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Zayo's acquisition of QOS could signal more M&A to come
News Analysis | 1/14/2022

Zayo's CTO says the team-up with QOS will provide customers with more options for managed and co-managed SD-WAN services.

AT&T, Dish win big in Andromeda auction, Verizon gets nothing
News Analysis | 1/14/2022

The results of the FCC's auction of midband spectrum between 3.45GHz and 3.55GHz are in: AT&T spent $9 billion, Dish spent $7.3 billion, T-Mobile spent $2.9 billion. And Verizon spent nothing.

MobiledgeX ponders new biz model as it bets on multicloud role
News Analysis | 1/13/2022

Telco resistance to all-in deals with public cloud vendors could suit the edge middleware startup, but it might need a different approach.

Aptiv acquires Wind River for $4.3B
News Analysis | 1/11/2022

Aptiv says it will finance the transaction through a combination of cash and debt, and the acquisition is expected to close by mid-year.

Spectrum-starved Rakuten will be loss-making until 2026 – analysts
News Analysis | 1/11/2022

The Japanese operator is hobbled by its lack of 4G airwaves, costly roaming deal with KDDI and 5G lag, but its cost arguments stack up, according to the latest research.

5G networks will help make the metaverse real
The Philter | 1/6/2022

The Consumer Technology Association's Sayon Deb said that 5G networks are a critical component of a set of new technologies that help blend our reality with virtual worlds.

North American service providers take on the cloud, fast fiber and edge investments
News Analysis | 1/4/2022

Service providers in 2022 expect to deploy more midband 5G spectrum deployments, add more fiber to their networks and ramp up the battle for broadband subscribers.

Rural broadband report talks up fiber, funding and supply constraints
The Philter | 12/23/2021

Here are five of the most interesting things I found in the NTCA's recent survey and report on broadband availability in rural America.

Intel's data center crown is slipping fast
News Analysis | 12/17/2021

The chipmaker's share of the market for data center servers has fallen dramatically in the last few years, according to the latest Omdia data.

XCOM finally breaks cover with XR 'experience' for soldiers
News Analysis | 12/16/2021

XCOM said its demonstration uses edge computing and Microsoft HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality headsets, thus allowing users to 'move freely, simultaneously and seamlessly' through a digital reality.

SCTE will draft 'smart' amplifier standard as DOCSIS 4.0 approaches
News Analysis | 12/16/2021

New tech standard will define communications protocols for standalone amplifiers and amps built into nodes for DOCSIS networks, including future DOCSIS 4.0 networks.

Another AWS outage and more cloud worries
News Analysis | 12/15/2021

The Wednesday morning AWS service interruption in part of the cloud giant's network is making it tougher to complain about work colleagues and see who's at the door.

Harmonic adds Rogers as another CableOS win
News Analysis | 12/15/2021

Canadian cable op will tap Harmonic's virtual CCAP and DAA gear as part of a plan to support multi-gigabit services, shift to an all-IP services platform, and cut a 'clear path to DOCSIS 4.0.'

Spalding returns with $20M for hardened cell towers
News Analysis | 12/10/2021

Gen. Robert Spalding in 2018 penned documents that raised the prospect of a national 5G network. Now he's the CEO of a company selling cell towers designed to withstand a high-altitude nuclear event.

TracFone deal, C-band build an 'amazing holiday gift' for Verizon's new consumer boss
News Analysis | 12/10/2021

'I have all the tools now,' says Manon Brouillette, the new head of Verizon's consumer group. However, she intends to amplify the strategy in place at Verizon rather than come in with wholesale changes.

Where cable is going with the edge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/10/2021

In this fourth and last segment of the sponsored series, we look at a few more key results from a new Heavy Reading study about the cable industry's edge computing strategy and goals.

