GeoLinks uses VCTI for RDOF network planning

SOMERSET, N.J. – VCTI, the broadband network experts, today announced that GeoLinks, the fastest growing telecommunications company in California, utilized VCTI's Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) Planning Service in being named a provisional winner in the RDOF auction.

GeoLinks employed VCTI's RDOF Planning Service to determine its deployment options across fiber, fixed wireless, and hybrid architectures for the recent Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) RDOF auction. The company was named a provisional winner of $234.9 million in the FCC RDOF Phase I auction, announced in December 2020.

"GeoLinks engaged VCTI shortly before the auction launch. In a short timeframe, we were able to produce accurate location analysis with cost modeling to be applied across three entire states," said Raj Singh, CEO, VCTI. "Our team was able to quickly scrub location data, inspect terrains, and identify the most profitable targets for fiber so that GeoLinks had the analysis they needed to bid on time confidently."

"The analysis provided by VCTI on locations and deployment costs was invaluable to our successful bid strategy," said Skyler Ditchfield, co-founder, and CEO of GeoLinks. "The VCTI team provided us the insights we needed to bid with confidence, and VCTI's customer service equipped us to use the planning tool with ease."

The RDOF Planning Service is powered by VCTI NOCPlan™, an automated planning tool with sophisticated algorithms and highly accurate serviceable location data that can be calibrated to individual service provider architecture specifications for virtually any network technology. VCTI delivers comprehensive economic analysis about optimized build options across multiple wireline and wireless technologies, enabling service providers to reach the most households at the lowest cost and identify and prioritize the markets with the strongest, fastest ROI potential.


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