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'Robust' broadband choice squashes need for regulation, says trade group
Broadband World News | 6/23/2022

Study from ACA Connects argues that the case for new regulations has 'vanished' amid 'robust' broadband growth and competition.

Dr. FAANG and the metaverse of madness
Morris Lore | 6/23/2022

Various Big Tech companies – but no telecom operators – club together to promote an interoperable, open and standards-based metaverse.

Huawei's NetEngine 8000 M4 Universal Service Router Wins the Interop 2022 Best of Show Award
Partner Perspectives | 6/23/2022

At Interop 2022, the largest ICT exhibition in Japan, Huawei's datacom product NetEngine 8000 M4 won the Runners-up for Best of Show Award in the network infrastructure category. The product was praised by the Interop Tokyo Steering Committee for providing high overall performance in addition to SRv6 and 10GE FlexE physical slicing capabilities. Developed for carrier networks, this product will facilitate edge computing. #sponsored

Huawei Wins the "Best New Gamechanger or Innovation" Award at the NGON WDM Forum 2022
Partner Perspectives | 6/23/2022

At the Next Generation Optical Networking (NGON 2022) held in Barcelona, Spain, Huawei stood out from many vendors to win the "Best New Gamechanger or Innovation" award in the optical field. The award recognizes equipment vendors' efforts to continuously innovate in the optical transport field by providing a comprehensive range of solutions. #sponsored

Broadband administration jobs abound across US
Broadband World News | 6/22/2022

Federal, state and local offices are hiring for a range of positions to manage billions of dollars in broadband grants.

Reviewing Vodafone's Open RAN System Integration white paper
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/22/2022

Vodafone has ambitious plans for open RAN - it's aiming to deploy at 30% of its more than 100,000 European sites by 2030 - and is an influential voice in mobile network tech.

Huawei Releases the New Vision of Optical Transport Network to Help Operators Succeed in Business Growth and TCO optimization
Partner Perspectives | 6/21/2022

Recently at the 9th Huawei Optical Innovation Forum, Huawei released the new vision of optical transport network: λ to Everywhere, Premium Connectivity Lighting up the Digital World. The new vision stresses bringing the optical transport network (OTN) everywhere to provide ubiquitous premium connectivity and enables operators to monetize the network capability through new products and services while boosting their green credentials and lowering TCO. #sponsored

Belgium sleepwalks into 5G and foists new entrants on market
Morris Lore | 6/21/2022

Europe's weirdest nation raises euro 1.2 billion from its long-delayed spectrum auction and throws yet more competitors into the mix.

Four key observations from Dish's 5G launch
DanoVision | 6/21/2022

Dish is finally turning years and years of spectrum hoarding into a commercial service. But building a network is just the first step. Here's a look at the company's competitive stance.

Huawei and China Mobile Research Institute Jointly Launch the Industry's First Super C120+L120 Single-Fiber Ultra-wide Spectrum OTN Solution
Partner Perspectives | 6/20/2022

Recently, Huawei officially released the industry's first Super C120+L120 ultra-wide spectrum OTN solution. This solution makes a historic breakthrough in the field of ultra-large single-fiber optical transmission. #sponsored

Despite critics, fiber rollout is a rare UK success story
Morris Lore | 6/20/2022

Despite fears of a 'digital' imbalance between fiber haves and have-nots, a surge of private-sector investment has been welcome.

Nobody has the foggiest about the edge
Morris Lore | 6/16/2022

Does edge computing decentralization make sense? What form should it take? What role is left for network operators? The telecom industry is still seeking answers.

Four forces driving 1-Gig as 'new global standard' – report
Broadband World News | 6/14/2022

Consumer demand, operator technology upgrades, marketing and high levels of investment are all contributing to 1-Gig growth globally, says analyst firm Omdia.

Open RAN specialists are a dying breed
Morris Lore | 6/13/2022

Several suppliers have now expanded their product offerings in a development that calls open RAN logic into question.

