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BT opens up on open RAN testing
News Analysis | 12/3/2021

BT officials said the company is testing RAN intelligent controller (Non-RT-RIC) functions including SON (self-organizing network) technology, energy savings, interference mitigation and massive MIMO.

How an Intel failure sparked a 5G boom for Marvell
News Analysis | 12/3/2021

The silicon specialist is counting on a bigger share of business with Nokia and predicting a surge in 5G sales.

US moves to block Nvidia's purchase of Arm
News Analysis | 12/2/2021

The US Federal Trade Commission is worried Nvidia's proposed $40 billion purchase of Arm would stifle competition in the chipset space.

Picocom throws hat into open RAN silicon ring
News Analysis | 12/2/2021

Noting the unsuitability of x86 processors, the China-backed chips developer launches its small cells product.

ADRF on 5G, open RAN and indoor wireless networks
News Analysis | 12/2/2021

ADRF has been selling wireless equipment for indoor networks for 20 years. The company's longtime COO sees opportunities and challenges in topics ranging from private wireless to open RAN.

NTT DoCoMo, not Rakuten, may be the open RAN leader
News Analysis | 12/2/2021

Japan's biggest operator says its 10,000 5G basestations use open RAN specifications and is targeting 20,000 by March.

Qualcomm, Plume, Nokia, Google, others signal interest in 6GHz management
News Analysis | 12/1/2021

An FCC plan to allow private companies to operate Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) systems in the 6GHz band has drawn interest from a wide array of players.

China Mobile, Huawei's top customer, seeks open RAN diversity
News Analysis | 12/1/2021

A head scientist at the world's biggest operator says open RAN is 'not a matter of if, but when.'

Amazon, Dish peddle 5G products for the enterprise
News Analysis | 11/30/2021

Amazon kicked off its annual AWS re:Invent trade show with a new AWS Private 5G product. Meanwhile, AWS customer Dish Network touted its own 5G plans.

Dangerous liaisons for HPE in China
News Analysis | 11/29/2021

The IT company's Chinese joint venture has become one of the latest additions to the notorious Entity List.

Ericsson's $6.2B Vonage deal has befuddled investors – no wonder
Morris Lore | 11/26/2021

Vonage's relevance to 5G is questionable and shareholders will be asking if the cash would have been better spent elsewhere.

RAN momentum checked by supply chain squeezes – Dell'Oro
News Analysis | 11/25/2021

Analyst firm expects 2022 RAN spend to grow only 3% year-on-year, after two years of double-digit increases.

Nokia caught in telco schism over open RAN
Morris Lore | 11/24/2021

The Finnish equipment vendor rejects the charge its software works only with its own hardware and finds an ally in BT.

Dish Network officially teams up with Rakuten
News Analysis | 11/23/2021

Dish Network said it will use Rakuten Symphony's observability framework to collect telemetry data from its network functions in order to support the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Germany reckons open RAN is risky business
News Analysis | 11/23/2021

One of Germany's government agencies has released a report arguing that open RAN is far less secure than traditional network infrastructure.

Ericsson: Actually, open RAN is more expensive
News Analysis | 11/18/2021

'Ericsson's own estimates have indicated that open RAN is more expensive than integrated RAN given the need for more equipment to accomplish what purpose-built solutions can deliver,' the vendor told the FCC.

Europe's $200B telcos are still pleading for open RAN handouts
Morris Lore | 11/18/2021

Policymakers appear to have ignored the earlier call for open RAN support and they would be wise to reject the latest.

Open RAN cranked up the hype with RIC, a renamed, real-time SON
News Analysis | 11/17/2021

A feature of open RAN is the ability to manage networks through real-time automation, but its value is questionable.

Prickly Deutsche Telekom boss wants hyperscaler deals curbed
Morris Lore | 11/16/2021

US tech giants are buying the companies that telcos use to 'digitize' their core infrastructure, and the CEO of Europe's largest telco is not happy.

Eurobites: UK complaints down, but it's still bad news for TalkTalk and Virgin
News Analysis | 11/16/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson's intelligent automation; ADVA researches SDM in optical networks; BT's asbestos problem.

