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DragonWave Speeds Up Radio Backhaul for 4G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/24/2012

DragonWave says its revamped radio software can get up to 40% more capacity out of existing microwave backhaul links

Euronews: Iran Prepares to Ringfence Internet
News Analysis | 9/24/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Iran plans 'domestic' Internet that doesn't include Google; UN ranks Net usage; UK 4G latest; plus NSN, Spirent and ECI

iPhone 5 Could Cause Local Data Crunches in US
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/21/2012

The near-doubling of 4G users on LTE networks in the US could cause data congestion and slowdowns in towns and cities on the new networks

Pre-Paid Broadband Doesn't Have to Eat Margins
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/21/2012

But throttling speeds and capping usage can help an ISP protect its mainstream, pre-paid high-speed service tiers

Verizon Stresses OpenFlow Workouts
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/21/2012

Like athletes getting their reps in, equipment vendors should plug away at OpenFlow so the kinks can be worked out, an executive says

iPhone 5 Reflections From Chicago
Que Sera Sarah | 9/21/2012

12:50 PM Apple can still pull a loyal crowd for its fifth-generation phone, but this time, most were loyal to their wireless operators too

iPhone 5 Launches in NYC
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/21/2012

It's iPhone 5 launch day, and LR Mobile was on hand to capture the lines in Chelsea and mid-town Manhattan

Hope for Some 4G Harmony
Wireless Bits | 9/21/2012

11:00 AM Will Mexico start a wave of 700MHz licensing that leaves the US model stranded?

Suddenlink Promotes the TiVo Stream
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/21/2012

Suddenlink appears to be the first cable operator that will launch TiVo's in-home TV streaming and content-sharing device

Operators Flock to Comcast's IP Set-Top Kit
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/21/2012

Also: Horizon TV off to fast start; Roku CEO latest to predict rise of a 'virtual' MSO; Shaw picks thePlatform; Verizon adds VoD options

Controlling RAN Congestion: The Experience Is Everything
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/21/2012

Focusing on customer quality of experience may be the key that will solve the RAN congestion puzzle

Euronews: iPhone 5 Hits Europe
News Analysis | 9/21/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Some phone or other goes on sale; EMEA woes for RIM; Nokia's stock is sold short; Austria checks Slim's stake-grab plan

T-Mobile MVNO Launches With 25,000 Subs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/21/2012

Solavei's recruit-your-friends unlimited data service goes live with its first 25,000 customers brought on by pre-launch word-of-mouth

OS Watch: Samsung Lumps iPhone 5 Into Lawsuit
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/21/2012

Also: Android turns 4; Microsoft steps out on Nokia; RIM plays the BB10 waiting game; Apple users clamor for iOS 6

Avoiding Egypt: Where Cables Fear to Dredge
News Analysis | 9/21/2012

Subsea cables are vital to the world's data connectivity but there are some routes the subsea operators would rather bypass

Comcast Uses TV Streamer to Pump Mobile Bundles
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/20/2012

Comcast is sweetening its Verizon Wireless service bundles by giving away AnyPlay, its in-home video streaming device, for a year

Google Wants Maps Apps on All Devices
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/20/2012

Google says it wants to put maps on all devices, but analysts speculate that Apple could block a standalone app for the iPhone 5

Former JDSU Exec Rediscovers His Optical Drive
News Analysis | 9/20/2012

Stan Lumish, former JDSU CTO, is back in the optical world at the helm of startup Pilot Photonics

Websites Need Makeover for Wireless Access
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/20/2012

As the use of mobile devices to access Web content grows, so does the demand for tools and apps that optimize websites for viewing on mobile platforms

TW Cable Open to an Apple-Flavored Guide
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/20/2012

Also: Cable preps for basic TV encryption; Comcast gateway pick could dent Arris; Shaw turns on TV Everywhere; Roku prices its Streaming Stick

Sycamore to Hand Out $289M
News Analysis | 9/20/2012

Sycamore is handing back $10 per share in cash to its investors. Is this the beginning of the end?

