Airline Fun

12:15 PM -- CHICAGO -- With a large percentage of the Light Reading staff due to fly home from NXTcomm today, imagine our distress at hearing of yesterday's catastrophic computer failure at United Airlines.

From the Chicago Tribune story:

    United Airlines' main flight operations computer crashed for two hours Wednesday during the morning travel rush, delaying takeoffs and snarling landings for tens of thousands of passengers in the middle of the busiest air travel week of the summer.

As if the usual Chicago Weather Delay wasn't enough.

    The computer system, known as Unimatic... dates back to at least 1988, but it is updated "all the time," United spokeswoman Robin Urbanski said.

Wait a minute -- didn't Robin Ubanski used to do PR for Tellabs Inc. (Nasdaq: TLAB; Frankfurt: BTLA)? I'm sensing a revenge conspiracy here. For what, I don't know. Just go with it.

Let's prepare for the worst and assume LR has to operate from Chicago for a couple of days. We'll just set up a news room in the Green Mill.

It beats getting stuck in Vegas, anyway.

— Craig Matsumoto, Midwest Bureau Coffee Fetcher, Light Reading

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