NTIA chief defends broadband rules in Senate hearing
Broadband World News | 6/10/2022

Broadband rules also drew criticism from the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) which called NTIA's fiber focus 'contrary to Congress' tech-neutral design' of the infrastructure law.

Manufacturers Need a Converged Private Network - Not a 5G Tech Island
Partner Perspectives | 6/10/2022

The manufacturing industry has a history of embracing innovations designed to improve efficiencies, quality, and worker safety. Consider the impact Henry Ford made by bringing the assembly line to auto manufacturing, creating previously unheard-of efficiencies. #sponsored

Four Technology Challenges Telcos Must Tackle
Partner Perspectives | 6/10/2022

Cybersource can offer practical solutions for telco leaders hoping to modernize and streamline their processes. #sponsored

GAO: US needs a national broadband strategy
Broadband World News | 6/6/2022

A new study counts over 100 broadband programs administered by 15 agencies and calls the federal approach to closing the digital divide 'fragmented and overlapping.'

China Southern Power, CAICT, Huawei Release White Paper on 5G VPP Security
Partner Perspectives | 6/6/2022

The 5G Deterministic Networking Alliance (5GDNA), 5G Applications Industry Array (5GAIA), and their partners released the 5G Virtual Private Networks for Electric Power White Paper: Network Security at the recent 5G Deterministic Networking Alliance Conference. #sponsored

5G providers begin nickel-and-diming their way to growth
DanoVision | 6/1/2022

'5G has not been enough to attract wireless consumers to higher priced rate plans,' wrote the analysts at LightShed Partners. 'We are skeptical faster 5G is inducing many subscribers to upgrade.' Enter the admin fees.

Cable Next-Gen Europe returns online
Alantown | 5/31/2022

As we have for the past two years, Light Reading will present our Cable Next-Gen Europe conference as a free digital symposium on June 21.

Vodafone CEO Read widens pay gap with his staff
Morris Lore | 5/30/2022

Despite shareholder unhappiness with the UK operator's recent performance, CEO compensation rose 17% last year, its annual report shows.

My take on the Small Cell World Summit
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/27/2022

Thoughts from an event that helps set the agenda for small cell technology and product development.

MTN Group Deploys Premium Wi-Fi, Utilizing Autonomous Driving Networks to Improve User Experience
Partner Perspectives | 5/25/2022

Recently, MTN Group and Huawei have jointly launched the Premium Wi-Fi service in Nigeria to continuously improve end-users' experience on the network. #sponsored

Huawei Proposes a New Data Storage Concept: Building a Data-Centric, Trustworthy Storage Foundation for Diverse Applications
Partner Perspectives | 5/25/2022

At the 2022 Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum, Huawei proposed a new, innovative storage concept of 'building a data-centric, trustworthy storage foundation for diverse applications.' #sponsored

Huawei’s Intelligent World 2030 Envisions a Brighter Future
Partner Perspectives | 5/24/2022

Discussion at Huawei's Intelligent World 2030 vision event focused on how digitization and decarbonization are creating intelligent, green approaches in areas such as healthcare, transportation, food production, and cybersecurity.

Mobile Telecom – Leading and Enabling the Path to Net Zero
Partner Perspectives | 5/23/2022

Steep cuts in emissions required to combat climate change. #sponsored

The private wireless networking opportunity shouldn't stay too private
DanoVision | 5/20/2022

Private wireless players need to start showing off actual wins, allowing sunlight to help generate momentum. Otherwise the industry risks falling into navel-gazing apathy.

Here are 10 big broadband moments from the last 12 months
Broadband World News | 5/18/2022

While we're covering the Big 5G event, here's a look back at a few broadband industry highlights from the last 12 months.

Kimberly Maki lends SCTE a helping hand
The Bauminator | 5/18/2022

Maki, a former exec of both SCTE and Bright House Networks, is consulting with the organization as SCTE makes plans for Cable-Tec Expo to return as an in-person show this fall in Philadelphia.

6G has every chance of screwing the carriers
Morris Lore | 5/17/2022

Another big investment round will net billions for governments and equipment vendors, while forcing operators to dig deep.