MetroPCS: The LTE Value Play
The Philter | 9/20/2012

7:00 AM With no iPhone 5 coming this week, MetroPCS relies on unlimited data plans and contract-free devices to promote its LTE network and to communicate its value to customers

Euronews: TeliaSonera Denies Bribery
News Analysis | 9/20/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Swedish operator protests innocence over 3G license purchase; Russian pair consider masts JV; Liberty's Belgian plan

Google Fiber Gets More Active With TV Apps
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/20/2012

Pursuit of a software engineer for iOS and Android indicates Google Fiber's ramping its TV Everywhere efforts as it gets ready to launch services

Intune Waxes Lyrical
EuroBlog | 9/20/2012

3:00 AM After years of trying, the Irish packet-optical systems vendor looks to have cracked the telco market with a major operator

How ADT's Spinoff Could Affect Google
The Bauminator | 9/19/2012

5:45 PM The home security company's spinoff could create a chain reaction involving Comcast, Google and a familiar Motorola name

Sprint Cracks 1M LTE Devices Sold
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/19/2012

And that's not including iPhone 5 pre-sales for the wireless operator that now covers 19 markets with 4G LTE

Cisco Counters Arista's New Switch
News Analysis | 9/19/2012

In an amazing coincidence (not), Cisco's 'Arista-killer' switch arrives on the day of an Arista announcement

Pre-Paid Opens New Frontier for US Broadband
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/19/2012

Wipro claims a pre-paid model can help cable operators bring a high-margin broadband product to relatively untapped lower-income markets

Will T-Mobile Get an LTE Note Too?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/19/2012

Samsung says AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and U.S. Cellular will get its Note 2 'Phablet' this fall, but T-Mobile isn't saying if it will be LTE-ready

Arista's New Hardware Packs SDN
News Analysis | 9/19/2012

The switches shown off at VMworld come to life, with software-defined networking on board and some non-Broadcom chips inside

Comcast's Fastest Broadband Starts Cap-Free
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/19/2012

Also: Bright House plugs in Fujitsu for 100G; BendBroadband CEO fights for basic TV security; Public Knowledge defends Dish's ad-zapper

T-Mobile's New CEO to Lead Challenger Strategy
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/19/2012

Former Global Crossing chief John Legere takes the helm at the US's fourth-largest operator as it struggles to keep up in the 4G market

Huawei Boasts SDN-Enabled Router
News Analysis | 9/19/2012

So, now should we get excited about OpenFlow?

Euronews: Russians Turn On LTE TDD With NSN
News Analysis | 9/19/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: MTS migrates from WiMax; Telefónica calls on HP for CEM; TeliaSonera's Uzbekistan adventure; 4G breakthrough in Paris

AT&T, Sprint Duke It Out for Push-to-Talk Subs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/18/2012

AT&T's luring Sprint's former iDEN customers, while Sprint says its push-to-talk upgraders are already 1M strong

Comcast's Technicolor Dream Gateway
The Bauminator | 9/18/2012

6:00 PM Comcast is matching its new 305-Meg data tier with a bottleneck-busting wireless gateway, but is 1Gbit/s the new frontier?

iPhone 5: A 4G Stress Test
Jonestown | 9/18/2012

4:05 PM Massive pre-sales of the iPhone 5 could make it among the first to load up US operators' 4G LTE networks with heavy video and audio traffic

Software-Defined Networking: An Extreme View
LRTV Interviews | 9/18/2012

Extreme Networks CMO Dave Ginsburg weighs in on the importance of software-defined networking and how it means much more than a chance to jab Cisco

ECOC 2012: After Hours in Amsterdam
Slide Shows | 9/18/2012

What happens at ECOC doesn't stay at ECOC – it goes straight onto Light Reading!

AT&T Exec Leads Small Cell Group
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/18/2012

The Small Cell Forum has elected AT&T's Gordon Mansfield as chairman and appointed Graham Wright to a newly created CEO position

Security for Software-Defined Networks
LRTV Interviews | 9/18/2012

Michael Shieh, CEO of vArmour Networks, discusses the importance of providing a unified view of software-defined networks and the emergence of software-defined security

Why Telecom Should Cheer MPEG-DASH
News Analysis | 9/18/2012

The new standard's acceptance in video infrastructure bodes well for anyone who wants to deliver multi-screen video, says analyst

Open Internet Groups Slap AT&T in the FaceTime
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/18/2012

Carrier's decision to limit Apple's video chat to its shared-data plans has earned the wrath of advocacy groups that plan to formally complain to the FCC

CableLabs Strategy Chief Resigns
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/18/2012

