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Comcast, Charter take DOCSIS 4.0 and '10G' a step toward commercial reality
News Analysis | 4/29/2022

At the CableLabs '10G Showcase,' Charter and Comcast showed progress in the form of DOCSIS 4.0 demos powered by a blend of commercially-ready products and prototype technologies.

Charter starts to book RDOF revenues
Broadband World News | 4/29/2022

Charter has sparked RDOF work in all 24 states where it won bids. The cable op booked about $19 million in RDOF revenues in Q1, and expects to have about $9 million per month come in over the next ten years.

Charter wraps buildout of mobile core as CBRS market trial nears
News Analysis | 4/29/2022

Charter, which added 373K mobile lines in Q1, has begun rolling out 'Spectrum Mobile Speed Boost,' a feature that provides 1-Gig speeds to mobile devices in-home, even if the customer's home broadband is provisioned to deliver less than 1-Gig.

For Comcast, mobile glows while broadband slows
News Analysis | 4/28/2022

The nation's largest cable and broadband provider enjoyed its best quarter yet for mobile subscriber gains but continues to see a slowdown in broadband customer growth.

Comcast eyes streaming gold with new Charter JV
News Analysis | 4/28/2022

After striking a national streaming joint venture with Charter, Comcast sees vast new opportunities for revenue and income growth.

Eurobites: UK turns screw on streaming services
News Analysis | 4/28/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: European Commission approves Italy's state aid for 5G rollout; BT decides BT brand is for business, and losers; Spotify adds more ears.

Nokia runs into mobile supply crunch and warns of price rises
News Analysis | 4/28/2022

The Finnish equipment maker is leaner and more profitable after restructuring but has yet to see a sales turnaround at its largest unit.

BT, Toshiba unveil 'quantum-secured' metro network
News Analysis | 4/27/2022

EY paraded as the first customer of what is described as a three-year commercial trial.

Charter and Comcast strike national streaming joint venture
News Analysis | 4/27/2022

The 50/50 JV is focused on a national streaming platform with an integrated user interface and voice search, and support for 4K-capable streaming devices and smart TVs. Charter is making an initial investment of $900 million over multiple years.

Digital dongle extends bridge to ATSC 3.0
News Analysis | 4/27/2022

Mediathand's small box can be attached to a broadband router to capture, convert and distribute ATSC 3.0 signals to TVs, tablets, smartphones and PCs.

2022 could be even worse, warns Huawei co-chair
News Analysis | 4/27/2022

Chairman Ken Hu noted threats from escalating economic risks - Ukraine, inflation, the pandemic, rising commodity prices and volatile foreign exchange rates.

Arelion completes southwest route of cross-country fiber network
News Analysis | 4/26/2022

The southwest expansion completes the previous deployments that stretched eastward from Dallas, Texas, via Nashville, Tennessee, to Ashburn, Virginia.

Evoca takes on Charter, satellite TV players in Traverse City, Michigan
News Analysis | 4/26/2022

In partnership with Heritage Broadcasting, Evoca is expanding to another market via a platform that combines the use of the new IP-based ASTC 3.0 broadcast signaling standard and Internet streaming.

Cox nears launch of 2-Gig broadband
News Analysis | 4/25/2022

The cable operator has yet to announce pricing on the new multi-gigabit speed tier, but said it will make the product available in certain neighborhoods across its footprint later this month.

Video's 'great rebundling' nears saturation – study
News Analysis | 4/25/2022

Pace of streaming services added by consumers stagnated in Q4 2021, say TiVo's Video Trends study, which also highlights the emergence of 'cord-revivers.'

Rogers unleashes 2.5-Gig speeds on fiber, preps 8-Gig launch
News Analysis | 4/22/2022

In wake of lab and customer trials, Canada's Rogers expects to launch a fiber-fueled 8-Gig service this summer to 'select areas' of Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. Execs stressed that Rogers is not abandoning DOCSIS 4.0.

Is Verizon's big 5G gamble falling apart?
News Analysis | 4/22/2022

In a quarter containing Verizon's big C-band 5G network launch, the operator lost 36,000 postpaid phone customers. 'There isn't all that much to be bearish about,' wrote one analyst firm.

