America Among the Thugs

1:00 PM -- Having attended both English "soccer" games and Yankee sports of all varieties, Red Panda enjoyed this piece from the Guardian shedding some truth, finally, on the cliched stateside view of the "Brit" hooligan problem.

— Red "fists across the water" Panda, Light Reading

Michael Poole 12/5/2012 | 2:51:19 AM
re: America Among the Thugs When half of the Soccer World Cup came to Japan (the other half went to South Korea), the Japanese media whipped themselves into a paranoid fury over the impending arrival of the English soccer "fooligans" (what happens when you transliterate "hooligan" into katakana, only for a change the error is appropriate). Well, loads of people painted all over with the Cross of St. George duly arrived - and anticlimax set in. They had come for a good time in a land that is generally hospitable and has good (and rather strong) beer, and they had a good time - and they behaved themselves, boisterously but impeccably. Not a "fooligan" in sight!

Ah, well, not true, actually, but they didn't dare call them that. There was plenty of high-spirited trouble, but all the perpetrators were painted with the Rising Sun symbol. Of course, they couldn't be called hooligans, not the Japanese, no. Admittedly, they weren't nastily violent like American non-hooligans, but destructive they certainly were, just in the way Hanshin Tigers baseball fans go wild in Osaka when they win the league.

Well, all right, there are soccer hooligans in England, but the "fuzz" know them all personally (there aren't many of them), and keep them well buttoned down.

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