Also: Comcast does more with hosted PBX; another ex-Cablevision exec joins Charter; SCTE's board picks; BendBroadband joins the iPad app club

Photos: Moto, Intel Go to the Edge
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/18/2012

The RAZR's edge, that is, as the two companies launch the first smartphone featuring a 2GHz Intel Atom processor

ECOC 2012: Infinera's Tier 1 Traction
News Analysis | 9/18/2012

Deep diving with Telefónica, PMD tests with Verizon

Euronews: Telefónica Does the Madrid Shuffle
News Analysis | 9/18/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Spanish giant tinkers with its top brass again; NSN claims LTE TDD speed record; Belgacom goes for AlcaLu's CEM

TW Cable to Dump Clearwire Stake
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/17/2012

Will Comcast and Bright House follow suit?

Comcast to Try On 600GB Data Cap
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/17/2012

Tucson, Ariz., is the first Comcast market to test out a usage-based plan that matches up monthly data allowances with individual speed tiers

ECOC 2012: Go Faster!
EuroBlog | 9/17/2012

5:00 PM I'll see your 100Gbit/s and raise you a terabit

CENX Gets Ericsson on Its Side
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/17/2012

Ericsson joins Verizon in backing the Ethernet services exchange, with managed services and mobile backhaul being motivational factors

Cable Cuts a Clearer Path to CLEC Buys
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/17/2012

Loosened FCC rules could spark a wave of M&A activity among cable operators that want to go up-market and serve larger business customers

Diameter Matters
Wireless Bits | 9/17/2012

11:25 AM We're not talking geometry here, but the threat of LTE signaling storms

ECOC 2012: Day 1 Pictures
Slide Shows | 9/17/2012

The European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) has opened in Amsterdam, so we went looking for photo opportunities

Comcast's IP Set-Top Club Expands
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/17/2012

Licensing Comcast's reference design kit could help Arris and Evolution attract Tier 1s as operators prep their IP video migrations

Comcast Goes Bigger With Wi-Fi
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/17/2012

Also: BT shelves Pace for YouView; NimbleTV nabs more cash; Comcast streams into the fall; Shazam goes big on second-screen iTV

Euronews: Huawei Strikes Russian Mega-Deal
News Analysis | 9/17/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Five-year managed services gig for VimpelCom; Google closes Spanish subsidiary; Telefónica augments our reality, man

Carriers to Pump More Cash Into CEM
News Analysis | 9/17/2012

Survey of operators shows majority will be increasing their investments in customer experience management (CEM) programs

ClariPhy, Acacia Grow Optical Chips at ECOC
News Analysis | 9/16/2012

At ECOC, Acacia tallies its 100G work so far, while chipmaker ClariPhy clarifies why it's content with 40G at the moment

4 ISPs That Netflix Hates
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/14/2012

Netflix's content chief went overboard with his complaints about Canadian broadband. Here's who else might be off the Xmas card list

The iPhone 5: A Fashion Disaster?
Jonestown | 9/14/2012

5:30 PM The iPhone has made fingerless gloves acceptable once more, but will the new, larger model have a similar impact on the fashion world?

Mapping 4G: AT&T Adds Markets Ahead of iPhone 5
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/14/2012

Our living map of Ma Bell's LTE buildout gets a few more pointers in the northeast

Digital Video 2.0
Technically Speaking With SCTE | 9/14/2012

With cable's IP video migration underway, operators must be ready to handle new challenges on the home network, says SCTE CTO Daniel Howard

Photos: Startups & Telcos Mingle at TC3
Slide Shows | 9/14/2012

The Telecom Council's annual conference reflected the buzz surrounding the Silicon Valley startups that are courting service providers

Leading Lights Awards: Deadline Looms
News Analysis | 9/14/2012

Entry deadline of Monday Sept. 17 is near, but it's not too late to enter!

iNovo Starts Its Run at Cisco & Motorola
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/14/2012

Inovo, a startup founded by several ex-Cisco execs, can begin its assault on the cable CPE market after its D3 modem gets the CableLabs stamp

OS Watch: HP Wants Back in Smartphone Game
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/14/2012

Also: Apple plays catch-up on maps; Moto ordered to recall German devices; Google welcomes 500M Androids; Samsung notes its phablet success

TW Cable Sizes Up Google Fiber Threat
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/14/2012

