A Wired Home

6:32 PM -- Optical Expo -- One last post from today's proceedings...

Brady Adams, VP of network engineering and operations at Grande Communications , says his company's foray into fiber-to-the-home was painful at first. "You cannot underestimate the access," he explains. "You have to understand the age of the area."

Yes, home wiring is a huge downer for FTTH buildouts. Grande's first FTTH project in Austin caused lots of headaches because "some of those homes were the oldest in Texas," Adams says. "Rewiring a 100-year old mansion is not fun."

A couple of other observations from Adams...

  • "Corning has just launched some of the best fiber I've seen. We've got some of it in trials right now."

  • Adams gave VOIP a thumbs up. For a carrier like Grande, he says, the only way it can save money across all its disparate networks is by switching to VOIP from traditional voice service.

  • He also called hybrid-fiber coaxial cable "without a doubt the simplest, most attractive bandwidth method for brownfield applications." Even the telcos realize that cable MSOs are sitting on a goldmine.

  • Finally, he noted that Grande got some "early adopter incentives" when it opted to use Entrisphere's fiber access gear.

See there, vendors? All you have to do is lose a little money on every sale, and you can take over the world.

— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

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