Podcast: Detlef Nauck on how BT uses AI, data science

The Light Reading podcast welcomes Detlef Nauck, Head of AI & Data Science Research for BT's Applied Research Division. Nauck gives us an overview of his work and the processes involved in using AI and machine learning in traditional telecom networks.

Nauck said BT is working to help drive standards for machine learning model management and governance – if companies can better explain and interpret what machine learning technology is doing, they can use it more effectively and prevent an automated network from adding capacity in the wrong places and inadvertently costing the telcos more money.

He also pushes back on the idea that automation driven by AI is a permanent job killer. "The way [human-in-the-loop] AI models operate, and basically, orchestrating the strategy of these models, will be controlled by people," Nauck said. "And so AI models become advanced tools for the network engineers to keep control of the network."

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— Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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