Businesses are accelerating network transformation programs, Charter exec says
News Analysis | 12/9/2021

Commercial customers are in a 'renew phase' as they move workloads into the cloud, shift to SD-WAN and continue to embrace remote access products and technologies, says Spectrum Enterprise's Bob Schroeder.

Moving core to cloud for 'suckers,' tweets BT exec after AWS outage
Morris Lore | 12/9/2021

The UK incumbent's chief architect derides recent public cloud deals after the latest preview of the Internet apocalypse.

AWS outage cuts down swaths of the Internet
News Analysis | 12/7/2021

Citing API and console issues in its US-EAST-1 Region, AWS says it's identified a root cause and, at last check, was 'starting to see some signs of recovery.'

Ditto CEO takes a new angle at the edge
CxO Spotlight | 12/3/2021

With $9 million in seed funding in hand, Adam Fish's startup uses peer-to-peer and advanced, distributed database systems to connect and sync mobile and IoT devices with limited or no Internet connectivity.

Falcon V connects with Liberty Global and Charter on 'open' DAA
News Analysis | 12/2/2021

Fresh funding will help fuel development of an open approach for a distributed access architecture that appears to draw some parallels to the technology connection forged between Comcast and Harmonic.

Eurobites: Belgium's Telenet begins 5G rollout
News Analysis | 12/2/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia supplies 400GE kit to Italy's TOP-IX; TIM connects cars in Turin; T-Systems validates vaccination certificates.

NEC takes real-time video analytics to the edge
News Analysis | 12/1/2021

Japan's NEC said it's on the cusp of launching 'gradual deep learning-based object detection technology' to aid real-time video analytics.

Ho ho ho – telco Xmas list asks Europe to scrap net neutrality
Morris Lore | 11/30/2021

The region's big players have written a hopeful letter asking for mergers to be approved, spectrum to be cheaper and big tech to pay up.

What cable wants from the edge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/30/2021

In this third segment of a four-part sponsored series, we look at more key results from a new Heavy Reading study about the cable industry's edge computing driving factors and implementation plans.

How cable views the edge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/19/2021

In this second segment of a four-part series, we look at more key results from a new Heavy Reading study about the cable industry's edge computing views and approach.

How COVID-19 derailed edge computing
News Analysis | 11/18/2021

Prior to the pandemic, EdgeMicro, Vapor IO, MobiledgeX, Alef and others had grand plans to support edge computing across the country and world. But COVID-19 Internet traffic spikes changed those plans.

Casa Systems flexes its MAC
News Analysis | 11/18/2021

Billed as a pathway to the future '10G' network, supplier says its new Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA) platform is in trials with tier 1 operators in multiple regions.

Vecima's DAA biz expands as supply chain challenges loom
News Analysis | 11/16/2021

Sales of 'Entra' DAA products reached a record in Vecima's fiscal Q1, and would've been even higher if not for delays in schedules and delivery times.

Prickly Deutsche Telekom boss wants hyperscaler deals curbed
Morris Lore | 11/16/2021

US tech giants are buying the companies that telcos use to 'digitize' their core infrastructure, and the CEO of Europe's largest telco is not happy.

American Tower talks up edge while dumping cash on core data centers
News Analysis | 11/15/2021

American Tower said it will spend $10.1 billion to buy CoreSite Realty, one of the nation's biggest operators of data centers. The company said it hopes to eventually leverage the purchase for edge computing.

Omdia's Nicole McCormick: How to really sell 5G to consumers
LRTV Interviews | 11/15/2021

Omdia analyst Nicole McCormick joins the podcast this week to discuss her latest research on 5G pricing and what seems to be catching on with consumers.

How cable aims to leverage the edge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/15/2021

In this first segment of a new four-part series, we look at some key results from a new Heavy Reading study about the cable industry's edge computing strategy and efforts.

WeLink expands FWA in Las Vegas and Phoenix
News Analysis | 11/9/2021

Company leaders wouldn’t reveal current subscriber numbers but said that they are pleased with WeLink’s performance so far.

