Americans Unclean

12:30 PM -- The Washington Times carries this dire health warning from UPI:

    The Soap and Detergent Association had released its Clean Hands Report Card and it gives the United States a "C-minus" for hand-washing.

    The grade for 2006 is down from the hand-washing grade of "C" in 2004.

    "It's more important than ever that people understand that
    CLEAN HANDS SAVE LIVES," said Nancy Bock, Soap and Detergent Association vice president of education. "It's the places we're at everyday where we need to protect ourselves the most -- at home, at work and at school -- anywhere we come in contact with other people's germs." [emphasis added, duh]
That's exactly why I never leave the house.

— Larry, Obsessive Compulsive Monkey, Light Reading

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