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TVision is a slick platform, but content mix will need to evolve
The Bauminator | 11/2/2020

T-Mobile's new OTT-TV service is a good start, but will likely need to morph and change if it's to generate mass appeal.

Comcast teases 'interactive livestreams' for X1
The Bauminator | 6/4/2020

Cable op is developing enhanced television applications for its pay-TV platform that will be powered by tech from Watchwith, the deep metadata company Comcast acquired in 2017.

Netflix adds 15.77M streaming subs in Q1, pushes global total past 182M
News Analysis | 4/21/2020

SVoD giant's subscriber gains in period blow out original forecast as millions stay home, but warns that the growth spurt is expected to be temporary.

Video streaming – and (gasp!) even traditional TV – gain lift during pandemic
The Bauminator | 3/27/2020

Usage of Disney+, Hulu and Netflix is unsurprisingly up, but so is cable and broadcast TV viewing and the desire among some consumers to add a pay-TV subscription, Hub Entertainment Research finds.

Google developing next-gen Chromecast streamer – report
News Analysis | 3/11/2020

New, more powerful device expected to support Android TV and a separate voice-capable remote control as Google chases after streaming platform leaders Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

YouTube TV strikes deal to hawk HBO Max
The Bauminator | 2/21/2020

As part of a bigger distribution deal with WarnerMedia, the OTT-TV service is the first non-AT&T distributor to ink a deal for a streaming service set to debut in May.

Sling TV turns 5
The Bauminator | 2/7/2020

To celebrate, the Dish-owned OTT-TV service provider is declaring February 9 as 'National Cut the Cord Day' and promoting a batch of deals for new and existing subscribers.

NBCU Sizing Up $10 Price for Ad-Free 'Peacock' – Report
The Bauminator | 12/19/2019

Comcast-owned programmer also mulling $4.99 price on ad-supported version of subscription SVoD service slated to debut in April 2020.

Podcast: Cable Gets the Urge to Converge
The Bauminator | 11/21/2019

Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner and Alan Breznick discuss the key themes from Cable Congress and Cable Next-Gen Europe in Berlin, finding there's a renewed focus on 1-Gig speeds and the fixed mobile network.

Disney+ to Rake in 8M Subs 'Out of the Gate' – Analyst
The Bauminator | 10/23/2019

A blend of solid content and aggressive promotions and discounts could help the new streaming service rise to 18 million subs worldwide by the end of Disney's fiscal 2020.

Surge of Streaming Options Triggers 'Subscription Overload' – Study
The Bauminator | 10/17/2019

But platforms that bundle streaming video services, backed by single sign-on systems, could benefit both OTT and pay-TV players alike.

Chill Out! Netflix Is Fine, Analyst Says
The Bauminator | 10/14/2019

Concerns about new direct-to-consumer competition alongside pressure on Netflix's pricing power is misunderstood or overblown, contends LightShed Partners analyst Richard Greenfield.

Seven Things We Learned at Cable-Tec Expo
The Bauminator | 10/10/2019

The 10G future is in sight, HFC has gas in the tank, Comcast is getting serious about network virtualization, DOCSIS's pioneers get recognized and more from last week's show in The Big Easy.

Locast to viewers: Help!
The Bauminator | 9/23/2019

Under fire from US broadcasters, Locast is appealing for funds to help it mount a legal defense, a move that was attempted eight years ago by Ivi Inc., an OTT-TV company that was sued out of existence.

Cox also flexing its streaming muscles
The Bauminator | 9/18/2019

Cable op has quietly launched the Contour Stream Player, Cox's twist on Comcast's Xfinity Flex video streaming product for broadband-only subs.

NBCU Picks 'Peacock' as Brand for Premium Streaming Service
The Bauminator | 9/17/2019

The media giant has apparently passed on tacking on '+' to the end of the name of the OTT service that will launch next spring and feature more than 15,000 hours of content.

ViacomCBS won't claw back content
The Bauminator | 9/9/2019

Unlike Disney, the newly formed ViacomCBS isn't expected to forgo lucrative licensing dollars just to pump fuel into its OTT, direct-to-consumer plans.

OSTV Now Stalls on the Launchpad
The Bauminator | 9/3/2019

Countdown to the debut of a new video streaming service connected to Omniverse CEO Jason DeMeo featuring 50 'top' US TV channels starting at $50 leads to nothing... so far.

Consumers Overpay for Broadband – Study
The Bauminator | 8/22/2019

Findings from university researchers and the WSJ could crash broadband's ARPU party as a growing number of subscribers upgrade to faster, more expensive high-speed Internet tiers.

Deal Pushes ViacomCBS Past Netflix in Programming Spend
The Bauminator | 8/14/2019

Combined company only will trail Disney, Comcast/NBCU and AT&T/WarnerMedia in that category as streaming battle intensifies.

