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Guavus Takes Analytics on the Road

Guavus CEO Anukool Lakhina tells Light Reading CEO and founder Steve Saunders how the analytics tools developed for telcos are applicable to the transportation industry.

kq4ym 7/7/2015 | 7:36:53 PM
Re: Is there a business case out of this discussion? I would guess there's going to be some variation in different companies as to just what scale would be worthwhile looking at depedning on historical cost data and what the probable savings might be. But an interesting idea nonetheless.
mendyk 7/7/2015 | 10:00:04 AM
Re: Is there a business case out of this discussion? This kind of sums up the current state of analytics -- much of which involves collecting and dissecting huge volumes of data as a substitute for experienced-based human thought. The pallet example is a bit strange -- do shipping companies really need to know the probability that Pallet X is going to be sent crashing to the concrete by an inattentive forklift operator on July 29? At some point, businesses will figure out what's valuable about analytics and what isn't.
ThumbGuy 7/7/2015 | 9:20:08 AM
Re: Is there a business case out of this discussion? Pallets are disposable and very, very (I mean, VERY) cheap... It is way more efficient to just dispose pallets based on an average lifespan instead of trying to solve a problem that does not really exist. This seems to be the norm of a lot IOT use cases - solving problems that add such marginal gains that are more of a distraction than real business cases.
sowen557 7/6/2015 | 2:00:24 PM
Is there a business case out of this discussion? What are the cost of IoT Sensors for Pallet business?  If they have to invest $500K to track a sample of millions of pallets is this cost effective for them?  Business case seems not clear on this case with the costs of SW+Sensors plus tracking tool? Also how much does a single pallet cost?
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