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HERE to Buy Medio Systems

Building on Medio's 'smart data' asset enables HERE to create contextual maps and location services that change according to the situation to provide highly personalized and predictive experiences for people and businesses. That could mean delivering individual restaurant recommendations to someone ready for lunch, giving drivers routes that match their driving style based on real-time conditions or helping businesses personalize their customer offerings.

"We are entering the age of what I call cognitive mapping, in which maps will understand their environment and anticipate people's intent in order to deliver interactive and smart location experiences," said Michael Halbherr, CEO of HERE. "We plan to extend Medio's talent and technology that analyzes millions of connected devices and billions of interactions on the go to strengthen our ability to deliver highly personalized maps and location services for whatever people face throughout their day."

Predictive analytics are an essential component of the HERE mission to provide the right map and services at the right moment across screens and operating systems. By acquiring Medio, HERE aims to achieve that mission by taking maps far beyond where they are today.

Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK)

MordyK 6/13/2014 | 12:41:37 AM
Re: Hint of a strategy? Susan, I assume you're referring to the recent Connected Car announcement?
Susan Fourtané 6/13/2014 | 12:20:06 AM
Re: Hint of a strategy? MordyK, 

This is, in fact, part of a strategy that Nokia recently announced. 

MordyK 6/12/2014 | 5:16:58 PM
Hint of a strategy? Hopefully this is a hint of a strategy and they alight their growth venture arm and incubate technologies to further the abilities and competetiveness of Here's value.
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