Verizon's big fixed wireless gains mask slowing wireline broadband growth
News Analysis | 4/22/2022

Verizon added 194,000 FWA subs in Q1, handily beating analyst estimates. But wireline broadband growth is slowing. With DSL losses included, Verizon added 37,000 wireline broadband subs in Q1, down from a year-ago gain of 66,000.

Fiber gains offset legacy broadband pains at AT&T
News Analysis | 4/21/2022

The telco nabbed another 289,000 fiber subs in the first quarter of 2022, enough to wipe out a loss of 284,000 non-fiber broadband customers.

Commercial break: Netflix weighs whether ads will ease sub slippage
The Bauminator | 4/21/2022

Netflix has yet to formalize how it will offer cheaper, ad-supported plans to help counter sub losses. The move might attract some new customers, but it might also cannibalize its existing base, analysts say.

Rogers' $20.8B bid for Shaw is getting harder to like
News Analysis | 4/21/2022

Shaw's main mobile assets seem unlikely to be included in a deal Rogers justified on the basis it would speed up 5G rollout. And the original 'synergy' target hasn't changed.

Eurobites: Sparkle, AzerTelecom plot digital silk route
News Analysis | 4/21/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia and Bouygues join French connected-car program; Orange opens 5G Lab in Warsaw; at last - the ultimate selfie mirror.

Vodafone Germany IT snafu preceded CEO's departure
Morris Lore | 4/20/2022

The operator turned in a disappointing performance in Germany's fixed-line broadband market last year, with IT problems partly to blame.

Senators to Rosenworcel: Communities need clarity on RDOF
Broadband World News | 4/20/2022

Senators requested updates on the FCC's efforts to default ineligible bids, how they're collaborating on broadband funding across agencies and how rejected funds will be redistributed.

Comcast touts blistering speeds, low latencies with 'hollowcore' fiber
News Analysis | 4/20/2022

Envisioning a foundation for 10G, Comcast says a 40km deployment of hollowcore fiber pumped out speeds of 10 Gbit/s to 400 Gbit/s on a single fiber.

Optical transport demand to soar 2022-23 – Ciena India head
News Analysis | 4/20/2022

Growing data center ecosystem and activities in the submarine space will result in exponential growth in India's optical transport segment says Ryan Perera.

New broadcast TV standard put on a fast track
News Analysis | 4/19/2022

The Pearl TV consortium and chipmaker MediaTek have introduced a reference platform designed to accelerate the development of low-cost smart TVs and other devices that support the ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV standard.

The Divide: State Rep. Deb Ruggiero on fighting for broadband in Rhode Island
LRTV Interviews | 4/19/2022

Rhode Island State Rep. Deb Ruggiero joins the podcast to discuss the state's broadband needs and why she is trying to pass a bill to establish a broadband advisory council.

In expanding FWA, Inland Cellular remains unafraid to try new things
News Analysis | 4/19/2022

Inland Cellular rose to prominence with one of the only open RAN deployments in the US. Now the company is moving forward with a test of Meta's Terragraph technology in the 60GHz band.

New Sling TV boss hails from Charter, Cablevision
News Analysis | 4/19/2022

Gary Schanman has been named EVP and group president of Sling TV. He takes on a role formerly held by Michael Schwimmer, who recently joined Univision.

What's the Story? Tier 2s are bullish about 5G
LRTV Interviews | 4/19/2022

Mike Dano explains what smaller service providers are planning to do with federal infrastructure funds, and why they're showing a growing interest in utilizing public clouds.

Eurobites: Video-streaming services lose subs as Brits tighten their belts
News Analysis | 4/19/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: FiberCop gets some TLC; Nokia extols the wonders of SaaS; Ericsson helps Batelco in Bahrain.

Comcast, Charter to rake in 16.5M mobile lines by 2025 – forecast
News Analysis | 4/18/2022

Armed with new info showing that the cable operators are benefitting greatly from Wi-Fi offloads, MoffettNathanson's revised mobile forecast sees bigger revenues and profits in the years ahead.

