Ancient Briton Feted

2:00 PM -- According to BBC News this geezer can still party:

    Britain's oldest surviving war veteran has celebrated his 110th birthday at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne.

    Henry Allingham was presented with a letter of good wishes from the Queen by Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown at the five-star seafront hotel.

    Mr Allingham is the last remaining RAF founder member and the only remaining survivor of the Battle of Jutland.

    In the past he has put the key to his old age down to "cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women"...

    Mr Allingham's birthday present from the chancellor was a bottle of House of Commons whisky...
Cheap prats -- how old's a geezer gotta be to rate a bottle of House of Lords? No drinking problem in the U.K...

The highlight of the affair, however, had to be "a letter from Chief of Defence Staff, Sir Jock Stirrup." Make up your own jokes.

— Red Panda, Flying Ace, Light Reading

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