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Podcast: Orange Silicon Valley's Will Barkis on Smart Cities
The Philter | 10/21/2019

Smart cities are taking shape in small ways, as the technology develops and makes its way to market. Orange Silicon Valley's Will Barkis discusses some of the newer tech he's seeing, where it might be used and privacy concerns that come up.

Chickens & Eggs Frustrate Operators' Quest for 5G Revenues
News Analysis | 10/17/2019

Yes, wireless operators in the US and elsewhere are building 5G networks. But how exactly they're going to make money from those networks remains a bit unclear.

Seven Things We Learned at Cable-Tec Expo
The Bauminator | 10/10/2019

The 10G future is in sight, HFC has gas in the tank, Comcast is getting serious about network virtualization, DOCSIS's pioneers get recognized and more from last week's show in The Big Easy.

Like Politics, All 5G Is Local
News Analysis | 10/4/2019

Denver city officials acknowledge that 5G could dramatically improve residents' lives, but ongoing concerns over permitting for and radiation from 5G cell sites remain obstacles.

Eurobites: Openreach Looks Further Down the Fiber Road
News Analysis | 10/2/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone UK shares 4G spectrum to help bridge rural connectivity divide; Finnish president endures face-time with Trump to thrash out 5G options; smart lighting gets a bit smarter.

Net Neutrality Is Dead Yet Again
The Philter | 10/1/2019

States still have the option of enacting their own net neutrality regulations following today's DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruling upholding the FCC rollback of net neutrality rules.

China Tower Moves Into Surveillance Business
News Analysis | 9/27/2019

Facing none of the privacy constraints that affect Western firms, China's towers company is diversifying into surveillance.

SCTE-ISBE's Mark Dzuban: '10G' Set to Be the Star of Cable-Tec Expo
CxO Spotlight | 9/26/2019

CEO of cable's engineering and standards-setting organization says 10G will be 'foundational' to the industry's future and a major focus as Cable-Tec Expo has its Swan Song in The Big Easy.

5G Asia: Intel's Chan on Edge Opportunities
LRTV Interviews | 9/16/2019

At the 5G Asia event in Singapore, Intel's Caroline Chan talks to Heavy Reading's James Crawshaw about the link between edge computing and 5G, potential enterprise use cases, and the increasingly hot topic of private networks.

Crown Castle Hires Google Lobbyist to Boost DC Efforts
News Analysis | 8/19/2019

Tower and small cell company Crown Castle moved to bolster its Beltway firepower with the addition of a new chief lobbyist who hails from Google and Microsoft.

Power Brokers: Utilities Explore Their Role in 4G & 5G
News Analysis | 8/2/2019

Utility companies like Duke and Xcel are already major players in the telecom market. Now they're looking at how they might participate in 4G and 5G.

This Is Dish's 6-Step Plan for 5G
DanoVision | 7/31/2019

Dish Network is hoping to enter the wireless industry as a disruptive MVNO while it builds a 5G network. But what exactly are the company's plans?

Q&A With Dish's Charlie Ergen About His New 5G Strategy
CxO Spotlight | 7/26/2019

Dish's chief executive spoke with Light Reading about the company's 5G future, just hours after Dish announced a $5 billion agreement to purchase customers, spectrum and wholesale access from the combined Sprint and T-Mobile.

Podcast: Here Are 3 Big Trends in 5G
The Philter | 7/18/2019

This mini episode of the Light Reading podcast features Ray Le Maistre and Dario Talmesio discussing the big trends shaping the 5G market worldwide, now that so many major operators have launched 5G services.

Eurobites: Swisscom Brokers 5G Roaming Deals With SKT, Elisa
News Analysis | 7/16/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Arcep sets out its ground rules for 5G spectrum allocation; Facebook exec moves to VEON; Eurofins lands smart-home testing deal.

