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Eurobites: EU Warns Google Over 'Right to Be Forgotten' Opportunism

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson's Croatian deal; Telefónica's Brazilian maneuver; EE tops UK study.

  • EU Justice Commissioner Martine Reicherts has sounded a warning to Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) et al that the current rumpus over the European Court of Justice's "right to be forgotten" ruling must not be used to try to divert the EU from its plan to create a "digital single market" in Europe. In a speech in Lyon, Reicherts said that Google and other affected parties "are attempting to throw a new spanner in the works. They are trying to use the recent ruling by the European Court of Justice on the right to be forgotten to undermine our reform," adding that she "will not let them abuse this crucial ruling to stop us from opening the digital single market for our companies and putting in place stronger protection for our citizens." (See EC Proposes Reform of Data Privacy Laws.)

  • T-Hrvatski Telekom , Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT)'s Croatian subsidiary, has signed a five-year managed services deal with Ericsson AB (Nasdaq: ERIC). The contract covers planning and construction of fixed and mobile networks, maintenance of infrastructure, network monitoring, as well as field maintenance of active access and passive networks. As part of the deal, 640 T-Hrvatski Telekom employees will be transferred to Ericsson Nikola Tesla Servisi d.o.o , a newly established subsidiary of Ericsson Nikola Tesla.

  • The battle between Telefónica SA (NYSE: TEF) and Telecom Italia (TIM) for control of Vivendi 's Brazilian broadband business, GVT, has taken another twist, with Telefonica set to offer Vivendi a TV content-sharing arrangement to sweeten the deal, reports Reuters. The Spanish giant launched a €6.7 billion (US$8.9 billion) bid for GVT earlier this month, though Telecom Italia is thought to be on the verge of bidding as much as €7 billion ($9.3 billion).

  • UK mobile joint venture EE has come up smelling of roses in RootMetrics ' Midyear Mobile Network Performance Report. EE topped the indices for reliability, speed, mobile Internet performance and call performance. In terms of overall performance, Vodafone UK came bottom of the heap.

    — Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, Light Reading

  • Susan Fourtané 8/30/2014 | 4:20:17 AM
    Re: EU Google Warning SachinEE, 

    Adapting to the European market, which is different and has different rules.  

    " ... now if the court comes with this critical judgement on the company when it has covered so much ground in the market, it would seem offensive to google."

    I don't see why Google would see it as offensive. Because it can't play the same cards it plays in the US? As I said, Google needs to adapt to the EU and its rules if it wants to do business here. 

    DHagar 8/25/2014 | 5:35:44 PM
    Re: EU Google Warning @SachinEE, interesting thought.  You are right about how the EU may be viewing Google differently.  There is both supply and demand.  Google may, or may not, play effectively in this market.
    SachinEE 8/24/2014 | 11:20:58 PM
    Re: EU Google Warning I think this judgement has been passed after EU has seen that other digital distributors do not have a better say with Google in the lead, hence the court passes the order to make Google's flying short.
    SachinEE 8/24/2014 | 11:19:30 PM
    Re: EU Google Warning @Susan: Adapting to what exactly? Adapting would require a new market, but they already have one in EU, but now if the court comes with this critical judgement on the company when it has covered so much ground in the market, it would seem offensive to google.
    DHagar 8/20/2014 | 12:50:43 PM
    Re: EU Google Warning @Susan, interesting point.  To their credit, they at least recognize it and seem to do it well.  They have "navigated" well so far.
    Susan Fourtané 8/20/2014 | 1:34:17 AM
    Re: EU Google Warning DHagar, 

    Maybe Google doesn't have any other alternative other than adapting and performing well? :) 

    DHagar 8/19/2014 | 9:45:55 PM
    Re: EU Google Warning Paul, it certainly sounds as if Europe is advancing their digital markets; possibly more organized because of their single market focus.  I am wondering if Google will perform as well in a single market with European protections.
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