Podcast: Digital twinning the Tour de France

Any major sporting event has plenty going on behind the scenes. On this podcast, NTT's wizard behind the curtain, aka Tim Wade, shares his insight into data capture and analysis for the Tour de France.

As VP of the Advanced Technology Group for Sport at NTT, Wade has witnessed firsthand how data analysis of the Tour de France has changed since the race was first digitized in 2015. Initially, data captured from cyclists provided real-time updates but now the entire event has a digital doppelgänger.

Wade explains the process of creating a digital twin of the Tour de France, and how NTT is digitizing maps of the course, tracking cyclists, and highlighting important data points such as the best locations for the live audience to watch the race. In addition, Wade explains the role of edge computing, AI and 5G in supporting data analytics for the race.

"When we started this in 2015 we managed to get about 80% coverage for the whole race while transmitting and we're now in the 99%. We have a really good solid base," says Wade. He adds that occasionally there will be gaps in the data, when the riders go under a bridge for example. "We have to create the algorithms that do interpolations for us so that if we lose people for a little while then it's not noticeable for the people that are watching."

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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