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Cisco Goes Back to School With Tetration

I have seen the future of communications, and it's pretty cool.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a day at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), where the team has built out a super-dooper advanced network using Cisco's Tetration application, which provides data center analytics, simplifies SDN, helps with cloud migration and oversees white-list security policy (all in one sesame seed bun).

UNCC's Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Infrastructure, Jesse Beauman, gave me the tour. (FYI, Jesse's business card says he has an M.S.; not having had a formal education myself, I assume this means he's a Master of Suspense... pretty cool, right?)

Anyhoo, Jesse points out that Cisco's software has turned up some surprising insights about network usage, and has produced at least one counterintuitive outcome. Specifically, most of the conventional wisdom around packages such as Tetration has it that enterprises and service providers will use the information they deliver, automagically, to cut costs by reducing the number of staff running the network. Master of Suspense Beauman says it's the opposite -- by providing a wealth of information about what's happening (and where) on the network, Tetration has actually created an opportunity to create more interesting applications, which require staff to develop and run them.

More staff, not less staff. Isn't that interesting? And potentially good news for the employees of communications service providers and large enterprises around the world!

Another thing that was interesting -- to see firsthand that Cisco is still delivering cool next-gen technology to customers.

Check out the video to learn more about what UNCC and Cisco are up to these days.

— Steve Saunders, Founder, Light Reading

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michellejohnso1 4/2/2018 | 9:35:10 AM
Tetration in Action At the end of the day, technology is at its best when it's helping people – empowering them to accomplish their goals. Whether that's members of my team envisioning new products or supporting our current ones – or customers doing more with less and being smarter in their business – that's when I feel that we've done our job here at Cisco.

So anytime I get the chance to see first-hand how our technologies are improving their lives, I leap. This time I traveled to the University of North Carolina – Charlotte (UNCC) to see one of our newest products – Tetration – in action. It's also useful to take a help with high school homework.

It's a great example of bringing value to the front lines – helping their IT organization better deliver services to the thousands of UNCC students and keeping their data center network safer.
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