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NTT Plala Selects Synchronoss

TOKYO - Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. has been selected by NTT Plala, a major Japanese internet service provider (ISP), to implement an advanced analytics prototype to generate data insights that will increase the effectiveness of cross-selling and upselling services to their existing subscribers. Synchronoss’ Cloud Analytics platform delivers proactive, data-driven insights derived from NTT Plala’s customers’ preferences. This data will enable NTT Plala to achieve sales and service enhancements that effectively engage customers and boost product penetration.

“We were impressed by the depth and granularity of the insights delivered by the Synchronoss Cloud Analytics platform, making it easier to target our audiences with new and enhanced services to improve the overall customer experience,” said Katsumi Nagata, Executive Director of NTT Plala. “The platform enables us to engage directly with existing customers, and to use powerful analytics and targeting to deliver further value and meet business objectives.”

Through data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Synchronoss employs a prescriptive approach that includes targeting, advanced segmentation and market analysis, optimization, distribution, as well as campaign measurement. By delivering relevant insights to the appropriate business teams through a user-friendly interface, NTT Plala will be able to identify which customers are more likely to buy specific services, gain insight into why these customers are being targeted (based on contextual information, behavior and interaction), and inform which campaigns to launch in order to best upsell their customers.

“ISPs need a data-driven way to identify new monetization opportunities with existing and potential customers, and our Cloud Analytics platform offers impressive depth and powerful capabilities that enable NTT Plala to achieve tangible results,” said Charlie Thomas, executive vice president and general manager at Synchronoss Technologies. “The new platform is poised to quickly create new revenue streams and enhance existing ones for carriers around the globe.”

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