The risky business of multicloud insurance
The Wizard of Roz | 11/15/2021

Telcos need a way to address the hyperscaler lock-in. Roz Roseboro ponders whether Vodafone's TaaS platform plan is a reasonable insurance policy or another example of a telco driving recklessly.

Eurobites: TIM takes open RAN into the mountains
News Analysis | 11/15/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Arm/Nvidia deal faces closer scrutiny; Vodacom's H1; Virgin Media O2 carries on converging.

BT takes aim at open RAN myths
News Analysis | 11/12/2021

The hyped technology will not save operators money or prompt BT to use more suppliers, says the UK phone incumbent's chief architect.

Did Dish eke out an Andromeda victory in 5G?
News Analysis | 11/11/2021

Dish Network raised $5.25 billion, and suggested the money would 'finance the potential purchase of wireless spectrum.' Some analysts believe Dish might have gotten a deal in the Andromeda auction.

Eurobites: Vodafone and friends fashion the 'open RAN city'
News Analysis | 11/11/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ofcom tweaks universal service rules; Telia helps in emissions fight; Colt innovates in recycling of e-waste.

Rakuten remains a poor advert for open RAN
News Analysis | 11/11/2021

The Japanese firm's losses are mounting, its customer numbers are disappointing and its forecasts look dubious.

Open RAN doubts persist as Orange unveils new Paris lab
News Analysis | 11/11/2021

Integration challenges, a shortage of European specialists and the lack of support for older technologies are just a few of the problems that confront open RAN enthusiasts.

Open RAN nowhere near ready for prime time – report
News Analysis | 11/5/2021

New study by CCS Insight, sponsored by InterDigital, says nascent tech may well have to wait until 6G for 'lead role.'

MWCLA 21: The Light Reading Recap
LRTV Documentaries | 10/29/2021

The Light Reading editorial team gathers for a recap of the of some of the issues that were scattered, covered and smothered at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2021.

That time public cloud hyperscalers invaded MWC LA
DanoVision | 10/28/2021

Microsoft, Google and Amazon fielded plenty of executives at this year's MWC LA show. Their goal is to get mobile network operators to put their core network services in the cloud.

Rakuten's Tareq Amin: Conducting Symphony but changing the music
CxO Spotlight | 10/28/2021

Tareq Amin, CEO of Rakuten Symphony and CTO of Rakuten Mobile, talks about his company's success in open RAN and how it plans to change the economics of building 5G networks for other operators.

Open RAN makes plenty of noise – but little progress – at MWC LA
News Analysis | 10/27/2021

Although vendors from Parallel Wireless to Altiostar talked up the technology, open RAN didn't receive much love from big US network operators like AT&T and Verizon during this week's show.

Tech rift widens as US shuts out China Telecom
News Analysis | 10/27/2021

The Chinese and US technology ecosystems are heading their own separate ways, but a full divorce will be difficult.

The Big Tech elephant is squashing telecom
News Analysis | 10/26/2021

For all their software activity and hope, telecom operators will struggle to avoid a utility fate.

Vodafone demands Arm silicon, not Intel, for open RAN in cities
News Analysis | 10/26/2021

Specialist chips will muscle x86 out of open RAN in more densely populated areas, says the operator's chief digital officer.

Telecom Italia dumped Altiostar for JMA as open RAN supplier
News Analysis | 10/26/2021

The Italian phone incumbent is switching open RAN software suppliers in a decision that could bode ill for Rakuten.

Open RAN specs take another step forward
News Analysis | 10/22/2021

The O-RAN Alliance's new specs cover complex technologies, including non-real-time RAN Intelligent Controller architecture, RAN control, xhaul transport testing and open RAN security.

Open RAN has a 2G Achilles' heel
News Analysis | 10/21/2021

Not many open RAN vendors can support 2G, and that technology seems likely to be around for years.

Vodafone plans software blitz to cut IT spend and cloud risks
News Analysis | 10/21/2021

The operator is to add another 7,000 software experts to its team by 2025 as it aims for more technology independence.

Samsung will struggle to replace Ericsson or Nokia at O2
News Analysis | 10/19/2021

The South Korean vendor, short on legacy technologies, is shouting about 4G and 5G trials with Virgin Media O2.

Arm wrestling with Intel over open RAN as it sets up 5G lab
News Analysis | 10/18/2021

The UK-based firm is opening a new 5G lab focused on open RAN technology as it continues to battle America's biggest chipmaker.