Here are 10 big 5G moments from the last 12 months
DanoVision | 5/17/2022

Here it is: The biggest 5G moments from the past year, as compiled by Light Reading's editorial staff.

Opening a path to open RAN
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/16/2022

Carriers need partners that can negate the impact of their skills shortage and can assist them in deploying an open RAN solution that leverages a multivendor, best-of-breed platform. #sponsored

Four 5G takeaways from Dish's big analyst day
DanoVision | 5/11/2022

Dish's network is cheap and potentially transformative. And the company has ambitious targets in the retail and enterprise sectors. But now it must execute.

Zyxel’s WiFi 6 Portfolio Opens Service Opportunities for Providers
Partner Perspectives | 5/11/2022

As consumers become more reliant on their WiFi connections, they need networks that can handle the increasing demand. #sponsored

DOCSIS 4.0 revenues a couple years out, Casa CEO says
CxO Spotlight | 5/10/2022

Meanwhile, the supplier is seeing 'high-split' trials and deployments perk up as cable operators seek ways to expand upstream capacity on DOCSIS 3.1 networks.

White House touts ISP commitments to increase affordable access
Broadband World News | 5/10/2022

But consumer advocacy group Free Press argues that some of the broadband providers on that list are the same ones 'sabotaging President Biden's FCC.'

Thoughts on the evolving battle among US fiber, cable and 5G providers
DanoVision | 5/9/2022

Some have speculated that Charter will eventually purchase T-Mobile. Others think AT&T could acquire Dish Network or Altice. Here are three trends currently affecting this battle.

Mavenir under fire over role in Russia
Morris Lore | 5/6/2022

The US software vendor looks tarnished by its association with investor Charles Koch, whose business has been criticized for continuing to operate in Russia.

Boingo's Rebecca Gray on bolstering a diverse talent pool
Kelsey's Grammar | 5/5/2022

Gray explains why paying it forward as a mentor is critical because 'the next generation of wireless is not going to build itself.'

Boingo's Rebecca Gray brings a military mindset to women in wireless
Kelsey's Grammar | 5/4/2022

Gray explains how she has applied learnings from her military and athletic background to leadership roles in the telecom industry.

Paving the Way to Autonomous 5G Networks
Partner Perspectives | 5/4/2022

With each new release, the NWDAF gains more and more capabilities that show how the evolution of this core function could become a critical function in the 5G core and the central hub for automation. #sponsored

Overpaid and underperforming: Meet the bosses of US telecom
Morris Lore | 5/3/2022

The publication of pay ratios shines the light on the disparity between Europe and the US when it comes to CEO compensation.

The Missing Link Between 5G and Retail IoT
Partner Perspectives | 5/3/2022

Esper Architect is a full-stack solution that addresses the unique challenges of always-on, always-connected dedicated device fleets. #sponsored

Is Your Workforce Ready?
Partner Perspectives | 5/3/2022

With specific coursework, standards, best practices and certifications, SCTE provides the tools to help workers become broadband experts. #sponsored

Charter starts to book RDOF revenues
Broadband World News | 4/29/2022

Charter has sparked RDOF work in all 24 states where it won bids. The cable op booked about $19 million in RDOF revenues in Q1, and expects to have about $9 million per month come in over the next ten years.

What Can the Telecoms Industry Learn From Top-Flight Orchestral Conductors?
Partner Perspectives | 4/29/2022

Why end-to-end service orchestration is critical to successful 5G operations. #sponsored

Free speech is in trouble if it depends on Twitter
Morris Lore | 4/29/2022

The loss-making social media platform risks turning into an echo chamber of similar voices after an Elon Musk takeover.

Eutelsat caught in Orwellian fight between Europe and Russia
Morris Lore | 4/28/2022

The European satellite company stands accused of distributing Putin's propaganda to millions of Russians. Meanwhile, Europe is adopting Russian tactics.

