Apple Tablet to Be Shockingly Cheap?

11:20 AM -- Internet personality Alex Albrecht claims to have inside information on the price of the upcoming Apple tablet device, on the latest episode of his video podcast, Diggnation.

"I was shocked at how cheap the price point is going to be," he told cohost Kevin Rose and guest Apple pitchman Jon Hodgman. According to the Apple Insider, Albrecht has a mixed record on Apple-related rumors.

Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated has released stunning screen shots and a demo of what it will look like on tablet devices. Here's one of the shots:

In other news:

  • More than 3,500 sex offenders registered in New York have been booted from MySpace and Facebook since a new law took effect, attorney general Andrew Cuomo said this week. The new law requires sex offenders to register their email addresses, making it easier for the sites to identify them.

  • Google has introduced a new fade-in homepage. When a user first loads the page, the only things visible are the Google logo and the two search buttons, but when the user moves the mouse, the other features appear.

  • On their wedding day, there's one thing newlyweds just can't wait to do... update their Facebook relationship status. Groom Dana Hanna (in the video below) took out his cellphone to make the update before he even left the altar.

    — Erin Barker, Digital Content Reporter, Cable Digital News

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