and creating network value

EENY 2010: Carrier Wants Cheap 100GigE Now Please
100G News Analysis | 11/3/2010

As ever, Interoute CTO Matt Finnie speaks his mind at the Ethernet Expo in New York

Twitter, Facebook Coming to Cox's Tru2way IPG
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/3/2010

Cox to take stronger run at Verizon's IPG by integrating Twitter, Facebook, and other widgets in the 2.0 version of its 'Trio' guide UPDATED 3 PM

T-Mobile Launches '4G' Assault
Que Sera Sarah | 11/3/2010

10:05 AM T-Mobile brings HSPA+ to six new cities, angers all its '3G' competitors

KPN Kicks Apps With AlcaLu
News Analysis | 11/3/2010

Euro carrier is one of the first operators to reveal its work with AlcaLu on applications enablement

India's Tata Ready for 3G Launch
News Analysis | 11/3/2010

Tata DoCoMo is about to become the first private operator to launch 3G services in India

Leap Hears Crickets in Q3
Que Sera Sarah | 11/3/2010

7:30 AM Because things get quiet when you're bleeding subscribers

Leap Wireless Looks Ahead
LRTV Interviews | 11/3/2010

In time for its third-quarter earnings this week, Leap Wireless COO Al Moschner discusses the firm's plans to compete in prepaid and LTE, while also surviving as an MVNO

Euronews: Nov. 3
News Analysis | 11/3/2010

AlcaLu, Qualcomm, Fastweb, and BT are present and correct in today's roundup of Euro telecom news nuggets

Light Reading's Hall of Fame: ASSIA's John Cioffi
LRTV Interviews | 11/3/2010

Light Reading Hall of Fame inductee John Cioffi, the CEO of ASSIA, talks about his past, current developments in DSL line management, and the economics of broadband technologies

EENY 2010: SLAs Get Their Day
Craig's A-List | 11/2/2010

5:25 PM Service monitoring isn't as exciting as Terabit Ethernet, but could be a battleground for vendors

Vodafone Germany Gears Up for LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Vodafone has already turned on some LTE sites in Germany, but the dongles won't be ready until December

Ethernet Exchange Smackdown?
Rewired | 11/2/2010

4:15 PM Major players in this growing segment gather tomorrow at Ethernet Expo. Can they overcome some carrier skepticism?

Azuki Box Takes DRM Over the Top
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Video startup introduces a new appliance to host its SaaS product for OTT video delivery to mobile devices

EENY 2010: Broadcom Debuts 100G Switch
100G News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Fruit of the Dune acquisition, the new switch fabric paves the way for 100Tbit/s multichassis switches, Broadcom claims

EENY 2010: COLT Hooks Up to CENX
News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Pan-European service provider COLT signs up for CENX's exchanges to reach potential wholesale Carrier Ethernet customers

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 11/2/2010

1:45 PM ivi benefits from the Cablevision-Fox flap, Cox takes IPv6 to the test, more D3 rolls into Germany, and TWC gets artsy

Android Gets Bigger (& Cheaper)
Jonestown | 11/2/2010

1:15 PM Expect Google's mobile-derived revenue to rise even as fragmentation remains an issue

Apple Dominating Tablet Takeover
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Apple's got a sizable head start, but the tablet crowd is growing in numbers and plotting to topple the iconic iPad

EENY 2010: AT&T Gets to 40G
Craig's A-List | 11/2/2010

12:45 PM 40G services are here; an Ethernet exchange deal isn't

MPLS-TP Delays Keep T-MPLS Alive
News Analysis | 11/2/2010

The MPLS-TP standard has been slow to arrive, and the longer it takes, the stronger the T-MPLS case sounds

EENY 2010: HP's Weinman Says Clouds Are Inevitable
News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Economics of handling peak demand and ever more complex applications will drive pay-per-use services

Bell Aliant Rings Up 170-Meg Tier
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Rogers competitor teams big downstream with a 30 Mbit/s upstream for C$249 per month in New Brunswick

CableLabs Issues TV Everywhere Specs
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Online Content Access specs seek TVE scale with common authorization and authentication interfaces for MSOs and programmers

Euronews: Nov. 2
News Analysis | 11/2/2010

Everything Everywhere, TeliaSonera, TalkTalk, and Tiscali are the mixed nuts in today's Euronews nibbles

Apple Sues Moto
Wireless Bits | 11/2/2010

8:30 AM Apple fires back at Moto with countersuit

Broadcom vs. Qualcomm Goes Femto
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/1/2010

Qualcomm and Broadcom are set to clash in the femto chip market, and that fight could even spill over into the residential gateway sector

Moto CMTS Set to Bond With Cable's Upstream
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/1/2010

Moto plans to release its Docsis 3.0 upstream channel-bonding software in Q2, teaming it with a new, dedicated upstream CMTS blade

LTE TDD: In Mobile, Size Matters
LR Mobile Column | 11/1/2010

To keep up with mobile broadband service demands, mobile network operators are deploying LTE TDD technology to end users

A Drop in the Bucket?
The Bauminator | 11/1/2010

11:25 AM The regulatory fallout from the Cablevision-Fox retrans battle may be heavier than the sub losses suffered by the MSO

WiMax Arrives in NYC
Wireless Bits | 11/1/2010

10:45 AM WiMax picocells cover urban canyons and tall buildings

Cable Clicking With Remote Shopping Apps
LR Cable News Analysis | 11/1/2010

TV-based click-to-buy era steams toward deployments in wake of integration deals among ITV, VoD, and billing players

Aircel Preps 3G Vendor News
AsiaBlog | 11/1/2010

10:00 AM India's seventh-largest operator is set to name its 3G suppliers, with Huawei set for a share of the spoils

Fujitsu Readies 100G Optics
100G News Analysis | 11/1/2010

Continuing a 100G trend, Fujitsu is developing its own optical modules for the Flashwave

India Set for Source Code U-Turn
AsiaBlog | 11/1/2010

9:25 AM Indian government looks set to do away with the amendment that demands gear manufacturers share their technology source code

Cloud Watch: Intel, Oracle Chip In
News Analysis | 11/1/2010

New labs, new investments, new partnerships, and the end of the overhype cycle fill this week's cloudy review

Managing the Mobile Enterprise
LRTV Interviews | 11/1/2010

Telecom management firm AOTMP dishes on how enterprises are dealing with multiple OSs, equipment vendors, and prosumer-oriented phones

Euronews: Nov. 1
News Analysis | 11/1/2010

Join our whistle-stop tour through Spain, Italy, and Switzerland to get the latest on Telefónica, Telecom Italia, and Swisscom

LTE Watch: Sequans to IPO?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/1/2010

Future LTE chipmaker is rumored to be going for $80M in an NYC IPO in our next-gen mobile digest

Triggering a New Control Plane
Craig's A-List | 11/1/2010

4:00 AM Someday, someone's going to develop a multivendor control plane. We think

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