Could 6G mark a return to usage-based pricing?
DanoVision | 4/27/2022

'We need to start charging for usage again,' said Kimberley Trommler, head of Thinknet 6G, during her keynote address to attendees of an online event focusing on 6G and environmental sustainability.

Former Dem senator launches campaign to squash Gigi Sohn's FCC confirmation
Broadband World News | 4/26/2022

One Country Project, led by former Senator Heidi Heitkamp - a Democrat - is launching a campaign claiming that Sohn 'is the wrong choice for the FCC and rural America.'

Xperi CEO plots his attack on the smart TV market
CxO Spotlight | 4/26/2022

Jon Kirchner believes there's room for another player in the crowded connected TV OS market, as Xperi – which merged with TiVo last year – looks to enter the fray in late 2023/early 2024.

GIO Plans Accelerated Digital Transformation for Industry Verticals
Partner Perspectives | 4/26/2022

To help create more effective digital partnerships and establish best practice for transformation projects, Global Industry Organizations (GIO) was launched at the 2018 edition of Mobile World Congress. #sponsored

Twitter owner or free-speech custodian? Musk cannot be both
Morris Lore | 4/26/2022

The board of the social media company has accepted a $44 billion offer by Elon Musk, whose move could have dramatic consequences.

Huawei iMaster NCE-IP Launches Path Computing Element, Embarking on IP Network Automation
Partner Perspectives | 4/25/2022

At the MPLS SD & AI Net World Congress 2022, Huawei introduced Path Computing Element, a key capability that empowers its IP network automation solution in iMaster NCE, and demonstrated the capability in commercial cases. #sponsored

Commercial break: Netflix weighs whether ads will ease sub slippage
The Bauminator | 4/21/2022

Netflix has yet to formalize how it will offer cheaper, ad-supported plans to help counter sub losses. The move might attract some new customers, but it might also cannibalize its existing base, analysts say.

Vodafone Germany IT snafu preceded CEO's departure
Morris Lore | 4/20/2022

The operator turned in a disappointing performance in Germany's fixed-line broadband market last year, with IT problems partly to blame.

Senators to Rosenworcel: Communities need clarity on RDOF
Broadband World News | 4/20/2022

Senators requested updates on the FCC's efforts to default ineligible bids, how they're collaborating on broadband funding across agencies and how rejected funds will be redistributed.

Netflix is in crisis as streaming hits the buffers
Morris Lore | 4/20/2022

As prices rise and TV loses some of its lockdown appeal, households are reassessing how many streaming platforms they can afford.

MEF's Universal SD-WAN Edge: Now is the time
Guest Perspectives | 4/20/2022

The MEF's work on a universal SD-WAN edge standard is good for equipment vendors and service providers. But does it go far enough?

An Elon Musk takeover won't save Twitter
Morris Lore | 4/19/2022

The Tesla founder's commitment to free speech is a worry for the investor community.

China Mobile Takes the Lead in Releasing 5G New Calling
Partner Perspectives | 4/19/2022

5G New Calling offers ultra-definition audio and video calling and other related value-added services, like VoNR ultra-definition video calling, 5G video customer service, real-time language translation, screen sharing, remote collaboration, AR calling, and interactive RBT, providing customers with visual and interactive ultra-definition calling experience.

5G transport: Supporting the cloud RAN
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 4/15/2022

Heavy Reading survey research shows that - like centralized RAN (C-RAN) architectures - cloud RAN architectures are gaining momentum globally. Beneath the virtualization layer, the transport network plays a crucial role. #sponsored

California taps Utopia Fiber as partner on open access network
Broadband World News | 4/13/2022

Utopia Fiber's partnership with California's Golden State Connect Authority comes following the state's passage of a $6 billion broadband bill with $3.25 billion for an open access, middle mile fiber network.

CNN+ is a serious dud – report
The Bauminator | 4/13/2022

New premium streaming service has reportedly struggled to draw more than 10,000 daily users just as Discovery and WarnerMedia combine to double-down on streaming.