Verizon to grab 9.9% stake in Casa Systems
News Analysis | 4/18/2022

Verizon and Casa also forged a six-year purchase and development agreement at up to $140 million that will have Casa supply 5G core software to power Verizon's Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) service.

Verizon, T-Mobile score bragging rights for fixed, mobile data speeds
News Analysis | 4/18/2022

Ookla's Speedtest report for Q1 2022 found that Verizon delivered the fastest and most consistent fixed broadband speeds, while T-Mobile took the top spot for mobile.

The Divide: ACA's Matt Polka discusses unserved Americans' need for BEAD
LRTV Interviews | 4/18/2022

This week: Matt Polka, CEO of ACA Connects, on closing the digital divide in rural and suburban markets, and how the NTIA should write the final rules for its $42.45 billion BEAD grant program.

Tarana CEO Basil Alwan: Making WTF moments in FWA
CxO Spotlight | 4/15/2022

Tarana Wireless CEO Basil Alwan shares how his company, now worth more than $1 billion, has moved beyond small cell backhaul to helping service providers provide real broadband, all over the globe.

California taps Utopia Fiber as partner on open access network
Broadband World News | 4/13/2022

Utopia Fiber's partnership with California's Golden State Connect Authority comes following the state's passage of a $6 billion broadband bill with $3.25 billion for an open access, middle mile fiber network.

T-Mobile's fixed wireless sub base skews heavily rural – study
News Analysis | 4/12/2022

Meanwhile, Verizon's limited millimeter wave footprint is drawing subs in urban areas, according to a new study from MoffettNathanson focused on where FWA customers are coming from.

Chipmakers swarming to Wi-Fi 7
News Analysis | 4/12/2022

Broadcom is getting into the game with a new Wi-Fi 7 'ecosystem.' Qualcomm and MediaTek are also in the mix, and MaxLinear says it will participate in Wi-Fi 7 testbed activity this summer.

Eurobites: Biblical storms hit MTN's service in South Africa
News Analysis | 4/12/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Sky launches social broadband tariff; T-Systems boss gets another five years; 'click-to-dial vultures' slammed.

FWA market to grow by 2.3M customers in 2022 – analysts
News Analysis | 4/11/2022

Broadly, the Cowen analysts predict Verizon, T-Mobile, Starry and other FWA providers will collectively add almost 2.3 million new customers during the course of 2022.

CommScope hit with downgrade amid heavy debt load, ongoing supply chain concerns
News Analysis | 4/11/2022

Raymond James believes CommScope is a 'good company' with an appropriate restructuring strategy, but warns that the company remains pressured by rising costs and too much debt.

How GCI is laying the foundation for DOCSIS 4.0 and '10G'
News Analysis | 4/11/2022

Tied into its plans to upgrade the HFC network so it will eventually support 10-Gig speeds, the Alaskan operator is preparing to reclaim gobs of valuable spectrum by phasing out its legacy QAM video services.

Eurobites: Vodafone, Sky considering TalkTalk bid – report
News Analysis | 4/11/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone UK switches on more 5G; Telkom settles with South Africa's regulator; 40 years in fiber.

Google Fi MVNO lowers prices after new T-Mobile deal
News Analysis | 4/8/2022

Google is now now charging $50 per month for one line of unlimited service, rather than its previous $60. And the company's Unlimited Plus plan dropped to $65 for one line of service, down from a previous $70.

Baltimore investigators discover hundreds of slipshod small cell installations
News Analysis | 4/8/2022

'It was determined there are multiple small cell tower site restorations involving concrete or asphalt work ... that do not adhere to city code requirements,' according to a report.

WOW exploring possible sale – report
News Analysis | 4/8/2022

Speculation about a sale comes nearly a year after WideOpenWest sold off a handful of systems for a combined $1.8 billion to help fund a targeted plan to build fiber-to-the-premises networks in non-adjacent greenfield markets.

Deutsche Telekom sticks to high-fiber diet
News Analysis | 4/8/2022

The formation of the GlasfaserPlus JV means that the German group is set to beat its 10 million FTTH target by 2024.

