Anger (Data) Management

2:00 PM -- Ever wondered what "This call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes" is really all about? A promo that recently landed in Red Panda's inbox clears it up NICEly:

Emotion detection is the latest technology from NICE Systems, the world leader in telephone call digital recording systems... When your voice hits a certain decibel level or if you use harsh or foul language (or the name of a competitor), NICE's call monitoring system will issue an alert to call center managers that there's a problem.

Like all recorded calls, your angry call will be digitized and stored on a server, where it can be batched with other angry calls, searched by keyword and emailed as a sound file among company managers.

This is vastly superior to the old system, in which some sort of "human being" had to guess at your emotional state without the benefit of vital data such as your decibel level, the frequency of foul language use, or even the most basic pitch-detection algorithm. How primitive!

But while I'm reassured that my angry call will be digitized and emailed around the office ("Hey, listen to this a**hole's whining! LOL!"), this process still seems to offer far too many opportunities for human error. With any luck, the next generation of this software will be capable of soothing our nerves in a more automated, efficient, and logical manner.

— Red Panda, Futurist, Light Reading

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