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The Telecoms.com Podcast: Mind Your Language

The pod regulars are joined by Ray from Light Reading once more this week. They start with a discussion about how inadequate the policing of the digital economy is, with legislators and regulators struggling to keep up with the pace of technological change. Jamie feels so strongly about it that he's moved to frankly shocking profanity. He then composes himself long enough to tell us about the tension between national and state-level attitudes to technology in the US, allowing Ray to step in and restore some decorum to the exchange before the city of Peterborough gets some harsh treatment. They conclude by observing snowballing interest in automation across the telecom industry, which Ray uses as an opportunity to shamelessly plug Light Reading stuff.

Download the audio on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/telecoms-podcast/mind-your-language and subscribe on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/telecoms-com-podcast/id1124414975?mt=2

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