Google Fiber targets the rest of Des Moines
News Analysis | 4/7/2022

Expansion of 1-Gig and 2-Gig fiber services will once again amp up competition with Mediacom as the incumbent cable operator embarks on its own '10G' initiative.

Now is the time for big ideas
Guest Perspectives | 4/7/2022

New report from The Cable Center and Intrapreneurship Academy offers fresh insights into the state of innovation in the industry, and also reveals a gap in the way organizations operate and how leadership skills must adapt to address change.

Eurobites: Openreach hit by suspected arson attack
News Analysis | 4/7/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Millicom exits Africa; Germany chokes on Google's cookies; LinkedIn loves Safaricom.

Vodafone UK's 5G backhaul pain is getting costly
News Analysis | 4/7/2022

The lack of affordable options for the mobile-only service provider is a problem as it prepares for the next phase of 5G.

Consumers grappling with video app overload – study
News Analysis | 4/6/2022

Interpret finds that 20% of US consumers agree they 'subscribe to too many video streaming services,' highlighting the need for improved aggregation and a better way to discover content across multiple subscriptions.

Comcast starts to put Wi-Fi 6E to work
News Analysis | 4/6/2022

The cable operator has begun to deploy a new DOCSIS 3.1 gateway that supports the 6GHz band to broadband customers on its two fastest speed tiers.

Eurobites: UK think-tank, government put 'social tariffs' back in the spotlight
News Analysis | 4/6/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Intel suspends Russian operations; Google Cloud helps Vodafone snoop on its customers; A1 wants to digitalize construction.

Rosenworcel promises broadband map this fall
Broadband World News | 4/5/2022

The FCC Chairwoman also confirmed the Commission would start a challenge process following the map release to give localities, tribes, carriers and consumers the opportunity to tell the agency what it got wrong.

The big challenge ahead for the 'new' AT&T: growth
News Analysis | 4/5/2022

MoffettNathanson's Craig Moffett commends AT&T for spinning off DirecTV and unloading WarnerMedia, and shifting focus to its core mobile and wireline business, but he warns the new AT&T is faced with a poor outlook for growth.

Do 5G providers need to own a fiber network too?
News Analysis | 4/5/2022

T-Mobile and Dish Network argue that fiber backhaul is a commodity. But AT&T and Verizon say fiber ownership is critical to their 5G future. Which side is right?

Suddenlink rebranding as 'Optimum' amid fiber upgrades
News Analysis | 4/5/2022

Rebranding is part of broader 'Let's Reconnect' campaign as Altice USA upgrades its wireline networks, gets more aggressive with mobile services and moves ahead with a plan to deliver growth.

Belal Hamzeh takes over role as CableLabs' convergence champion
News Analysis | 4/4/2022

Hamzeh, CableLab's CTO, has assumed the wireless/mobile convergence duties at the organization after Mariam Sorond exited to take a big role at VMware.

Eurobites: STC hooks up with sovereign wealth fund for IoT push
News Analysis | 4/4/2022

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Deutsche Telekom updates on 5G rollout; Proximus brings fiber to West Flanders; Elisa Polystar buys Frinx.

'NextGenTV' girds for scale as awareness of the new broadcast standard rises
News Analysis | 4/1/2022

A fresh survey shows that NextGenTV, the consumer brand for the new ASTC 3.0 broadcast TV signaling standard, is taking hold. Meanwhile, work is underway to integrate the technology in more screens.

TIM eyes alternative path to KKR's bid – report
News Analysis | 4/1/2022

Reuters reports that the operator is to start negotiations with state lender CDP on a possible Open Fiber merger.

The Divide: Clearfield's Cheri Beranek on explosive fiber demand and building heterogenous networks
LRTV Interviews | 4/1/2022

This week: Cheri Beranek, CEO of Clearfield, on the state of the fiber industry and the supply chain's impact on broadband deployments, why she supports heterogeneous networks, the company's efforts in workforce training and more.

Frinx scores automation breakthrough at VodafoneZiggo
News Analysis | 4/1/2022

Frinx has notched a deal to automate the provisioning of business service customers for the Dutch operator. Frinx says its open source platform can also help cable ops automate the distribution of DOCSIS licenses.

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