OSTV Now: Omniverse Exec Offers One-Stop Shop for TV
The Bauminator | 8/12/2019

Slated for launch in early September, the new offering will include a package of more than 50 US television channels, including 'faith-based,' premium and international channels.

Locast Needs More Than Luck to Beat the Broadcasters
The Bauminator | 8/7/2019

Connections to AT&T and Dish harm Locast's position as a non-profit, do-gooder and add fuel to the arguments being set against Locast by the Big 4 US broadcasters.

Set TV Is Now Really, Really Dead
The Bauminator | 8/1/2019

California court hits alleged OTT-TV pirate with $7.6 million fine and permanent injunction on the service and the operation and distribution of a device used to stream hundreds of TV channels for just $20/month.

You.i TV Cashing in on Multiscreen Migration
The Bauminator | 7/17/2019

As the traditional pay-TV biz suffers and the direct-to-consumer OTT video market rises, You.i TV has found its niche as companies on all sides seek ways to simplify the path to a wide array of screens.

AT&T Exec Said Telco's Ideas Will 'Radically Reshape' TV
The Bauminator | 6/6/2019

The OTT-delivered 'thin-client' version of DirecTV will debut in Q3, but AT&T's John Donovan side-stepped questions on how the new offering will disrupt a market full of streaming competitors.

Comcast Sunsetting VoD Support on TiVo Retail Boxes
The Bauminator | 5/28/2019

TiVo says it's working with Comcast to bring a 'more modern Xfinity application' to TiVo's retail device customers.

Terabyte Broadband Homes Continue to Climb
The Bauminator | 5/22/2019

OpenVault report finds that consumers in that 'power user' group doubled in Q1 2019, a growth rate that could cause some cable operators and other ISPs to consider upping their monthly data ceilings.

Charter X1 Syndication Deal: A Remote Possibility?
The Bauminator | 5/2/2019

Industry sources say it's extremely unlikely that Charter would do a full syndication deal for X1, but that Charter could be interested in adopting some specific features and capabilities of Comcast's video platform.

Podcast: Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Madness, Ominous Signs for Omniverse
The Philter | 4/25/2019

Jeff Baumgartner catches us up on the Omniverse saga and Mike Dano looks at what might happen if the Sprint and T-Mobile merger is blocked.

Netflix Still Poised for Global Growth Despite Disney Threat
The Bauminator | 4/17/2019

Netflix is akin to a 'Blockbuster store in the cloud' while Disney+ will cater to families and fans of The Mouse's well-branded, highly recognized fare, analyst says.

Disney+ Poised to Rake In 24M Subs by 2023 – Forecast
The Bauminator | 4/2/2019

Using a blend of big movies, library content, off-network TV series and 'sizzle-worthy' originals, Disney+ is said to be in the best spot to take on Netflix and outpace other, new streaming rivals, analyst says.

OTT Has Become a Copycat League
The Bauminator | 3/26/2019

Lacking in the innovation or disruption departments, Apple's new video playbook looks like a carbon copy of everyone else's.

Podcast: The 10G Hype Freezes Over at CNG2019
LRTV Documentaries | 3/15/2019

Light Reading's Kelsey Ziser, Alan Breznick and Jeff Baumgartner join Phil Harvey for a round of drinks and a chat after the opening day of CNG2019 in Denver. The "bomb cyclone" did its worst, but it couldn't stop us from debating 10G vs. 5G and the future of cable video services.

Google Fiber: A timeline of the good, the bad and the ugly
The Bauminator | 2/14/2019

Google's fiber initiative is almost exactly nine years old. Following its embarrassing setback in Louisville, here's a look back at Google Fiber's moments of hype, glory, achievement and disappointment.

Super Bowl LIII Streams Draw Average Audience of 2.6M
The Bauminator | 2/5/2019

There were some hiccups, but CBS's streams of the big game, underpinned by a multi-CDN strategy, seemed to hold up well.

Comcast and Apple don't have a deal (yet) for the Apple TV
The Bauminator | 2/1/2019

That seems to be among the few factual things coming out of a confusing story that conflates a bunch of things about Comcast's, Sky's & NBCU's streaming plans that aren't all totally interconnected.

Fade to Black: UltraViolet to Shut Its Digital Locker on July 31
The Bauminator | 1/31/2019

New options and 'market factors' lead to decision to shut down UltraViolet as studio-backed Movies Anywhere service gains traction with digital retailers and pay-TV operators.

Wow, Free OTT Video Sure Costs a Lot
The Bauminator | 1/30/2019

Tubi's business is firing on all cylinders – from revenue and usage growth to the size of its library – but has had to bank $25 million more just to play this expensive, high-stakes game.

ACE Slays the Dragon Box
The Bauminator | 1/29/2019

Legal group backed by Netflix, Amazon, NBCU, CBS and other major programmers and content players force a $14.5 million settlement and subsequent shutdown of another video piracy threat.

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