A Really Hot Product

10:30 AM -- More Better Living Wirelessly news from yesterday's Times-Herald of Vallejo, Calif.:

    A Vallejo man was severely burned after an apparent cell phone malfunction ignited his pants pocket and touched off a fire in his hotel room.

    Luis Picaso, 59, suffered second- and third-degree burns over 50 percent of his body and is in critical condition at UC Davis Medical Center...

    "It seems like this was just an accident," said Bill Tweedy, fire department spokesman, said.
Not a novel suicide attempt then.

    "Maybe the power button was depressed for a long time while in his pocket or there was some sort of short circuit in the phone."

    Picaso's misfortune escalated because he was wearing flammable polyester and nylon clothes and sitting in a plastic chair when the fire began in his pocket.

    "His clothes were pretty much made out of a petroleum product and when the chair ignited it became like melted gasoline and continued to fuel itself," Tweedy said.
Wow. A Perfect Storm.

    Tweedy would not reveal the brand of Picaso's phone but said that he did not think the fire was connected to a specific company's products.
Yes, they're all deathtraps. Moral: Cellphones and polyester don't mix.

— Red "Hotpants" Panda, Light Reading

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