Also: 9,000 subs for TWC's IntelligentHome; new Nintendo console has bigger TV ambitions; Mexico's Megacable seeks US cable phone ally

Transport Trio on India Shortlist
AsiaBlog | 9/14/2012

7:55 AM Three major optical vendors shortlisted for India greenfield network

Euronews: iPhone 5 Spells Euro 4G Mayhem
News Analysis | 9/14/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Apple's latest won't do 4G for some major European carriers; Fastweb invests in FTTX; Telefónica turns to China for funds

iPhone 5 Gives 4G/LTE Operators a Boost
Research Rewind | 9/14/2012

This week: iPhone 5 gives street cred to 4G/LTE; Thailand's telecom outlook; Matt's Mentions for a daily telecom news fix

Huawei, ZTE Get Grilled in US
AsiaBlog | 9/14/2012

4:20 AM Congressional hearing begins, accusations aired, fingers pointed, claims made

Where's the Innovation?
News Analysis | 9/13/2012

With so much noise around mobile developments, is innovation in fixed line services getting drowned out?

KC Gets Google Fiber for Real in October
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/13/2012

The Hanover Heights section of Kansas City, Kan., leads wire-to-wire and will get Google's 1Gbit/s and TV services in October

Photos: Brocade's Analyst Day
Slide Shows | 9/13/2012

Brocade still likes to show off its relatively new headquarters, and darn it, so do we

Did Apple Just Kill NFC?
Que Sera Sarah | 9/13/2012

1:55 PM No NFC chip in the iPhone 5 isn't just disappointing for Apple fans; it will stall the entire market

Software-Defined Optical Networks
EuroBlog | 9/13/2012

10:45 AM Next week's European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) has caught the SDN bug, but plenty of other subjects are on tap

CBS Might Cut Off Dish
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/13/2012

Also: Google Fiber fills TV gaps; ACA urges FCC to probe cable system shutdowns; Comcast beefs up business services support

Telecom Clouds Drift Toward OpenStack
News Analysis | 9/13/2012

Rackspace CTO says VMware's move to join OpenStack plus market force will combine to push more telecom clouds into the open

iPhone 5: Which 4G Carrier to Pick?
Jonestown | 9/13/2012

9:15 AM For US customers who are buying the iPhone 5 for 4G, Verizon seems like the most obvious choice, but there are reasons to pick AT&T or Sprint too

Intel's Docsis 3.0 Chips Also Do Wi-Fi Sharing
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/13/2012

That's good news for cable's future wireless roaming plans, because Broadcom's community Wi-Fi feature will only work on its own hardware

Euronews: AlcaLu to Streamline Telefónica
News Analysis | 9/13/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Spanish giant hires AlcaLu to standardize its processes; iPhone 5 release dates; rugby rights row breaks out

Brocade Finds Another Use for Routers
Craig's A-List | 9/12/2012

4:00 PM Analytics are another function that routers can absorb, depending on what you mean by 'analytics'

Apple iPhone 5: What Happened & What Didn't
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/12/2012

LTE, a faster CPU and a bigger screen made the cut; NFC, T-Mobile and the iPad Mini did not at Wednesday's big unveiling

iPhone 5 Arrives With 4G LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/12/2012

The latest iPhone finally gets real on 4G with AT&T, Verizon & Sprint in the US, and many other operators around the world

Will iPhone 5 Have a 4G Voice?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/12/2012

Apple is unlikely to try for the latest technology to deliver voice-over-LTE in its expected new iPhone 5 launch, analysts predict

Cox Boosts Business-Class Docsis 3.0 Speeds
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/12/2012

Also: Cablevision unit means business with Wi-Fi; FCC defends net neutrality rules; TW Cable uses Netflix to pump up Docsis 3.0 upgrades

Mindspeed & SpiderCloud Get Small for Big Biz
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/12/2012

Mindspeed reveals how it worked with small-cell startup SpiderCloud to develop an indoor coverage system for big businesses

Euronews: EE 4G Plan Gets Thumbs-Up
News Analysis | 9/12/2012

In today's roundup: Reaction to UK joint venture's LTE news; Czech auction bids in; Transmode goes to Austria; 'connected Games' stats from BT

Brocade Boasts Bigger 10GE
News Analysis | 9/12/2012

Showing off to industry analysts this week, the company trots out some Ethernet advances for the data center and the service-provider core

