Agilent Offers OC48 Transceivers

BÖBLINGEN, Germany -- Agilent Technologies Inc., today announced new 2.5 Gb/s small-form-factor (SFF) fiber-optic transceivers for SONET/SDH short reach (SR) and intermediate reach (IR) links. The new transceivers, Agilent’s first SFF devices at this speed, are important elements in relieving the networking bandwidth bottleneck currently experienced in metropolitan area networks (MANs). The advent of Gigabit Ethernet products (led by Agilent as the world’s leading provider of Gigabit Ethernet transceivers) has eased much of the bandwidth crunch inside local area network (LAN) enterprises. In the core of the wide area network (WAN), dense wave division multiplex (DWDM) solutions have provided significant bandwidth. The bottleneck is now centered in metro networks that ring cities and lead to the network core. Users have found it difficult to procure sufficient numbers of the OC-48 transceivers needed in this application. Agilent’s new transceivers, designed to be produced in very high-volume, are intended to break open the MAN bottleneck.

“Agilent is the leader in SFF fiber-optic transceivers; we recently shipped our 2.5-millionth SFF unit,” said David Knights, manager of Agilent’s Fiber Optics Business Unit. “We are now applying our competency in high-volume manufacturing to an area of market need, and our customer base has shown great enthusiasm for this initiative.”

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