What's the story? Mike Dano on WCO, wireless wins and woes

In this episode, Light Reading's Mike Dano discusses growth predictions for the wireless industry in 2022 and why Verizon's forecast might be a little bleaker than those of AT&T and T-Mobile. He also explains the battle between WCO Spectrum and T-Mobile over the purchase of 2.5GHz spectrum licenses from academic institutions.

Here are just a few things covered in this podcast:

  • Update on wireless industry and growth predictions for 2022 (01:10)
  • Why postpaid customers are more valuable to wireless providers (03:00)
  • AT&T and T-Mobile pull ahead of Verizon in growth of postpaid customers (04:37)
  • Impact of inflation on the wireless market (06:18)
  • WCO Spectrum and T-Mobile battle over 2.5GHz spectrum licenses (08:29)
  • Benefits of leasing versus owning spectrum (12:04)
  • Impact of T-Mobile's right of first refusal to purchase the licenses (13:30)

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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