Stratosphere emerging as the next big Internet battleground
News Analysis | 10/14/2021

SmartSky, Aeronet, Gogo and HAPSMobile are just some of the companies that are hoping to eke profits from stratospheric communications. But others, like Loon and Qualcomm, have moved on.

Google wants to take your mobile network off your hands, telcos
News Analysis | 10/12/2021

The number-three hyperscaler is ramping up its range of telecom offerings in its public cloud slugfest with AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud RAN still a hard sell despite Vodafone and Orange interest
News Analysis | 10/7/2021

Leading operators say they want cloudier RANs, but the economic case for it remains as hazy as ever.

Dish's Dave Mayo pulls back the curtain on 5G buildout
News Analysis | 10/7/2021

The executive in charge of Dish's 5G network buildout described the operation as an adventurous startup with more than 1,000 employees. 'There's a lot of things that are different,' he said.

Open RAN faces a 2G struggle in India
News Analysis | 10/6/2021

The new concept is unlikely to be a panacea for the problems that service providers face in emerging markets.

O2 Germany boasts of 'pure 5G,' but concedes DSS need
News Analysis | 10/6/2021

The German operator provides a 5G update one year after launch, and says it is on track to reach 50% population coverage by end-2022.

O-RAN Alliance's China links come under renewed US scrutiny
News Analysis | 10/4/2021

US Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger calls for a report on the national security implications of open RAN after its China connections are exposed.

Rakuten rearranges Symphony for investments
News Analysis | 10/1/2021

'Rakuten Symphony Inc., a newly established corporation, will consider accepting capital, etc. in addition to business partnerships with strategic partners,' the company wrote in a release.

Vodafone's open-networks obsession reaches broadband
News Analysis | 9/30/2021

The UK-based operator has built a gateway using products from different suppliers in a move it likens to open RAN for broadband.

Orange alert to cloud 'lock-in' risks as it takes next edge steps
News Analysis | 9/27/2021

As it weighs a global plan for cloud, the edge and open RAN, the French operator does not want to become overly reliant on Google.

5G World: Mavenir EVP dishes on open RAN's technology advantage
LRTV Interviews | 9/24/2021

Stefano Cantarelli, EVP and chief marketing officer at Mavenir, says that open RAN's differences are its strengths and, over time, its architecture will become a technological advantage.

Could Helium finally succeed where so many others failed?
DanoVision | 9/23/2021

A number of companies in the telecom industry have attempted to create a network of individual networks. But Helium is doing so with one big, new element: a very clear and tangible incentive.

Industry, government and public-interest groups unite over 5G security
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

From open RAN to wireless emergency alerts, the FCC's new Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) plans to look at security and 5G networks.

Verizon's Shah on private networks, now and later
News Analysis | 9/22/2021

While AR, VR and robotics applications generate the most buzz, Anand Shah says many of those private network use cases are several years out. Currently, computer vision is one of the most widely used private network use cases.

New silicon may speed up open RAN and spoil Intel party
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

Inline accelerators could inject some much-needed competition into the open RAN market, if their backers can build support.

Open RAN is following the script
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

Despite early criticism, vendors may eventually be tripping over each other to sell open RAN products.

The Leading Lights finalists: Part I
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

Light Reading editors discuss trends they're seeing, what's happening in the awards categories that they're judging and what they've learned from the contest entries as they dig in and prepare to announce this year's winners.

O-RAN founders keep control as big kit vendors bear the risk
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

The O-RAN Alliance is ensuring that technical contributions will be 'non-confidential,' but little else has changed.

Eurobites: Telecom Italia bangs open RAN gong
News Analysis | 9/15/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Google's Grace Hopper cable lands in Cornwall; GÉANT network trials 800G with Infinera; EU promises chip sovereignty.

Telefónica puts NEC in its open RAN driving seat
News Analysis | 9/14/2021

The Japanese kit maker will take on the systems integrator role and provide radio units for Telefónica trials in important markets.

Nokia return will not end doubts about O-RAN
Morris Lore | 9/14/2021

Changes made by the specifications group have satisfied the Finnish equipment vendor, but they remain unclear to the wider world.