A Tale of Two 4G Cities
News Analysis | 9/11/2012

Hong Kong and Singapore share many attributes, but when it comes to 4G they are poles apart

Comcast on Track for First CCAP Rollouts
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/11/2012

The operator could deploy the new access architecture by year's end, assuming the equipment is available

Cablevision Adds Wireless Expertise
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/11/2012

The hiring of ex-Sprint engineer and wireless expert Andrew Ip suggests that Cablevision's long-term plans might go beyond Wi-Fi

TW Cable Takes MTV on the Road
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/11/2012

Also: Aereo deals with DNS problems; Virgin Media preps for TV Everywhere; YouTube gets optimized for iOS; Horizon TV gains follow the pain

Brits Braced for 4G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/11/2012

Everything Everywhere rebrands as EE and prepares to launch 4G and fiber broadband services in the UK within weeks, with Nokia's Lumia devices in the 4G line-up

5 iPhone 5 Features Carriers Should Care About
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/11/2012

Consumers aren't the only ones clamoring for the iPhone 5; the wireless operators are prepping their networks as well

Oclaro Lines Up Against Finisar, JDSU
News Analysis | 9/11/2012

More advanced line-card products could be a looming battleground for the optical components suppliers

Euronews: NSN Has Huawei in Its Sights
News Analysis | 9/11/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: NSN fancies the mobile No.2 spot in 2013; Everything Everywhere launches 4G, rebrands at last; Huawei talks UK investment

4G: Marketing the iPhone & Other Matters
Jonestown | 9/10/2012

8:25 PM AT&T and Sprint push to cover the major metro areas with LTE, while C-Spire and Verizon seem to be following country roads

Sprint: LTE in 100 Cities in the 'Coming Months'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/10/2012

Sprint's dashing to deploy 4G LTE in many more cities, including NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston, but where's the Bay Area?

Insight Founders Lead Mobile Video Startup
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/10/2012

Insight founders Michael Willner and Sidney Knafel have taken a controlling stake in Penthera Partners soon after closing a $3B sale to TW Cable

Comverse Plans for Independence
News Analysis | 9/10/2012

BSS vendor is set to become a standalone company on Oct. 31, and its new senior management team is confident it can grow faster than the market

Juniper Veteran Departs for SDN Startup
News Analysis | 9/10/2012

Word has it Kireeti Kompella is moving to a software-defined networking startup after 15 years at Juniper

iPad Mini: Wi-Fi Only & Camera-Free?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/10/2012

UBM TechInsights expects Apple to cut costs on its rumored 7-inch tablet by making the device Wi-Fi only and 4G-free

STMicro Takes On Broadcom, Intel in Docsis 3.0
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/10/2012

A source says STMicro will submit its first chipset to CableLabs in mid-September, a move that shows the company is serious about competing with Broadcom and Intel

89% of Google Fiberhoods Make the Cut
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/10/2012

Also: Liberty Global sets Horizon TV pricing; Tata Elxsi licenses Comcast's set-top software kit; FCC hits Florida cable op with big fine

T-Mobile Taps Tekelec for LTE Signaling
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/10/2012

Carrier will use the vendor's Diameter Signaling Router to accelerate its LTE deployment and calm the signaling storm before it begins

Euronews: AlcaLu Shrinks Top Table
News Analysis | 9/10/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Vendor shifts its focus; Nokia dons its hairshirt; Everything Everywhere gets our new brand-name hopes up

Alcatel-Lucent Unveils Revamp
News Analysis | 9/10/2012

Vendor to introduce new operating model with a greater focus on core products but details are scarce

When Facebook Met Netflix
Rewired | 9/7/2012

6:00 PM Startup Dijit thinks it has an answer - an iPad app that uses Facebook to help you find content on TV or the Internet

Nearly 67% of Google's 'Fiberhoods' Reach Goal
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/7/2012

And a report estimates that about 21,000 people have paid the $10 pre-registration fee as the first Google Fiber deadline approaches

SDN Startup Does Optical Rings
News Analysis | 9/7/2012

Plexxi introduces the cool software-defined networking crowd to some old-school Light Reading vocabulary

STMicro Preps a Run at Intel & Broadcom
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/7/2012

Also: Broadcom breaks Wi-Fi bottlenecks; Suddenlink expands 107-Meg footprint; Google TV gets the NFL; Synacor socializes TV Everywhere