Comcast pitches smart solutions for clever cities
The Philter | 4/11/2022

Service providers won't stop believing in smart cities. The latest, Comcast, is keen to explain how its new business unit will monitor streetlights, people.

New report underscores the amplified role of the hyperscalers in carrier edge deployments
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 4/11/2022

SPONSORED: Heavy Reading's survey results show that CSPs have unquestionably decided to partner with hyperscalers in their multi-access edge computing (MEC) services.

Dorsey's Internet is better than the anarchy of tomorrow's Web3
Morris Lore | 4/7/2022

If today's tech billionaires look scary, just wait for tomorrow's crypto-enriched masters of the universe.

Now is the time for big ideas
Guest Perspectives | 4/7/2022

New report from The Cable Center and Intrapreneurship Academy offers fresh insights into the state of innovation in the industry, and also reveals a gap in the way organizations operate and how leadership skills must adapt to address change.

Rosenworcel promises broadband map this fall
Broadband World News | 4/5/2022

The FCC Chairwoman also confirmed the Commission would start a challenge process following the map release to give localities, tribes, carriers and consumers the opportunity to tell the agency what it got wrong.

Next-gen data analytics for tomorrow's telcos
Guest Perspectives | 4/5/2022

The data challenge vexing operators now is not harvesting haystacks of data, but deploying the advanced analytics tools necessary to find the needles hidden inside them.

ZainTech Signs MoU With Huawei to Introduce New Digital Solutions and Cloud Services to Various Industries
Partner Perspectives | 4/5/2022

ZainTech has signed a partnership agreement with Huawei to enhance its digital and cloud services offerings across various industries in the region.

Huawei hunts for AI and cloud expertise in Moscow
Morris Lore | 4/1/2022

The Chinese vendor continues to advertise job vacancies in Russia, where its main rivals have suspended operations.

5G transport: Spotlight on RAN centralization
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/31/2022

SPONSORED: Results from Heavy Reading's Operator Strategies for 5G Transport Market Leadership Survey indicate RAN centralization is gaining traction globally - especially in North America.

How Reach Mobile is connecting with cable
CxO Spotlight | 3/31/2022

Hot off a deal with WideOpenWest, Reach Mobile CEO Harjot Saluja says his company's platform enables partners to offer a range of flexible offerings, including family plans, underpinned by the networks of top US carriers.

US 5G leadership depends on ending government infighting
Guest Perspectives | 3/31/2022

Americans will be better off if bureaucratic spectrum fights are not swirling around the media, writes the CTA's VP of regulatory affairs.

Starry CEO: Get ready for personalized broadband
CxO Spotlight | 3/30/2022

Speeds and feeds are heading the hype in US broadband's multi-gig era, but Starry CEO Chet Kanojia believes a focus on 'consistent' latency and speeds more tailored to how specific customers use the Internet will help the company differentiate.

Rural broadband gets $600M in proposed Biden budget
Broadband World News | 3/29/2022

The budget proposal also includes $25 million for rural co-ops to refinance Rural Utilities Services loan debt and upgrade their networks.

Huawei cut 10K non-R&D jobs in two years but still got bigger
Morris Lore | 3/29/2022

The Chinese kit vendor is morphing into an R&D specialist but may struggle to maintain spending at its current level.

The edge computing challenge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/29/2022

SPONSORED: A new Heavy Reading survey indicates that CSPs face a variety of hurdles to overcome when deploying MEC platforms.

Huawei is slowly being strangled
Morris Lore | 3/28/2022

The Chinese vendor is in worse shape than anyone thought before the publication of its latest annual results.

Construction starts on open access fiber network in Montana
Broadband World News | 3/28/2022

Yellowstone Fiber has started laying conduit to install underground fiber to connect Gallatin County and the city of Bozeman, Montana. The open access network is a partnership with Utah's Utopia Fiber.

When Will Wi-Fi Really Support the Metaverse?
Partner Perspectives | 3/28/2022

Wi-Fi is currently unable to support the metaverse.

