Raycap announces new panel to hide 5G small cells

"Carriers across the U.S operate thousands of 4G sites on rooftops and in other concealed areas which, until now, were prohibitively expensive or technologically infeasible to upgrade for 5G while meeting strict aesthetic and electronic regulations," said Raycap SVP of Telecom Sales Kelly Richards. "For the first time, operators can seamlessly and cost-effectively bring 5G to communities, by simply retrofitting these types of existing installations."

The InvisiWave Screen Panel uses patent-pending, RF-transparent technology, which can conceal 5G mmWave equipment to preserve city aesthetics, without affecting the performance and coverage of radios or antennas. As the densification of small cell sites increases, concealment solutions to hide radios in applications such as utility poles, street lights, rooftops, chimneys, etc. help accelerate the network deployment processes by ensuring 5G infrastructure blends into existing cityscapes.

The InvisiWave Screen Panel can be used on new site builds with InvisiWave built into the respective 5G radio location, or for retrofit projects by replacing sections of existing deployments' walls with a painted and camouflaged panel to match the surrounding material. For retrofits, the STEALTH Aperture Kit includes either a camouflaged aperture or a full panel replacement with the InvisiWave panel built in. Radios can be easily upgraded to 5G, using the existing power and fiber infrastructure, without any increase in footprint or additional equipment needed, and can skip the regulatory approval cycles and expense of deploying additional separate 5G sites. This product is the latest entry in Raycap's robust portfolio of non-, partially- and fully-concealed macro and small-cell wireless offerings designed to maximize safety, simplicity and functionality.


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