Podcast: South Korea's 5G prowess and progress

It's been about a year since 5G services were commercially available in South Korea. To get a sense of what's working and what challenges are still ahead, we talked to Omdia Senior Analyst Ramona Zhao. She covers the Asian service provider market and recently issued a report recapping the country's first year in 5G.

In the interview, Zhao cautions network operators launching 5G services to be careful about their timing and public messaging. That part made me smile because that horse is so far out of the barn in the US. AT&T straight up lied about its 5G coverage and its overpaid toff of a CEO bragged about it after settling a lawsuit on the matter.

Anyway, Zhao didn't partake in any AT&T chatter. She made the point that, based on her analysis of the 5G market in South Korea, if the network and marketing terminology doesn't reflect the reality of a carrier's 5G coverage and quality, they could risk losing customers or just turn them off to the whole idea of 5G.

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Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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