The Notebook Dump: We're freezing up in here

Light Reading editors Jeff Baumgartner, Nicole Ferraro, Mike Dano, Phil Harvey and Kelsey Ziser all connected for one last episode of The Notebook Dump for 2022. Just about everyone's video froze at some point, but the audio and the jokes are as crystal clear (and cringy) as ever while we recap a weird week in telecom news.

Kelsey recounts her visit with Palo Alto Networks at its recent Ignite '22 customer conference. Nicole only took a couple of minutes to recap a four-hour congressional hearing that discussed affordable connectivity options and how some avenues of federal broadband funding might be in danger. Mike previewed his upcoming visit to CES 2023 in Las Vegas and his search for 5G tech in the desert. Jeff filled us in on Charter's massive expansion of – and upgrades to – its broadband and mobile services across the US. Phil had very little to contribute, but his hair looked okay.

Some of the Light Reading stories discussed in this episode include:

A few more stories from this week's news that are worth a look:

If you want to skip around and listen, here are some silly moments:

  • Kelsey has a hat with her name on it and you don't (01:01)
  • Nicole wants to be a sock analyst (04:20)
  • Mike will not help correct the broadband maps (10:02)
  • Nicole tests ChatGPT; Phil stupidly taunts our robot overlords (26:30)
  • We still have no idea how to wrap up a podcast (28:21)

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