AirMagnet: Users Keep Out

Putting an interesting new spin on protecting corporate laptops outside the office, security startup AirMagnet Inc. says it has developed endpoint security software that cannot be removed by users.

The "Streetwise" software package allows administrators to set levels of what WiFi access they want to allow away from the workplace. So, a user may be authorized to connect at home but not hook up with any old public access hotspot in a cafe or bar.

The software comes in three flavors -- a personal freeware version, a basic version, and an enterprise edition. The enterprise software allows users to connect to the laptops via a centralized server, making it easier for administrators to change settings on the fly.

Securing the endpoint is one of the hottest topics in the mobile security industry at the moment. In fact, the growth of wireless devices is redefining exactly what an endpoint is these days -- from laptops and phones to USB storage dongles (See Dongling Modifiers.)

AirMagnet hasn't revealed exactly how it has secured the laptop client so that a user can't remove it -- a claim that could arguably be seen as a challenge in some security circles.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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