The 2012 Leading Lights Awards: Deadline Extension!
The Philter | 9/7/2012

1:00 PM The deadline for Leading Lights entries and Light Reading Hall of Fame nominations is now Monday, Sept. 17, 2012

XO's Not Done Yet With 100G
News Analysis | 9/7/2012

The carrier says it's leading the US pack when it comes to 100G, and it's got room for vendors beyond Ciena and Nokia Siemens to get involved

Liberty Global Embarks on New TV Horizon
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/7/2012

Liberty Global's IP video transition gets under way as the MSO boots up its cloud-lovin', multi-screen Horizon TV service in the Netherlands

Infinera Wins Deal by Default
AsiaBlog | 9/7/2012

10:30 AM In India, Infinera is the only vendor left standing in an optical equipment bid

OS Watch: Verizon Commits to Nokia, Windows 8
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/7/2012

Also: Moto doesn't inject much Google-ness in its Droids; Amazon's not a fan of Android tablets; Android's market share creeps up; Mozilla welcomes all to its OS

Dutch Delights from IBC
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/7/2012

Some video tech announcements from Amsterdam that caught our eye

Managed Services for Telcos & Spain's Telecom Outlook
Research Rewind | 9/7/2012

This week: Managed services for telcos; Spain's five-year telecom outlook; daily telecom news in your inbox

Broadcom Brings Wi-Fi Roaming to the Home
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/7/2012

MSOs can fill in some Wi-Fi gaps using a new 'community' Wi-Fi feature that turns Docsis 3.0 wireless gateways into semi-public hotspots

Euronews: Nokia Fakes Lumia 920 Ad
News Analysis | 9/7/2012

In today's EMEA news: Reflection reveals Nokia's footage fakery; Dutch auction all set; Liberty Global goes multi-screen in Europe

Mapping 4G: AT&T's LTE Footprint Gets Bigger
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/6/2012

Ma Bell adds a lucky seven new markets; plans to be in over 100 by the end of 2012

Amazon Lights Up AT&T's LTE in New Kindle Fire
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/6/2012

The Web giant ups the ante on Apple by invoking AT&T's growing 4G network, while new Wi-Fi Kindles will take on the Nexus 7

SMBs Still a Bit Clueless on Cloud
News Analysis | 9/6/2012

They've heard about it, but no one is really sure what it means, says one Terremark reseller

Cablevision-Linked ISP Hawks Wireless Data
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/6/2012

OMGFAST! is using Apple TV boxes to help sell a wireless broadband service in parts of Florida

Alcatel-Lucent Nurtures Its API Grove
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/6/2012

The latest move in the vendor's apps enablement strategy is to promote an open source API management platform called apiGrove

Ericsson Helps Take HBO Over-the-Top
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/6/2012

Also: Ziggo rolls cloud UI with ActiveVideo; SeaChange's Q2 hiccup; Arris tunes up Docsis 3.0 gear; YouTube wants to make connected TVs pay

Analyst Labels Latest Lumia Launch as 'Tepid'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/6/2012

Nokia's latest launch efforts are uninspired, reckons seasoned telecom analyst

Euronews: AlcaLu to Pinpoint Job Cuts
News Analysis | 9/6/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Alcatel-Lucent board meeting next week could reveal all; Ciena does 100G for UK boffins' network; NSN scores in Poland

Verizon's New Droids Last Longer, Browse Faster
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/5/2012

Google introduces 'the new Motorola Mobility,' along with three RAZR smartphones promising the fastest 4G LTE speeds and longest battery life on the market

Nokia's Lumia 920: Will It Support US LTE?
Jonestown | 9/5/2012

3:20 PM Nokia says the Lumia will support LTE in the US, but the phone's official specs indicate it won't run on any new networks from the major carriers

Network Managed Services Deals Stay Big
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/5/2012

Telecom network operators still want their technology suppliers to provide managed services

Harmonic Goes All-Out for CCAP
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/5/2012

Harmonic quietly adds Docsis expertise as it prepares to take a run at a new product category that will pit it against Cisco, Arris and Motorola

Nokia Lights Up Windows Phone 8 Devices
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/5/2012

City overlays on maps, built-in wireless charging and camera improvements are at the heart of the new Nokia WP8 Lumia 920 phone

XO Adds Ciena to 100G Roster
News Analysis | 9/5/2012

After picking NSN for the 100G core, XO extends its use of Ciena in metro and regional networks. Who's missing?