How 5G rollout became such a long, hard slog
News Analysis | 9/9/2021

Heavy equipment, overreliance on low-band spectrum and consumer apathy are all hindering the deployment of the latest mobile technology.

Dell unfazed by open RAN warnings from Nokia, Ericsson
News Analysis | 9/8/2021

'It's not surprising that some of today's networking equipment vendors are not fans of O-RAN, the way it is described, because it really pressures their business model,' Dell's Dennis Hoffman said.

NEC expands AWS tie-up to gain 5G edge
News Analysis | 9/8/2021

Japanese vendor builds on existing collaboration with plans for comprehensive 5G offering and hybrid cloud services.

AT&T's Gordon Mansfield expands on plans for standalone 5G and open RAN
LRTV Interviews | 9/7/2021

BIG 5G EVENT, DENVER – Gordon Mansfield, AT&T's VP of converged access and device technology, offers an update on AT&T's deployment of a 5G standalone core and C-band spectrum and more insights about how open RAN will fit into the company's mobile network strategy.

O-RAN Alliance: Open by name, closed by nature, reckons Europe
Morris Lore | 9/6/2021

The group that defines specifications for open RAN wants to be treated like a standards body, but it does not appear to meet the WTO's criteria.

Vodafone UK trumpets slow but 'future-proof' 5G rollout
News Analysis | 9/3/2021

The use of heavier, massive MIMO equipment means Vodafone's deployment will take time, but the decision will ultimately pay off, it believes.

Exploring Dish's 5G vision
LRTV Interviews | 9/2/2021

BIG 5G EVENT, DENVER – Sidd Chenumolu, Dish Network's VP of technology development, offers an update on Dish's national 5G network buildout and what learnings Dish hopes to gain from its first 5G deployment in Las Vegas.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom steers BMW into 5G future
News Analysis | 9/2/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone and Ericsson halve network energy consumption; zero-rated mobile tariffs come under EU scrutiny; Ireland slaps €225 million fine on WhatsApp.

Vodafone UK says 3G 'holding back' open RAN plan
News Analysis | 9/2/2021

A need to support the ageing technology is complicating the UK service provider's Samsung-led rollout of open RAN.

AT&T preps for hiring spree, open RAN deployment
News Analysis | 9/1/2021

'What that means is jobs ... we are literally hiring thousands of people this year,' says AT&T's Mo Katibeh. 'This is a jobs creation story...Fiber and 5G are at the heart of it.'

Nvidia crashes Intel's open RAN monopoly with x86 bypass
News Analysis | 9/1/2021

The Californian chips designer is planning an assault on Intel's open RAN fortress with BlueField-3.

Ericsson warns of O-RAN holdups until China problem is fixed
News Analysis | 8/31/2021

The organization at the heart of open RAN has a compliance problem that may be difficult to resolve.

Nokia halts O-RAN work on fear of US penalties for China links
News Analysis | 8/30/2021

The Finnish equipment maker says it is pausing work in the O-RAN Alliance because several Chinese members now feature on the US Entity List.

Mavenir aims to plug open RAN’s 2G hole
News Analysis | 8/25/2021

Open RAN provider is now integrating 2G technology from 2020 acquisition ip.access.

Rakuten needs telcos to ignore bum notes in $100B Symphony pitch
News Analysis | 8/24/2021

A year since launching Japan's fourth mobile network, the Japanese Internet company is now setting itself up as a vendor.

Airspan's earnings are up, but its stock is down
News Analysis | 8/23/2021

Airspan notched second-quarter revenues of $42 million, up 51% from the year-ago quarter. But the company's stock price is down from around $10 to just $6.80 per share after a week of trading.

Mavenir registers open RAN hardware win against Huawei
News Analysis | 8/20/2021

Montana's Triangle Communications is purchasing open RAN hardware and software from Mavenir as it works to eliminate Huawei equipment from its operations.

NEC and Fujitsu team up to ensure O-RAN compliance
News Analysis | 8/19/2021

The two Japanese vendors plan to set up testing environments in the US and the UK.

Airspan's CEO on going public, open RAN and the 5G future
CxO Spotlight | 8/16/2021

Eric Stonestrom has been the CEO of Airspan since 1998 and in just a few days he hopes to take the company public on the back of opportunities around open RAN and 5G.

