A Last Look at Links

What's left to say about last week's Links 2004 Executive Summit?

Not a lot, really.

By way of review, here's what we've said so far on topics both serious and silly:

But there's plenty left to show you.

For your perusal, we've gathered a few more selections out of the many pictures taken during the first annual event. Keep your browser pointed to Light Reading, as registration details for the Links 2005 Executive Summit will be available soon.

And, though RHK founder Peter Hankin called our liberal use of monkeys "tawdry," you can bet that we won't ratchet down the monkey factor. As RHK might have forecasted back in the bubble, had they only thought of it, we believe the market for monkey business will increase 4000 percent in just 12 months!

Anyway, here are more photos from Links 2004:

Keep clicking: There are more photos on the following pages.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

Photos by Ken Surabian and Jeff Claudino

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