Fastly customers have learned to stop worrying and love the cloud
News Analysis | 11/4/2021

Customers are back and sales are up, but the content delivery network's losses are also mounting.

Equinix's revenue results unmarred by supply chain shortages in Q3
News Analysis | 11/4/2021

Equinix's CEO said supply chain challenges impacting much of the telecom industry haven't had a major effect on Equinix's revenue for Q3.

Supply chain constraints catch up to Casa Systems
News Analysis | 11/3/2021

Vendor says its cable network access business has been hit the hardest by a shortage of certain components, exacerbated by a 'decommit' by some suppliers, that has pushed lead times out to a year or more.

T-Mobile CEO: 5G smartphones are still the 5G killer app
News Analysis | 11/3/2021

T-Mobile raised expectations and said its Sprint integration is ahead of schedule. Also, its execs pounded the table on 5G dominance.

BT and the taming of the net neutrality beast
News Analysis | 11/2/2021

As Ofcom continues its post-Brexit review into net neutrality, the UK phone incumbent spies an opportunity to break free of current constraints.

Harmonic 'CableOS' deployments near 4M modems
News Analysis | 11/2/2021

Supplier claims its virtual CCAP has been deployed by 68 carriers worldwide at the end of Q3 2021, up from 62 at the end of the prior period.

Vertical Bridge brings the edge closer to the data
News Analysis | 11/2/2021

The cell tower company says it's building 'edge to suit' data centers where the client determines the location.

Rakuten's Tareq Amin: Conducting Symphony but changing the music
CxO Spotlight | 10/28/2021

Tareq Amin, CEO of Rakuten Symphony and CTO of Rakuten Mobile, talks about his company's success in open RAN and how it plans to change the economics of building 5G networks for other operators.

Mobile industry starts talking like the cable guys
News Analysis | 10/26/2021

In the drive toward a cloud-powered, globally scaled Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) ecosystem, the 5G Future Forum is touting the need for specifications, interoperability and widespread collaboration.

CommScope takes partnership path to DOCSIS 4.0
News Analysis | 10/21/2021

CommScope and a pair of partners are developing chipsets and a network architecture for DOCSIS 4.0 that aims to expand the ecosystem for vendors and MSOs. It should also prevent Broadcom from cornering the market.

Netflix shows why telcos should fear AWS
Morris Lore | 10/20/2021

The streaming service is more popular than ever and its share price has soared, but its public-cloud arrangements carry enormous risk.

IBM has acquired Volta Networks as it muscles up in automation
News Analysis | 10/19/2021

Big Blue has made Volta a part of its takeover strategy and can already cite customers for its technology, including Dish and Telefónica.

Vecima leaps into cable's 'GAP'
News Analysis | 10/15/2021

The supplier said the Entra EN9000, a node based on SCTE standards for the Generic Access Platform (GAP), will be available for lab tests in the first half of 2022. Expect Charter to be among the first in line.

Comcast could spark FDX Amplifier trials in 2022, deployments in 2023
News Analysis | 10/15/2021

The rise of this new class of product will put Comcast in position to deploy upstream-boosting Full Duplex DOCSIS technology to a large portion of its HFC network.

Comcast forges 'network to modem' DOCSIS 4.0 connection
News Analysis | 10/14/2021

Cable op claims another '10G' milestone with Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) live lab trial that linked its virtual cable modem termination system to DOCSIS cable modems configured to operate in the FDX spectrum band.

Omdia's Dario Talmesio: Funding the fiber frenzy
LRTV Interviews | 10/14/2021

Omdia's Dario Talmesio talks about how fiber infrastructure is attracting more investors these days, and why they see value in something other than retail telecoms services.

Adtran's Ronan Kelly: PON's potential paves way for progress
LRTV Interviews | 10/14/2021

Ronan Kelly, Adtran's CTO for its EMEA & APAC regions, discusses the future of GPON as so many other PON variants are battling for the hearts, minds and wallets of network operators around the world.

