T-Mobile's Neville Ray: 5G's extraordinary upside

T-Mobile's President of Technology, Neville Ray, said the industry's got a lot more work to do in deploying 5G, including fully developing T-Mobile's targeted use cases, such as providing home broadband access via fixed wireless.

Ray delivered his keynote address remotely to the crowd assembled at the Big 5G Event in Denver this week. The video above is the full keynote recording.

As reported earlier, Ray said that T-Mobile's network capacity will increase by a factor of 14, thanks to the combination of its spectrum holdings with Sprint's spectrum holdings via an upgrade to 5G network technology. Within the next five years, T-Mobile has said it expects to gain between 7 million and 8 million fixed wireless Internet customers.

He was asked to speculate on 6G but didn't take the bait. "I think we have so much to deliver on 5G," he said.

Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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