NB-IoT: Where Trash Can Become Treasure
News Analysis | 7/15/2019

Sensoneo is deploying its trash management system in parts of the US with T-Mobile's NB-IoT.

Verizon Folding Smart City Unit Into Business Group, Ingram to Depart
News Analysis | 7/10/2019

Verizon is moving its smart city operations into its new consumer/business corporate structure. As a result, Verizon's VP of Smart Communities, Mrinalini (Lani) Ingram, is leaving the company.

Podcast: Parsing Data & Sharing Poles in Smart Cities
The Philter | 7/9/2019

US Ignite's Mari Silbey provides commentary on a few topics related to smart cities, including how research universities are helping cities slice up IoT and sensor data into bite-sized morsels.

Edge Gravity aims for hyper-scale
CxO Spotlight | 6/28/2019

Ericsson's distributed edge cloud unit is on a path to connect to 'multiple hundreds' of service provider partners in the coming months, new CEO Kyle Okamoto says.

RJio May Make Stock Market Debut In 2020 – Reports
News Analysis | 6/26/2019

India's fastest-growing operator is preparing for an IPO, according to press reports.

Podcast: Why Telcos Are Challenged at the Edge
The Philter | 6/25/2019

Building edge computing resources for advanced applications is going to be a big challenge to telcos in terms of how and where to invest, as well as when and where to partner with cloud providers, vendors and others.

Eurobites: O2 Signs Up to the Connected Carpool
News Analysis | 6/24/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson bigwig can't understand the UK's approach to Huawei; Huawei claims its smartphone sales are on the rise in western Europe; Telxius and DE-CIX cuddle up.

Scenes From Sprint's Big 5G Launch
Slide Shows | 5/31/2019

Hey, did Sprint just become the first US carrier to offer true mobile 5G?

Verizon's Dennis Ong: Vehicle Autonomy to Arrive in Phases
LRTV Interviews | 5/23/2019

Personal autonomous vehicles is a long-term promise 5G, but the nearer-term reality is more likely involve autonomous shuttles in smart cities, assisted assisted by AI-empowered cameras, Verizon's Dr. Dennis Ong predicts.

Big 5G Event Keynote: Sprint's Mishka Dehghan
LRTV Documentaries | 5/21/2019

Mishka Dehghan is vice president of 5G development for Sprint Business, and she talked about the future that we can enable with 5G at the Big 5G Event in Denver on May 8, 2019.

Eurobites: US Huawei Ban Hits European Chipmakers
News Analysis | 5/20/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: France resists US pressure to play hardball with Huawei; lampposts row threatens UK's 5G rollout; ADVA lands Openreach cell site gateway gig.

Comcast's MachineQ Shifts Gears
News Analysis | 5/16/2019

Under its new OTT-like, bring-your-own broadband model, the industrial IoT company aims to scale up more rapidly and set the stage for a global services strategy.

Podcast: The Big 5G Event & Big 5G Questions
LRTV Documentaries | 5/13/2019

Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre and Phil Harvey were joined by two guests -- Light Reading's Mike Dano and US Ignite's Mari Silbey -- to sum up the state of 5G, why US cities are closely watching 5G deployments and what we can look forward to as 2019 rolls on.

Public Safety Agencies Don't See a Clear Path to 5G
News Analysis | 5/10/2019

5G technology offers promise and potential to public safety agencies, but a long road ahead looms for implementation, according to panelists at the Big 5G Event.

Managing the 5G Hype Is Critical to Carriers
News Analysis | 5/7/2019

Preparing and educating customers about the true capabilities about 5G can help mobile service providers avoid unrealistic expectations, execs at Light Reading's Big 5G Event insist.

What Disney, Telcos & China's Social Credit System Have in Common
Morris Lore | 5/2/2019

Big data is guiding your everyday decisions and the decisions that affect your life. It's no wonder that governments and corporations want in.

Eurobites: Huawei Refused to Close Vodafone's 'Backdoor' – Report
News Analysis | 4/30/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Iliad fined by French stock market regulator; ARM gets new CFO; Safaricom's Collymore steps down; Telenor's Q1.

