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AirMagnet Airs 802.11 Upgrade

AirMagnet Inc. today unveiled an update to its 802.11 monitoring system that allows it to collate information from multiple agents distributed across a wireless LAN network [ed. note: slow news day, Dan?].

The excitingly named "AirMagnet Distributed 1.0" package consists of wireless LAN sensors that monitor the network, and some management software that pulls it all together. "Think of the sensors of passive monitoring devices that sniff everything that is in the air," says Dean Au, CEO of AirMagnet [ed. note: best not install it in the bathroom, then].

The boxes, which are installed along with wireless LAN access points, send back data that is translated by the software into 40-plus alerts and reports about network instrusions, security policies, network performance problems, and so on, and so forth, etcetera, etcetera, blah blah blah.

Au says the distributed offering was a logical extension to the company's handheld monitoring system, which allowed network administrators to wander about with a handheld computer or a laptop and monitor bits and pieces (odds'n'sods) of the network one at a time, piece-meal, as 'twer.

The company claims to have 1,000 customers using this system. "We're on the book profitable," Au says [ed. note: oh, reeally?].

However, he sees growing competition in the market [6' 4"?]. Current rivals include companies like WildPackets Inc. [grrrrrrr!]. However, Au sees firms like Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A), which already work on testing wireless LANs, also looking for a share in this sector. "I imagine they are going to get into this market," he says.

AirMagnet Distributed systems start at $6,995. The starting price includes a management console, server software, and four sensors [action figures sold separately].

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung

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