A Blade Too Far

8:20 AM -- What is it with blade proliferation in the shaving business? It seems like manufacturers are in a race to build the first razor that is actually too heavy to lift up to your face.

Case in point, the new five-blade Fusion from Gillette. Except -- get this -- the Fusion actually has six blades. There's one on the back of the cartridge as well, for trimming sideburns and under the nose. Ouch! That just seems like mulitiple shaving cuts waiting to happen.

This endless multiple-blade race actually gets quite expensive for someone like me, who regularly shaves both face and head. Every time they add more blades they jack up the price. I'm waiting for the moment when it costs $20 for a pack of four blades.

And the thing is, do they really shave better than the old two-blade jobbies? I don't think so. It's just that older models seem harder to get after new blades have been available for a while.

So, in conclusion, its a big personal hygiene rip-off. I'm just glad I'm a man.

I've had to use those oddly-shaped, pastel colored women's razors on a couple of occasions -- don't ask, a gentlemen never tells -- and I'm here to tell they're even more of a joke than the men's models, the blades don't even seem as sharp.

— Mr. Sheen, Special Grooming Correspondent, Unstrung

turing 12/5/2012 | 3:01:43 AM
re: A Blade Too Far I told my wife a few years ago when Gillette came out with the last one, that Sat Night Live really needed to do a spoof commercial of a company "Jailit" or some such, for a new 20-blade razor which cuts so close that your skin turns into a mirror (becomes reflective), or makes you bleed all over your face (which would be funnier from a blood squirting out of the face type humor).
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