Podcast: Verizon uses computer vision to help customers help themselves

Verizon's Erik Sheehan joins the Light Reading podcast to provide insight into the operator's use of computer vision for a variety of reasons, such as assisting in network operations and improving technicians' ability to help customers troubleshoot connection issues.

"One of the most obvious examples [of computer vision] is around self-help and providing guidance. For our customers, that's taking existing self-serve journeys and enhancing those and making them better by adding individual assistance," explains Sheehan, executive director of technology, systems and strategy with wireline and global network operations at Verizon.

Customers can also access augmented reality overlays on their smartphones to see where to plug in wires on their routers, for example, and take a more active role in resolving connectivity problems.

As a result of this self-service approach, Sheehan says Verizon has experienced "a pretty big reduction in repeat calls," says Sheehan. "A lot of times it's because there's a customer education part of it where you're doing it yourself and learning. It frees up capacity – rather than taking a customer call that's self-serve, you can free that resource up to customers that do need your help."

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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