And Cluck You, Too

4:40 PM -- A trip to the playground ended badly for Red Panda the other day when he took Red Panda Jr (a.k.a. "Wee Red Panda") to the playground in Doontoon Manhattan.

There, our panda pals were accosted by one Sandy the Seagull, who purports to be the mascot of one Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team .

Amphibious Assault

Red Panda doesn't know what effect Sandy has on opposing teams (presumably absolutely none) but, being a six-foot-tall seagull, he certainly succeeded in scaring the crap out of RP Jr.

Question 1: Why pick a seagull as a mascot?

Question 2: Why, if you're stupid enough to have a seagull as a mascot, would you make it look like a chicken?

— Red "Angry When Pecked" Panda, Light Reading
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