Huawei 5G Ban May Cost UK £7B, Say Telcos in Panicky Report
News Analysis | 4/5/2019

A panicky report from the UK's mobile network operators seems to overstate the impact of banning Huawei on the UK economy.

Eurobites: Orange Invests €3M in DevOps Startup
News Analysis | 3/28/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange tackles fake news; Liquid Telecom Kenya chooses Nokia for OTN/DWDM upgrade; Trondheim intends to be a 5G early adopter.

Eurobites: Nokia Lands Full-On 5G Deal With Austria's A1
News Analysis | 3/26/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson targets Industry 4.0; UK broadband's big beasts must do better; Tele2 restructures; Telia helps with smart-city planning.

Charter, US Ignite spark smart cities project
News Analysis | 3/25/2019

Spectrum Enterprise unit and non-profit group team on exploration and rollout of apps and services that use mix of wired and wireless connectivity options underpinned by a data management platform.

Podcast: Building Smarter Cities
The Philter | 3/22/2019

In this podcast, Light Reading's Alan Breznick interviews US Ignite's Mari Silbey. Silbey, a former Light Reading editor, talks about bringing local governments and tech companies together to share smart city plans, infrastructure needs and new applications.

Verizon Eyes Opportunities for Smart Cities to 'Move a Metric'
LRTV Documentaries | 3/11/2019

Mrinalini 'Lani' Ingram, VP of Verizon's Smart Communities, has helped form public-private partnerships between the telco and cities like Boston, San Jose, and Sacramento. She said the opportunity for Verizon comes when cities want to "move a metric." That's when projects go from small-time testing to building technology and operations at scale.

Orange Exec on IoT's Key Verticals
LRTV Interviews | 3/11/2019

On the show floor at Mobile World Congress 2019, Emmanuel Routier from Orange Business Services talks about the key verticals for IoT application developments.

5G4REAL: The GSMA's Innovation City at MWC19
LRTV Documentaries | 3/5/2019

Light Reading takes a tour of MWC’s Innovation City, where you’ll see an IoT-connected beehive, take flight in a 5G skyship or order a café au lait from an AI robot barista.

Eurobites: Ericsson & VMware Get Closer on NFV
News Analysis | 2/21/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: O2 confirms 5G timetable in UK; Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom and Orange report earnings; Telenor sells Serbian banking operation; why Russian soldiers can't have smartphones.

Eurobites: Vodafone Vaunts 5G Breakthrough
News Analysis | 2/20/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson, Nokia toot their MWC trumpets; Orange links up with NTT on AI research and more; Russia's MTS sells stake in online portals company.

Eurobites: EU Must Act as One on Huawei, Says French Minister
News Analysis | 1/29/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telenor extends its 5G pilot program; why Brexit could boost sales of Android phones in the UK; Telefónica's green bond.

Can LoRa Withstand the Cellular Stampede?
News Analysis | 1/22/2019

Defying predictions it would be trampled by cellular IoT, LoRa technology has continued to secure business. But can it become a multi-billion-device technology?

Podcast: What in the 5G World Happened at CES?
The Philter | 1/16/2019

There was a lot to see in Las Vegas last week, but was there anything said that we had never heard before? Phil Harvey and Mike Dano discuss the week's activities and parse each major carrier's 5G progress following CES 2019.

Sigfox Still Shedding Top Execs, Including CTO – Sources
News Analysis | 1/16/2019

The French IoT company has lost another two senior executives in recent months, according to sources, following a wave of departures in the past two years.

Sprint Gets Cozy With 5G Enterprise Testbeds
LRTV Interviews | 1/11/2019

Jan Geldmacher, president of Sprint Business, gets his customers ready for 5G applications with testbeds that help businesses put low-latency and high-bandwidth network applications to the test, giving them a leg up on IoT and other business deployments.

