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Huawei, Apple buck Q2 smartphone trends – report

Both OEMs have reason to cheer, despite overall smartphone shipment volumes decreasing 16% year-on-year. Samsung? Look away now.

Telefónica Deutschland takes COVID Q2 hit on core profits

The German arm's full-year outlook remains unchanged despite COVID. CEO insists 5G RAN contingency plans are in place should Huawei get the heave-ho.

Fifth-generation fixed network initiative hits the ground running

The right investment in full fiber solutions using the latest technology will enable fixed line networks to continue supporting higher bandwidths and greater availability than mobile networks.

Samsung lays out 6G vision: THz, mobile holograms, AI

The South Korean electronics giant has released a new white paper on the '6G arms race' and its vision for likely applications.

Huawei's patents won't save it, says leading analyst

The Chinese company's importance to the 5G standard has probably been overstated, says Richard Windsor of Radio Free Mobile.

Testing giant Rohde & Schwarz kicks off 6G marketing efforts

Complete with a website, hashtag and possible testing rig, Rohde & Schwarz is looking to take an early lead in the discussion around 6G.

The death of Huawei won't stop the rise of China

The latest US sanctions have brought China's biggest equipment maker to its knees. Even if it collapses, China will be hard to impede.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: 5G race, semiconductors and Joe Rogan

This week the newly Spotifyed podders ponder the politics of 5G and 6G, among other hot topics.

US prepares for a 6G fight

One of the premier US telecom standards organizations is now pushing for a new public-private partnership to ensure the US 'will be at the forefront of 6G development and deployment.'

China's 6G grandstanding will ruffle US feathers

As ZTE parades its 6G colors, Huawei's defense of global standards may serve only to hasten their demise.

China's 5G fever triggers 6G delirium as experts channel Dr. Dolittle

China's 5G dominance is causing some experts to blather about the possibilities for 6G, but the country's leadership in this space is brittle.

Why telcos need open core surgery

Industry analyst Patrick Lopez on why telcos and their suppliers need to adopt processes that will help increase competition and allow a more flexible sourcing strategy.

US officials may avert 5G standards fragmentation

A new Reuters report indicates that US officials are working on rules that would allow US companies to work with Huawei on 5G standards. That effort could forestall a US-China split in the standard.

Podcast: NTT Research President and CEO Kazu Gomi

Kazu Gomi discusses why NTT Research was formed, what it's working on and the ambitious goals of its IOWN initiative with Intel and Sony.

The New T-Mobile is here

Sprint and T-Mobile finalize a merger that the new company says will unleash a $40 billion investment in its network and business over the next three years.

Farewell, Light Reading, and thanks!

After 18 years, it's time for a new adventure.

Cable must fight 'creeping complacency' about emerging broadband threats – analyst

Fixed wireless broadband represents the 'most important threat' to cable broadband and new satellite-based options are also worth a wary eye, Craig Moffett concludes in a report sizing up the state of US broadband.

Light Reading's editors join MWC exodus

It will be easier and more efficient to report on the industry's developments without traveling to Barcelona.

MWC2020: AT&T, Cisco, Facebook and Sprint are latest to cancel

Find out about the latest companies to have announced they won't be at this year's Mobile World Congress.

US Politicos Take 5G Bandwagon Down Dangerous Path

We don't need no bifurcation…

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