Remote MACPHY gaining steam with cable ops, CommScope says
News Analysis | 10/12/2021

Recent deployment deal with Alaska's GCI is indicative of a trend that is seeing cable operators shift more attention to remote MACPHY in their distributed access architecture (DAA) rollouts, CommScope's Tom Cloonan says.

Google wants to take your mobile network off your hands, telcos
News Analysis | 10/12/2021

The number-three hyperscaler is ramping up its range of telecom offerings in its public cloud slugfest with AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Comcast 'making a lot of good progress' with DOCSIS 4.0
News Analysis | 10/11/2021

Integration is a big near-term focus, but Comcast's virtual CMTS now 'speaks' DOCSIS 4.0, and the MSO is also pushing ahead with deployments of a distributed access architecture, says Comcast's Rob Howald.

Harmonic: Let's put the MAC here, there... anywhere
News Analysis | 10/11/2021

Vendor says its 'MAC Anywhere' play fits with CableLabs' new Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA), and also opens the door to potential integrations with third-party cable network hardware suppliers.

Leading Lights 2021: The Winners Video
LRTV Documentaries | 10/8/2021

The 2021 Leading Lights Awards winners have been announced during our online video ceremony where we linked together Light Reading's editors from all over the globe to announce the results.

Cloud RAN still a hard sell despite Vodafone and Orange interest
News Analysis | 10/7/2021

Leading operators say they want cloudier RANs, but the economic case for it remains as hazy as ever.

Facebook outage should frighten everyone
Morris Lore | 10/5/2021

The social media giant suffers a blackout that lasts several hours and causes disruption for its customers worldwide.

Full Duplex DOCSIS amplifier chatter heats up
News Analysis | 10/1/2021

Talk about a new class of amplifier that could give FDX a wider window of opportunity as operators explore options for DOCSIS 4.0 continues to circulate. But vendors have yet to pinpoint their product development plans.

Orange alert to cloud 'lock-in' risks as it takes next edge steps
News Analysis | 9/27/2021

As it weighs a global plan for cloud, the edge and open RAN, the French operator does not want to become overly reliant on Google.

Vecima touts 'breakout year' as DAA deployments start to flourish
News Analysis | 9/24/2021

Video and broadband tech supplier posts best fiscal year in its 33-year history as cable operators start to make progress with next-gen network projects.

5G World: The 5G icon is starting to mean something
LRTV Interviews | 9/23/2021

New, improved 5G radios and other products are starting to make a difference in service provider deployments, according to Heavy Reading's mobile network equipment analyst.

SCTE clears way for standardized network nodes
News Analysis | 9/21/2021

The cable industry's standards-making body has blessed the enclosure specs for the Generic Access Platform (GAP), as well as the specs for interoperable service modules that will snap into the next-gen nodes.

Eurobites: UK ahead of Euro rivals on 5G speeds – Ookla
News Analysis | 9/14/2021

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Amdocs talks up Orange project; Nokia lands new deal in Netherlands; MobiledgeX trials road safety systems; GlobalConnect fibers up.

MoCA prepares to 'Link' up with 5G fixed wireless, satellite and PON broadband
News Analysis | 9/7/2021

The Multimedia over Coax Alliance is developing a new standard, called MoCA Link, that provides a speedy, low-latency bridge between access devices on the side of the home or on the roof, and the in-home Wi-Fi router.

T-Mobile's Neville Ray: 5G's extraordinary upside
LRTV Documentaries | 9/3/2021

"I think we have so much to deliver on 5G."

Ciena order book fills up as components crunch starts to hurt
News Analysis | 9/2/2021

Demand for optical networking products is soaring, to judge by Ciena's outlook, but a shortage of stock will put a dent in sales.

Leading Lights 2021: The Finalists
News Analysis | 9/1/2021

Light Reading is delighted to announce the finalists for this year's Leading Lights Awards program, which is now in its 17th year.