Light Reading's 41 Most Popular Stories in 2018
The Philter | 12/31/2018

Everything from enterprise strategies to 5G devices caught our audiences' attention during 2018. At a time when so many changes are bearing down on the telecom world, it's clear that a lot of us still have our heads in the cloud.

5G Will (Almost) Make Smart Cities Possible
Column | 12/28/2018

The reliability of 5G networks is critical to the success of smart cities applications. This puts network testing back into the communications technology spotlight.

Light Reading's 23 Most Popular TV Stories & Interviews of 2018
News Analysis | 12/28/2018

Light Reading's on-camera coverage during the year spanned a wide range of topics and technologies, from 5G and 4K to HDR, AI, automation, edge computing and more...

The Telecoms.com Podcast: Cloud, Huawei, 5G Phones & Orange
LRTV Documentaries | 12/7/2018

Live from a shiny hotel in Lisbon, the podders hint at what's been discussed at LR's hush-hush 2020 Vision event, before moving on to Huawei's horrorshow, 5G smartphones and Iain's lunch.

ADVA Moves In on Small Cell Backhaul
News Analysis | 12/5/2018

New tinier gateway is hardened for deployment on street furniture to provide backhaul for small cells, WiFi hotspots that will blossom with 5G densification, smart cities and more.

Smart Cities Are a Truly Different Kind of Telco Business
The Philter | 11/28/2018

Smart cities could be a telco dream come true but for a long-term payoff, they'll need to keep investing in the space and be careful not to overreach.

Comcast's Industrial IoT Platform Has Global Potential
News Analysis | 11/16/2018

'We're effectively IoT over the top,' machineQ exec says.

Eurobites: Telefónica & IBM Explore the Telco Potential of Blockchain
News Analysis | 11/14/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson upgrades Telenor's core network; Iliad thrives in Italy but struggles in France; semi-autonomous barges float Nokia's boat.

Public Safety Agencies Exhorted to Embrace Cloud
News Analysis | 11/7/2018

Public safety expert tells conference there's no reason agencies can't be 'mobile-first' and consume as-a-service apps immediately to save more lives.

Making Smart Cities Smarter
LRTV Documentaries | 11/5/2018

At SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Atlanta last week, Arris and its partners demonstrated how fast broadband links can enable a growing array of smart-city applications.

Carriers Keep 5G on the Smart Cities Agenda
The Philter | 10/31/2018

The need to deploy infrastructure to support 5G services is having an impact on just about every smart cities discussion and plan. Even when 5G isn't on the menu, some cities are asking for multi-decade public-partnerships, a chance for someone to influence the next major tech transition.

WiCipedia: Diversity in Product Dev & Israeli Entrepreneurs Protest Sexism
WiCipedia | 10/19/2018

This week in our WiC roundup: Keeping smart home products safe for all; Merkel finds sexism in Israeli tech community; girls have limited access to mobile phones worldwide; and more.

Zayo's Brian Daniels: Getting Fiber in Place to Feed 5G Services
LRTV Interviews | 10/12/2018

The legislative environment now seems to have roadblocks up against fiber deployment, according to Brian Daniels, Zayo's senior VP of strategic networks. He said there's a need for standard fees and permanent processes to help multiple tenants use a city's light poles and other infrastructure so several carriers can efficiently provide competitive services in cities.

Eurobites: Orange Goes Subsea With Google
News Analysis | 10/12/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Deutsche Telekom in augmented reality deal; Zayo expands in Europe; Dialog workers transfer to Apple.

AT&T's Gordon Mansfield: Focusing on Mobile 5G
LRTV Interviews | 10/11/2018

AT&T's VP of converged access and device technology discusses the 5G network buildout and how the carrier's focus on mobile experiences shapes its decisions on fiber use and edge networking as it races to deliver an 'immersive consumer experience.'