Huawei Ups Its Security Charm Offensive
AsiaBlog | 9/5/2012

10:00 AM Vendor publishes cyber security white paper, proclaims innocence

Avail-TVN Preps Google Fiber for TV Everywhere
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/5/2012

Also: NTT Docomo buys into Guamanian cable; Amazon gets Epix; TiVo expands IPTV ambitions; Pace connects with ThinkAnalytics

Skype's Big Billing Break
EuroBlog | 9/5/2012

8:15 AM Landmark moment as carriers get chance to bill for Skype services

What's Underneath OTT?
Que Sera Sarah | 9/5/2012

8:00 AM Quality, security, monetization and more are all on the docket at the IIT's Real-Time Communications conference next week in Chicago

Infinera CEO Campaigns for Growth
News Analysis | 9/5/2012

Infinera's chief is pumped about the DTN-X success and says lowering the cost of high-bandwidth networks is the key to industry growth

Euronews: It's Make or Break for Nokia (Again)
News Analysis | 9/5/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Will Windows 8 handsets launch the fightback? Plus, VimpelCom upgrades with Ciena; AlcaLu partners with Concurrent

What to See at IBC
EuroBlog | 9/5/2012

6:15 AM It's going to be a video frenzy in Amsterdam

Alcatel-Lucent Tries Another Cable Angle
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/5/2012

AlcaLu combines its CDN platform with origin servers and edge caches from Concurrent, a vendor with some Tier 1 cable operator customers

Apple vs. Samsung: LTE & the Damage Done
Jonestown | 9/4/2012

5:10 PM Carriers will be on the losing end of this patent battle if it spreads to ban a new LTE iPhone or the 4G Galaxy S III from their networks

Google Tweaks 'Fiberhood' Data
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/4/2012

About 73 'fiberhoods' are closer to their pre-registration goals as Google fine-tunes data to account for vacant lots and abandoned homes

Juniper's QFabric Looks Ordinary Inside
News Analysis | 9/4/2012

12:40 PM QFabric does have a proprietary center, but its inner workings are built from some familiar acronyms, a blogger concludes

T-Mobile Tests Mobile VoIP in UK
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/4/2012

T-Mobile devises its answer to Skype in the UK with a new mobile VoIP app called Clever Connect

Nokia Tries Again With Mobile Music
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/4/2012

This time Nokia Music is free, ad-free and exclusive to its Lumia handsets in the US to better position its app against OTT options

Huawei's Latest JV
AsiaBlog | 9/4/2012

10:00 AM Teams up with IT services firm iSoftStone but there's hesitation over the US market

Set-Top Repair Giant Seeks Chapter 11 Fix
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/4/2012

Also: Freesat builds in Netflix; DirecTV cuts price on NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3s; consumers clamor for Apple's phantom TV set

The 2012 Leading Lights Awards: Enter Now!
The Philter | 9/4/2012

9:00 AM Click here to nominate your company or executives for the 2012 Leading Lights Awards and the Light Reading Hall of Fame

Will Sharing Ease Spectrum Shortage?
Wireless Bits | 9/4/2012

8:15 AM As EC proposes spectrum-sharing policy, regulators need to get on board

Seeking the New Silicon Valley
EuroBlog | 9/4/2012

7:35 AM Good news for startups as Telefónica ups its investment game

Euronews: €300M Boost for Startups
News Analysis | 9/4/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Telefónica Digital seeks incubation cash; EC wants more spectrum-sharing; Ericsson in pole position for NSN's BSS?

Why Ciena Shuns the SDN Tag
News Analysis | 9/3/2012

Every transport vendor has its own take on software-defined networking (SDN) but the term doesn't suit everyone

China Mobile Steps Up Cloud RAN Efforts
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/3/2012

China Mobile has teamed up with Agilent to take its cloud-based radio access network (RAN) efforts to the next level

So Who Owns Huawei?
AsiaBlog | 9/3/2012

10:30 AM It's employee-owned but a report questions how

Euronews: Vodafone Confirms Zain Deal
News Analysis | 9/3/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Mobile giant expands Middle East reach; Kabel Deutschland gets with Wi-Fi; TalkTalk TV creates 500 new jobs

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