CableLabs prepares to take DOCSIS 4.0 to the test
News Analysis | 8/11/2021

CableLabs plans to hold its first two DOCSIS 4.0 interoperability events this October and December, and has set dates for ten more in 2022.

Can domestic vendors dominate India's 5G market?
News Analysis | 8/9/2021

Indian vendors are upping the game where 5G products are concerned thanks to the departure of Chinese vendors and the Aatmanirbhar (self-reliance) push.

Light Reading Recap: Week ending August 6
LRTV Documentaries | 8/9/2021

Last week's telecom news highlights included an overview of Rakuten's impressively aggressive plans, a look at Telegram's rapid growth and the looming threat it presents to telcos, and a summary of the supply chain issues that broadband equipment providers are having as the pandemic has forced higher prices and longer wait times for many components and logistics services.

Frontier's fiber frenzy: 10M FTTP locations by end of 2025
News Analysis | 8/6/2021

Under new, accelerated buildout, Frontier will end 2021 with 4 million fiber locations, then kick off a 'Wave 2' upgrade that will tack on another 6 million locations passed from 2022 through 2025.

StarHub profits do a double-digit drop
News Analysis | 8/6/2021

Singapore's StarHub sees mobile revenues drop, but cybersecurity and business services are new winners after buying a Malaysian data star.

Why a next-gen metro and edge network is critical
Guest Perspectives | 8/5/2021

Networks must evolve for the sake of how we work and for the sake of network providers, which are facing an inflection point with the services they provide and how they're delivered to end users.

CommScope extends finish line for Home Networks spin-off
News Analysis | 8/5/2021

CommScope now expects to complete the spin-off of Home Networks, the unit that makes set-tops and gateways, into a separate, publicly traded company in Q2 2022 – roughly a quarter later than originally expected.

Lumen to sell network assets serving 6M customers for $7.5B
News Analysis | 8/3/2021

In a move aimed at focusing its business on fiber-fed customers and big businesses, Lumen has struck a deal with Apollo to offload a large part of its US network, The WSJ reports.

Harmonic poised to pass Cisco in CMTS market share, CEO says
News Analysis | 8/3/2021

Fueled by expanding deployments of its cloud native 'CableOS' platform, Harmonic believes it will soon only trail CommScope in the CMTS market.

Hong Kong aims for $160M in Asia's 5G spectrum wave
News Analysis | 8/2/2021

Hong Kong is aiming to raise at least HK$1.24 billion ($159.5 million) from a 5G spectrum auction across five different bands.

Podcast: Clearfield CEO Cheri Beranek on the growth of 'community' broadband
CxO Spotlight | 8/2/2021

Clearfield CEO Cheri Beranek joins the podcast to talk about how she's helped build a company that keeps growing as more and more community broadband providers deploy fiber.

Casa Systems says cable network upgrade activity is heating up
News Analysis | 7/30/2021

Not all of that action showed up in the Q2 numbers, but Casa is seeing operator interest head toward next-gen projects such as distributed access architectures, virtual CCAPs and 'high-split' upstream upgrades.

Mapping out edge computing: How dense is it?
News Analysis | 7/28/2021

Based on publicly available data from edge computing companies ranging from Verizon to Amazon to Google to EdgeConneX, there aren't more than a few dozen computing locations across the entire US.

Intel turns chipmaker for Qualcomm in odd couple tie-up
News Analysis | 7/27/2021

The US chips giant has named Qualcomm as the first customer of its new foundry business, raising questions about a conflict of interest.

Light Reading Recap: Week ending July 23
LRTV Documentaries | 7/26/2021

Last week's telecom news highlights included some spectrum auction and siesta news from Spain, an update on how Verizon moved forward with a fabulous, free 5G phone promotion, and you'll find out what US city took a gamble on building a network that covered 65 square miles with broadband in just 45 days.

