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1:15 PM –- From The Philter's Where'd She Go? file, an update on former Rocketboom host, Amanda Congdon:
New York – Sept. 26, 2006 – Blip.tv, a host and distributor of Web-based TV shows and videoblogs, announced today that it will host actress and videoblogger Amanda Congdon’s new online video project: a sponsored cross-country journey that will use videoblogging to promote “green” issues.

Amanda will be traveling from New York to Los Angeles for five weeks, conducting interviews with politicians and environmentalists throughout the tour. All her interviews and videoblogs will be hosted online by blip.tv and available on AmandaAcrossAmerica.com.

"No road trip has ever been documented like this before. It’s so terrific that the NRDC, Environmental Countdown and Ford are supporting this unique and unprecedented voyage. And of course, partnering with blip.tv on this project was a no brainer – it’s the industry leader for videoblogging," said Amanda Congdon. "I’m so excited to be moving west in such an innovative way. And I’m extremely pumped about the new projects I'll announce as we cross the country."

Amanda has embarked on her trip from New York City and will videoblog throughout the journey. Visitors to AmandaAcrossAmerica.com can tune in daily to watch Amanda’s videos, comment on her blogs and offer suggestions for the trip.

“Amanda is without a doubt the biggest star in the vlogosphere, so blip.tv is honored that she chose us to host her videos,” said blip.tv COO Dina Kaplan. “We have a strong appreciation for her groundbreaking work and are impressed by her innovative use of our technology.”

AmandaAcrossAmerica.com is sponsored by The Natural Resources Defense Council and Environmental Countdown. Amanda will proudly be driving a hybrid vehicle throughout the trip.

If she stops by Texas, I can show her a BBQ joint where normal citizens, including my Uncle Handsy, are turning pulled pork sandwiches into natural gas.

— Phil Harvey, Boom and Bust Editor, Light Reading

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