T-Mobile wants to give 5G a kick in the pants
Morris Lore | 3/24/2022

Carriers need to get out of the way if the technology is to thrive, says the operator, but it seems to be doing the opposite.

China Mobile Sichuan and Huawei Jointly Build an Industry-Innovated DQ ODN
Partner Perspectives | 3/24/2022

Solution uses the innovative optical path technology to achieve visualized management of ODN resources and build a highly automated and intelligent all-optical network infrastructure.

How Telecom Is Leading the Way to Net Zero
Partner Perspectives | 3/23/2022

It is good to know that telecom operators worldwide are not only leading the path toward Net Zero but are also enabling other industries to do the same.

Cox investment prompts Rhode Island reps to push for broadband council
Broadband World News | 3/22/2022

Rhode Island lawmakers called a multi-million-dollar Cox investment 'an effort to catch up on years of neglect' and renewed their push for a dedicated advisory council to plan out the state's broadband future.

Global broadband prices rose during pandemic – study
Broadband World News | 3/21/2022

A new policy brief shows fixed broadband prices rose to 3.5% of gross national income (GNI) per capita in 2021, up from 2.9% in 2020. Mobile broadband prices increased to 2% of GNI in 2021, up from 1.9% in 2020.

New report highlights MEC performance challenges and how perception changes after production deployment
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/16/2022

SPONSORED: Heavy Reading's survey results indicate that the deployment of edge computing introduces issues of scale and complexity, and CSPs are most concerned with overall network performance and security.

Industry weighs in on FCC broadband nutrition labels
Broadband World News | 3/16/2022

With the public comment period on the FCC's broadband nutrition label rules wrapped up, here are some takeaways from the industry's input on how they may be written.

du and Huawei Joint Released SRv6 Programmable in Arabic at MWC 2022
Partner Perspectives | 3/15/2022

On March 1, 2022, du and Huawei successfully released SRv6 Programmable in Arabic at MWC 2022 in Barcelona.

Innovation for 5Gigaverse, Huawei Unveils Its Latest Wireless Solutions and IntelligentRAN Architecture
Partner Perspectives | 3/15/2022

At MWC22 Barcelona, Huawei unveiled its latest wireless products and solutions - third-generation TDD M-MIMO products and FDD ultra-wideband multi-antenna products.

UScellular CTO updates on midband, standalone 5G
CxO Spotlight | 3/15/2022

'Most of the applications on devices really can be served by 30, 50, 60 Mbit/s, no problem,' UScellular's Mike Irizarry said, noting that those are the speeds supported today by UScellular's 4G LTE network.

Building a Green and Low-Carbon Optical Network
Partner Perspectives | 3/15/2022

Recently, IDATE, a well-known French analysis and research institute, jointly held the Green Optical Network Summit with carriers and equipment vendors in Barcelona.

Scaling open vRAN operations
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/11/2022

SPONSORED: Heavy Reading white paper examines how to create a scalable deployment model for disaggregated, open vRAN.

From Network Automation to Network Intelligence, Huawei IntelligentRAN Ushers in New Era
Partner Perspectives | 3/11/2022

The telecoms industry faces a huge structural challenge. Opex, according to various market estimates, has been increasing faster than revenue for over a decade.

Is cable going to the dickens?
Alantown | 3/11/2022

As we have for the past two years, Light Reading will stage the Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies conference as a free digital event over two half-days next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ukraine has made Huawei even more toxic for European telcos
Morris Lore | 3/11/2022

The Chinese equipment vendor's continued involvement in Russia is awkward for its biggest European customers.

Eoptolink Pushes Lower Power Limits for 400G and 800G Transceivers at OFC 2022
Partner Perspectives | 3/10/2022

Eoptolink Technology today announces the demonstration of next-generation, industry-leading, low-power 400G and 800G transceivers at OFC 2022.

Operators Unlock 5G's Potential for Enterprises and Consumers
Partner Perspectives | 3/10/2022

In the past few years, expectations have been high for the rollout of fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology in the enterprise and consumer sectors.

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