FCC acknowledges open RAN is cheaper, albeit with reservations
News Analysis | 8/12/2021

'We agree with Mavenir that we should modify the catalog to reduce the low end of the range of estimated costs,' the FCC wrote in its new pricing catalogue for mobile network equipment.

Bells and whistles: Rakuten CEO sees massive upside for Symphony, software and services
News Analysis | 8/5/2021

Rakuten is betting that its elaborate composition of software and services will be music to the ears of telecom operators, enterprises and more.

Axis of O-RAN: Japan's Rakuten to build 1&1's German 5G network
News Analysis | 8/4/2021

Germany's newest mobile operator has gone all-in with Rakuten rather than a traditional provider.

Intel warns of shortages, but trumpets open RAN
News Analysis | 7/23/2021

'I think I've only been on three major service provider calls this week,' said Intel's Pat Gelsinger. 'They are really starting to look at those deployments at scale.'

Open RAN adds to 6G dilemma
News Analysis | 7/22/2021

Ericsson reckons the in-vogue technology concept will be a 'fundamental' part of 6G, opening another Pandora's box for the mobile industry.

Biden administration offers practical, collaborative outlook on open RAN
News Analysis | 7/16/2021

'The Executive Branch fully supports industry's development of open RAN while recognizing the importance of maintaining a full suite of solutions offered by incumbent vendors,' the NTIA explained.

Open RAN and the dangers of the neutral host
Morris Lore | 7/15/2021

A bid to diversify the market for suppliers could leave Europe's 5G sector with fewer networks.

Most mobile operators looking for help with open RAN adoption
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/14/2021

SPONSORED: A recent Heavy Reading survey indicates that the majority of carriers with mobile network businesses are looking for external guidance to help them accelerate their open RAN adoption.

Open RAN vendors get another helping hand from US regulators
News Analysis | 7/14/2021

Amid an open RAN 'showcase' designed to highlight US companies in the space, the FCC's acting chairwoman proposed naming new testing facilities in Boston and Raleigh.

Biden spots yet another Chinese stinker in open RAN
News Analysis | 7/13/2021

Kindroid, a signed-up member of the O-RAN Alliance, is trying to pilfer US technology for the Chinese military, says the US government.

Britain's got open RAN talent, hopes clueless govt.
Morris Lore | 7/2/2021

A government with protectionist instincts seems to think open RAN could restore a local supply chain for 5G equipment.

Nokia goes missing in Deutsche Telekom's open RAN town
News Analysis | 6/28/2021

The German telecom incumbent picks Asian and US vendors to build its first open RAN network – just like everyone else is doing.

Light Reading Recap: Week of June 25
LRTV Documentaries | 6/28/2021

Last week's telecom news highlights included a look back at some huge 5G product news for Nokia, a summary of some new cloudy ideas coming from Mobile World Congress, and a summary of what's up at Switzerland's Astrocast – a company launching a network of satellites for IoT connectivity.

Airtel, TCS partner for Made in India 5G open RAN
News Analysis | 6/25/2021

India's second-largest service provider has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services on homegrown open RAN-based radio, non-standalone and standalone core 5G.

Open RAN platform acceleration needed to deliver on operator expectations
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/24/2021

SPONSORED: Key findings from Heavy Reading's Accelerating Open RAN Platforms Operator Survey show that hardware acceleration is critical to delivering the performance and cost savings improvements expected from Open RAN.

Don't expect Qualcomm to curb Intel's open RAN power
Morris Lore | 6/24/2021

The mobile chips whizz says it won't be challenging Intel in open RAN and there are few other signs of competition.

Cohere CEO: Open RAN ideal for enterprise applications
CxO Spotlight | 6/24/2021

There are potential cost savings to service providers by improving 5G network capacity, but the revenue from supporting enterprise applications could be operators' real golden ticket.

Nokia finds its 5G mojo, piling pressure onto Huawei and Ericsson
News Analysis | 6/24/2021

After a product reboot, the Finnish vendor seems to measure up to its rivals on some of the most important criteria.

DoCoMo and NEC tackle RIC for open RAN
News Analysis | 6/22/2021

The two Japanese giants announce a further extension of their ongoing open RAN collaboration.

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