Intel warns of shortages, but trumpets open RAN
News Analysis | 7/23/2021

'I think I've only been on three major service provider calls this week,' said Intel's Pat Gelsinger. 'They are really starting to look at those deployments at scale.'

Akamai outage is latest warning about Internet dependency
News Analysis | 7/23/2021

A small number of companies, most of them based in America, now play host to critical systems used globally.

DigitalBridge's Tom Barrack resigns board seat
News Analysis | 7/21/2021

The US government has charged a DigitalBridge board member for allegedly obstructing justice, making multiple false statements and acting as an unregistered foreign agent for the United Arab Emirates.

The impact of the ever-shifting edge
Guest Perspectives | 7/19/2021

As consumers drive the demand for more high-quality content without delay, service providers must keep moving 'the edge' of their content delivery networks closer to consumers.

AT&T's edge computing strategy takes shape with Google, Microsoft
News Analysis | 7/16/2021

AT&T offers two lines of business in the edge computing space: AT&T Network Edge (ANE) and AT&T Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC). Google and Microsoft play prominent roles in the offerings.

Podcast: Digital twinning the Tour de France
LRTV Interviews | 7/15/2021

NTT's Tim Wade explains the process of creating a digital twin of the Tour de France, and how NTT's approach to data capture and analytics has changed since the service provider started digitizing the race in 2015.

Lumen takes Microsoft Azure partnership to the edge
News Analysis | 7/8/2021

Lumen says customers of both companies will be able to run Microsoft Azure services closer to the data source by utilizing Lumen's edge computing services.

Verizon hints at edge computing upgrades to BlueJeans
News Analysis | 7/8/2021

Verizon hopes it can supercharge its entry into the video conferencing space with new, edge computing-powered services.

Verizon's Vestberg still on the hunt for content
News Analysis | 7/7/2021

The tiny resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho, hosts an annual gathering of America's super rich. Verizon's Hans Vestberg is there this week, in part to look for more content deals.

Light Reading Recap: Week ending July 2
LRTV Documentaries | 7/5/2021

Last week's telecom news highlights included a look back at the big speeches at Mobile World Congress, Orange's new fully automated, AI-powered network and AT&T's big move to Microsoft's cloud.

Sixty operators and vendors achieve MEF 3.0 certification
News Analysis | 7/2/2021

MEF says certifications are up 75% since May 2020 among service providers – of the 60 certifications, 42 are service providers.

Verizon, Disney+ declare open season on streaming
News Analysis | 7/1/2021

Following test of open caching platform based on Streaming Video Alliance specs on its Fios network, Verizon plans to extend trials to its mobile network.

BAI buys Mobilitie amid 5G infrastructure consolidation
News Analysis | 6/29/2021

BAI Communications said it will acquire Mobilitie in an attempt to expand its business across the US. BAI is the majority shareholder of Transit Wireless, which operates networks in the NYC subway system.

DAA's benefits outweigh the challenges – panel
News Analysis | 6/29/2021

Transporting video services over new distributed access architectures present some hurdles for cable ops, but the resulting jump in network performance and economic advantages could make the move worth pursuing.

Jio, Google bonhomie continues to grow in India
News Analysis | 6/28/2021

Two announcements at Reliance Industries' AGM around the JioPhoneNext and the cloud seal the deal on the love affair with Google.

DOCSIS 4.0 and FTTP to shape the future, says Vodafone Germany CTO
News Analysis | 6/24/2021

But, in Germany, access networks will likely skew toward fiber-to-the-premises tech in high-density areas and multiple-dwelling unit scenarios, predicts Vodafone Germany CTO Gerhard Mack.

Sweden's Tele2 creates new deployment model for remote PHY
News Analysis | 6/23/2021

Looking well beyond organic network capacity needs, Tele2 has developed a data-driven model fueled by other factors, including profitability, competition and risk assessment that help to justify where and when to deploy.

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