AT&T's Zeto on Smart Cities: Let There Be Light
News Analysis | 9/27/2018

Updated LED street lighting will be a harbinger of smart cities in the US, says AT&T GM Zeto.

Eurobites: Ooredoo Takes 5G for a Ride in Self-Flying Car. Seriously.
News Analysis | 9/27/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson takes NB-IoT to the max in Oz; cybersecurity laggards get left behind; is Gavin's potential BT successor gorgeous enough?

Eurobites: Italy's 5G Auction Crosses €5B Mark
News Analysis | 9/26/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Mobolize gets mobilized in Europe; Tele2 trumpets new IoT platform; Deutsche Telekom shares cybersecurity know-how with Germany army.

Eurobites: TIM, Fastweb Fire Up 5G With Help From Huawei
News Analysis | 9/25/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telia tees up 5G test network in Estonia; Vodafone brings Juniper into its SD-WAN fold; new blood for Ofcom.

Synchronoss CEO Glenn Lurie: Delivering the New Mobile OS
CxO Spotlight | 9/21/2018

Glenn Lurie, CEO of software platform provider Synchronoss Technologies, has his work cut out for him. He's helping carriers navigate several possible growth opportunities, like IoT, messaging and personal cloud services. Check out this interview where Lurie discusses the company's newest partnership with AT&T and new proof-of-concept with a blockchain-based mobile payments service.

Eurobites: Nationwide 5G Too Costly, Says German Regulator
News Analysis | 9/18/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: OBS majors in multicloud; TE Connectivity sells subsea unit; Telefónica goes 200GigE roaming.

MWCA Day 2 Recap: '5G' Rolls Out & We Roll On
LRTV Documentaries | 9/14/2018

Still weary from walking in LA, Light Reading's Phil Harvey and Dan Jones look straight into 5G and offer an artistic interpretation of carrier deployment strategies.

IBC2018: What MediaKind Did Next
News Analysis | 9/14/2018

The (nearly) former Ericsson media business is doubling down on platform innovation, including the use of blockchain, as it preps for independence. But will that be enough?

Federated Wireless Sets Plan for Massive CBRS Band Deployment
News Analysis | 9/10/2018

FCC application outlines proposal that would include participation from multiple wireless and cable operators, tower companies, wireless ISPs and more than 80 rural carriers across nearly 16,000 deployment sites.

Could 5G Revitalize the Thin Client Market?
Jonestown | 9/6/2018

Boring ol' terminals are ready to make the leap into the next generation.

States Challenge FCC 'Internet Freedom' Order
The Philter | 8/21/2018

Twenty-three attorneys general, representing 22 states and the District of Columbia, are suing to block the FCC's rollback of net neutrality regulations, again bringing up the agency's tendency to preempt state and local laws.

Eurobites: Dave & Friends Return to Virgin TV
News Analysis | 8/13/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BSS and blockchain; Drillisch revenue up in H1; Swisscom caught speeding; on-demand video eats Europe.

Dish: We Can Meet Wireless Buildout Schedule
News Analysis | 8/3/2018

Says it's 'on track' to complete the first phase of a 5G-capable network by March 2020.

The Great Edge Computing Land Grab
News Analysis | 7/25/2018

Schneider Electric, a major supplier to everyone in the data center space, sees a rush to identify and build out edge data centers that sit between the cell tower and a CO or regional data center.

Eurobites: EU Socks Google With $5B Monster-Fine for Android Control-Freakery
News Analysis | 7/18/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: high marketing costs hit Telekom Austria's earnings; streaming services on the march in UK; Ericsson appoints new digital services chief.

Pole Position: A Look at San Jose's Smart City Small Cell Deal
LRTV Interviews | 7/12/2018

The City of San Jose is working with three carriers to unleash the best cell coverage and fastest download speeds its citizens have ever seen. Here's how it happened.

Smart Cities: Orange Sticks Its Neck Out on Transylvanian Testbed
News Analysis | 7/11/2018

Successful trials in the Romanian city of Alba Iulia could have big implications for Orange's European smart city strategy.

Ericsson Rebadges Media Unit, Eyes Smart Cities, M&A
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

The media business that Ericsson is relinquishing has a new name and aspirations to consolidate the media networking sector and build a business with smart cities.

Carriers Awkwardly Embrace San Jose's Small Cell Success
The Philter | 7/6/2018

There are political games a-plenty as carriers put all their 5G expansion cards on the table without showing their hand.

Eurobites: VEON Trials NB-IoT With Ericsson in Moscow
News Analysis | 6/25/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Broadnet launches SD-WAN services with Huawei; Telefónica calls for a new digital deal; Openreach extends Gfast rollout.

AT&T to Deploy Small Cells, Smart City Infrastructure in San Jose
News Analysis | 6/18/2018

AT&T initially announced a small cell deployment partnership with San Jose in April, and plans to start deploying 5G in San Jose in the first half of 2019.

Time for an Edge Computing Reckoning
MariNation | 5/23/2018

There's still a lot of ambivalence from operators around edge computing, and the killer app for many of them is anything that helps deliver more bits for less money.

AT&T, San Jose Sew Up Model Small Cell Deal
News Analysis | 5/14/2018

Enemies no more.

Why Telcos Need an Elastic Services Platform
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 5/9/2018

ECI's ELASTIC Services Platform takes networking solutions to the next level, allowing service providers to concentrate on launching new services and driving new revenue streams.

Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy
News Analysis | 5/2/2018

The envelope please...

Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Outstanding Transformation Strategy, Service Provider
News Analysis | 5/1/2018

Colt, Intelsat and Reliance Jio are the finalists for transformation strategy in 2018, for three very different efforts.

The Network Edge: Where Services Go to Thrive
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 4/19/2018

A major re-architecting of the network will be needed to deliver future services, as we'll discuss during the upcoming BCE 2018.

Eurobites: Google's Nest Eyes Nokia's Withings
News Analysis | 4/17/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Lycamobile strikes WiFi deal; French government trials home-grown WhatsApp; Com Hem profits down.

Cox Talks Smart City Co-Creation
News Analysis | 4/16/2018

Because co-creation just sounds more exciting than collaboration.

2 Cities Put Future of Wireless to the Test
News Analysis | 4/12/2018

'Most of all, it took a lot of crazy.' Major telecom players are lining up to build city-scale testbeds for next-generation wireless technologies.

Eurobites: Telefónica Boards the 5G Bus
News Analysis | 4/11/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: EU officials raid Fox's London office; Nokia in talks with Google over airplane broadband sale; Orange Luxembourg goes with Comarch for BSS.

Eurobites: Telecom Italia Plans to Thwart Elliott Plot
News Analysis | 4/10/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telia Sweden CEO resigns; new boss at Liquid Telecom; Viavi displays the Cobham effect; smart city developments.

Everything's Up-to-Date in Kansas City
Slide Shows | 4/6/2018

Kansas City hosted this year's Smart Cities Connect conference and showed off some of its own smart city projects.

Sprint: 3 Big Smart City Challenges
News Analysis | 4/5/2018

Smart cities are no walk in the park.

City CIO Talks Broadband in the Big Easy
News Analysis | 4/4/2018

New Orleans is getting scrappy with its broadband plans.

Eurobites: Spotify's IPO Is a Hit
News Analysis | 4/4/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Fox proposes Sky News sell-off; poles not towers for MTN Nigeria; MTS offers VoLTE and WiFi calling.

New Orleans: Unique in Jazz, Coastline & Broadband
LRTV Documentaries | 4/3/2018

Light Reading's Mari Silbey interviews New Orleans CIO Kimberly LaGrue on broadband in the Big Easy.

Cities to FCC: Stop Undermining Us
News Analysis | 4/3/2018

Another city leader has parted ways with the FCC's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee.

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